[RELEASE] Lock Manager

I have a Schlage lock. Whenever I use the keypad to unlock, it unlocks then immediately locks back up (I hear it locking back up). However, the status in the app shows unlocked. This started happening when I switched to the new smartthings.

Any way to fix this?

It seems that your lock is set to auto lock. To disable auto lock for a Schlage Connect, make sure door is locked, press Schlage symbol, then 6 digit programming code and than 9. This toggles auto lock on or off

Thanks for the reply. I think my lock model FE599 does not support turning off autolock. Even if it did, I wouldn’t want to turn this off. I like that it autolocks after 5 seconds when manually entering a code.

The manual doesn’t show an option for 9. I attempted to turn it off, but that didn’t work. According to this, you can’t for my model.

This used to work before the smartthings “upgrade.”

Yeah-sorry- I was sharing info on the Schlage connect lock I have, which is different. I’ve found Schlage tech support to be decent- give them a call.