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Hi all-
I just started with ST, Lock Manager, and some schlage century and keypad locks. I installed everything pretty well, but on the Lock Manager app, it’s only showing “Installed” in gray without showing anything as being added (i.e., the installed locks), but shows “Create” in gray followed by “New Lock” “New User” etc. Same thing with “Locks” in gray: no options below it in white, but then it shows “Global Settings” with options such as “Notification Settings”. Any ideas why I’m not seeing all the locks and users I’ve already added to the smartapp? Thanks!

Erik (@ethayer) and Other Peoples

Does the app currently report on INCORRECT codes entered?
If so, how does it handle it? How can I react to it.
If not, can it be added?

[My lock did report the incorrect entry attempt; wording as found in the recommended lock DTH]

I have been using Lock Manager & its predecessor since inception, but just today had the strangest thing happen, as witnessed by the cameras: Woman walks up to the door & starts entering codes!!!

So necessity demands a solutions (well, a warped version of the expressions :slight_smile: )

Thanks in advance

Hi @Jaybone You need to use the Lock Manager in Automation: Smartapps, not in MarketPlace: My Apps which your image shows is where you are. :slight_smile:


Not yet, there are a few features on my TODO list that I’m getting to after I get lockmanager.io to a good point where I can start having people use it.

That sounds really scary. What in the world?! This feature request just moved up in the priority request list.

One thing is, that an incorrect code reporting works differently from lock to lock. I think most subscribe to a 3 strikes rule before reporting incorrect usage to the hub.

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Jay -

I had the same issue, but I was looking in the “Automation” tab. In the “Automation” tab I had to go and create a new lock. My lock then showed up under locks and then selecting I can see the info screen.

Thanks so much, folks!
This took care of it. Much appreciated!!!

Hey guys, really great app. Have been using it for almost a year now. Ran into some strange issue, before I realized that it’s the battery (lock never gave me advance warning that it’s running low on battery), I had already factory reset the lock. So I had to redo the setup in smart things. Strangely, after adding the lock with exact same settings as it was before, I still don’t see all the settings. For comparision, I have a front door lock and garage door lock (which is what I’m trying to re-add). This is how they look…

Please advice…

How do you identify which is which? When I try to add a 2nd, it’s the same names so I’m not sure if I’m updating the right one.

Make sure you are using the correct DTH for the Garage Door Lock. It is possible when you installed the GD lock, it used the standard ST z-wave lock DTH.

Just got everything working and it does exactly what i want it to do (disable SHM upon correct unlock code using a routine). I noticed though that when i select the option (On Manual Unlock) it only disables SHM if I manually unlock from the outside with the key. Is there a way to disable SHM by manually unlocking from the inside? Main reason I bought this lock was to use it as a keypad to disarm/arm SHM. But i didnt think about the keypad being on the outside making it a little hard to disable before exiting the house lol

You can change the name of any device in the app. In the IDE under My devices. you will see a list of all your devices and beside the name will be the type, which is the DTH that it is using. Click the lock that you want to update and then in it’s info page click the edit at the bottom. Then find the Type drop down dialog and you can set the DTH to any you have available.

Thank you! For some reason I don’t have any devices listed, even though my 1 lock has been working for quite a while. Guess I’ll have to fix that one first to get the 2nd one working.

After logging into the IDE click My Locations>Home then check again what devices you have listed.

Hello to all! I am new to SmartThings and, I am not a developer. Just trying to be a user of the app. I apologize for my lack of tech savvy. I signed up for a Github account, then began to go through the steps in the “How To Install User Guide https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54190708/LockManager/v1.1/guide.pdf1 Version 1.1” for Lock Manager. When I login to the SmartThings IDE, the guide says:

From the IDE, click on “My SmartApps”
Click "Enable GitHub Integration”
When I click on “My SmartApps”, the screen that comes up says I have no SmartApps (which is correct, obviously), but there is no "Enable GitHub Integration” choice on the screen. This is a dead end for me. Either something has changed and the guide needs updating, or I am messing up somehow. (I think I know which it is.)

It is obvious I am lost in this environment. Is there a SmartThings for Dummys thread in this forum where someone can translate the techno talk to me and get me going with Lock Manager? Thanks much!

Issue running latest v1.4 build… I can’t be the only one so what is wrong with my setup?

Finally made the jump from the retired “user lock manager” v4.1.5 to the re-designed “lock manager” v1.4 (which if i can get working looks to be fantastic). Problem is: When I configure the lock and users from the installed app (in My Apps/Marketplace after linking github repo and installing), it sets the lock codes and notifications correctly but when going back into the app to reconfigure/change users/etc there are no “installed” locks or users? … simply looks as if the app has never been configured (tho in the IDE, if i re-configure, i see duplicate instances of “Lock Manger”)

Help? Thanks Erik!!

@ethayer - Every time someone unlocks the front door and opens it, there is a “Home Intrusion” notification and I need to reset the app and say it was a False Alarm. How can I get around this happening?

You should be looking for Lock manager in Smartapps under Automatons not marketplace.

Ha. Mark that down as the dumbest post in this thread; sorry community for bringing the collective IQ down (and thanks, Mike!)

Yeah that was really dumb. I would know because I uninstalled and re-installed the app twice because I was doing the same thing. :neutral_face:

Installed this and have been using it for a week now and it works fantastic! I have a couple of codes that I have activated at only certain times and days and it has helped a lot! Not to mention that I have had this lock (KwikSet SmartCode 910) for a couple of years, connected to ADT Pulse, and while I thought the lock supported more than 2 codes, ADT was no help! Now with this app, I have 8 codes up and running.