[RELEASE] Lock Manager

Removed and added the lock manager and child apps back into my IDE, added the lock manager smartapp back into the SmartThings app, and set everything up again and it seemed fine (codes worked). But then in the app it was claiming all of the users weren’t properly setup, that the codes didn’t get enabled on the lock (even though they were working). I reset each user and all looks good now.

Thanks for the help @japhule and @Terminal, and especially big thanks to @jkp. Nice to have things back under control again. :slight_smile:

congrats! :slight_smile:

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I am not using text messages, only push notifications…

but for each lock I have, I go into notifications:

then for each user, I go into notifications:

In the lock manager: global settings: notification settings - I did not enable any settings - left it with it’s default settings

with those settings - I get push notifications for locks on locked/unlocked and when a user code is used I get by whom.

You can also use webCoRE to accomplish some of the tasks.

Suggestion: try using the Text This Number for both the locks and users and enter your 10 digit phone number (if US).

Strangeness continues, but it does not appear to affect my use of the lock, or user codes.

After resetting all users after initial setup, things were OK. However, every user account goes back into the state shown below…I can reset the user account to restore it back to normal, but they all always return to the error state.

However, all the codes for all the users work fine. :slight_smile:

The “ERROR//DISABLED” message on the individual user screen, and “Controller failed to set code” message on the lock summary screen is how every account ends up, even if I do a reset of each user multiple times. But as noted the codes work fine. Weird, but at least it seems to have no effect on my use of the lock/codes.

Right now, that is as good as you will get it. Only getting notified when a user unlocks but not locks.

Incomplete List of features:
• Manage user codes on locks.
• Review and manage active lock codes.
• Set lock access based on schedules.
• Receive notifications when a user used their code.
• Run Hello Home phrases based on lock/unlock events.
• Manage Hello Home phrases based on keypad inputs.

Things were evidently not as good as I hoped.

Came home today from an errand and all of my codes had stopped working, had to use the key to get in after I tried so many times the alert on the lock went off (man that is loud).

Looked like below in the app. All of the codes were deleted for some reason around 9:43-9:44, ten minutes before I arrived home, so my arrival didn’t kick off all this weird behavior. No one was home while I was gone, and no one else in my family does anything w/the Smart app other than my wife turning off lights w/it once in a while.

00 PM

Just looked at the lock info again now (about 12:45) and the lock codes are back to showing up in the list as below, which is how they were before this happened in the first place, even after multiple resets of each users’ lock info. However, all of the codes are still not working, so the old condition where it looked like below but the codes worked has changed to looking like below and the codes don’t work.

16 PM

So not sure what’s up…looks like I’m going to have to go to the extent of resetting the lock itself and removing everything and starting from scratch from re-pairing the lock w/the ST hub, etc. PITA…why does the Lock Guardian of the Universe hate me! :slight_smile:

So I removed the lock from SmartThings and then did a reset on the physical lock, and then re-paired it w/ST and added the lock back in. Got lucky and the lock was able to pair w/out me having to temporarily move the hub closer…I have two GE Zwave switches about 8’ away so that must have helped.

I also (as a part of the process) deleted and re-added the DTH and master and child apps from Erik’s IDE. So everything is fresh.

Just added the lock manager app into SmartThings app and added the lock to the app. All the slots show blank (no code) in the lock info screen as expected.

Wanted to ask one question before I continue - I thought there was a general rule to avoid putting your users in slots one and two - is that true, or am I making things up in my head? This is on a Schlage Camelot lock. Thanks!


I have all users added to the new configuration, and the lock is working with all codes, and the users status has stayed normal since I set things up an hour or so. Notifications on user access (push and SMS) also working. So hopefully I’ve cleared out the goblins and sprites that have been messing w/my setup. Likely too many upgrades and changes over too long got some stuff crossed up. Really glad it looks like things are normal again. Fingers crossed.

I am brand new to ST and have just installed a Schlage lock. I found a video on YouTube showing Lock Manger and found this thread but I am completely stumped on how to find and download the app to my ST app on my phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

@bschimek: Read the first post in this thread. There is a link to very detailed install instructions to setup the device type handler and smartapps to manage your Schlage lock.

Review those instructions and come back w/any questions.

I was wondering, a really nice feature would be to enable the lock to trigger hello home events based on all triggers instead of just who is present.

So for example, I want the living room lights to come on automatically when I unlock the door, BUT ONLY IF:

  1. The sun has set
  2. A key code was used


Have an interesting issue, I have three locks defined in the Lock Manager but ONLY when the Front Door has the key code entered to unlock the door does it also open the garage door as well. I have removed the Front Door from the Lock Manager and it functions as expected but without obvious notification and garage door does NOT open.

Any ideas what is causing this?

Everything seems to be in place on my SmartThings Developer’s account but lock-manager does not appear on my mobile app. Any suggestions

Look for Lock Manager in MarketPlace: SmartApps: My Apps - Open it and click Done in the upper right-hand side of the screen. After that, go to Automation: SmartApps and look for the Lock Manager there. That is the one you will use to add your locks and users.

Unfortunately, nothing in there either.

Did you publish the Lock Manager SmartApp in IDE?

I guess not. The Device Handler and the MySmartApps both say unpublished. How do I do that?

In IDE, under My SmartApps, click on the name ethayer : Lock Manager

then click on Publish in the upper right

Thanks! So, I published Lock Manager, do I want to publish the other three files as well as the file in My Device Handlers?

No, do not publish the three child apps. The only device handlers would be for the locks and yes, you can publish those.

Thanks, jkp! It has populated in my app. I appreciate the help.