[RELEASE] Lock Manager

From my experience (and others also), modifying an existing code doesn’t seem to work well. It’s best to just delete the user and re-add them as a new user/code. Make sure you give it a minute or two for each deletion and add for it to sync to your lock (it should show in your “Recently” actions within your lock’s activity that user codes/slots were removed and added).

For your issue with the new user code not working. Are you sure the new user was added completely? The new user exists and was saved properly and enabled? When adding a new user, I have to press Save and Done several times to make sure the user was properly added.

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Thanks, @japhule.

Deleted users, saved to complete delete successfully. Waited two hours, and the old code that the deleted user was set up with still works. :weary:

So my bits appear to be twisted up more than usual. :blush: It is not fun to be special.

Also, can’t view the lock info screen in Lock Manager. If I select the lock, in the lock manager app screen, I get below. Been this way for hours.

Seems like it’s time to start over…things aren’t working right.

Did you ever set up any codes manually on your lock before setting codes up with Lock Manager? That’s the only other thing I can think of that could be causing issues.

I have found that you should disable the user account first, wait a few minutes and then delete the user acccount for it to be successfully removed from the lock(s). Otherwise you end up in the situation you described.

@jkp, @japhule

last night I deleted all of my users and all of the codes. The screen that I included a screen shot of previously (showed “Retry”) now finally appeared normally and showed all the slots/codes, and eventually showed all of the slots empty.

I then re-added four users and codes and those work properly, and the codes I was trying to get rid of before are removed.

However now I can’t get the screen that shows all the slots/codes to display again, it’s gone back to showing Retry.

You can try removing the lock in Lock Manager, Then re-add it. Then go into each user, select the lock at the bottom of the screen and choose reset lock which will resend that user code to that lock.

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Thank you, I appreciate you trying to help.

I looked in a user settings and there’s no option to reset a lock in there. There is a remove option, but there’s no reset option.

At the bottom where it says locks just above the remove in your picture, there should be a list of all your locks. That is where you would find the reset option. Something is not right.

You did add the lock back into Lock Manager?

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@Terminal & @jam

yes, after I removed the lock and all the users last night I added a lock-in using the New Lock option.

Since I’m missing basic UI elements in the app, looks like things are pretty crossed up in my lock setup. Maybe I’ll remove the users, remove the lock, remove the Smartapps and then add them back and start over.

Do you have multiple Lock Managers? The screen you attached has no users.

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Users only appear on the main screen on the app below. If they are also supposed to appear on that screen I posted in my message above, then things really are messed up.

Capture an image of your Automation: SmartApps windows please.

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Only one instance of the app…it’s weird, all my issues, right?

And I have the current apps and DTH in IDE:

22 PM

here is what my lock manager screen looks like

notice: locks and users at the top. my screen also have lock and user before the names and yours does not.

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Bizarre. I’m gonna remove the lock, remove all users, and the smart apps and then start over installing everything again. Clearly somewhere along the way something went wrong with my setup, possibly at one point when the smart apps changed something happened and mine didn’t get updated properly.

Thanks for your help and screenshots, clarified that this is just too messed up to try to tweak, so I’m gonna start over.

@Danabw hen you clicked on Advanced at the bottom of the screen for advanced… what version shows?

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Same as yours shows, version 1.4. But notice that the labels and functions in the bottom section also different from yours. This is really strange.

are your child apps up to date?

The child apps are their own entities with the parent app acting as the wrapper for them all to work together.

Yes, I use GitHub integration, and all four apps and the DTH are up to date.

I just removed all the users and the lock from the smart app, and then remove it all from my IDE, and am going to add it back and start over.