[RELEASE] Lock Manager

It is only letting me install the parent app. Can someone send links to the child apps so I can manually install them?

Same here. When I follow the install instructions in the User Guide

It enables me to install “Lock Manager” but it doesn’t show options for Keypad, Lock User, or Lock.

Any suggestions/guidance?

If you have installed version 2.0 (very likely), there are no separate child apps. The child apps are included in the Lock Manager code. The instructions are for the previous version (1.4).

Anyone tried using this with the newer SmartThings app? Just throws an error when trying to open. Works fine in the ST Classic app.

You get that error because all the SSL certificates for the resources have expired. If you change the https url’s to just http, you can see it works fine, however that is not the ideal solution. The certificates really should be updated to keep things secure.

My issue is with Step 5. How do I find the users/lock codes that are stored in my lock? I’ve got some issues - probably because I’m on the really really ancient lock manager release and want to wipe everything out and start fresh. The only way to do that is to find what user occupies what ‘slot’ on the lock and his/her code… but how?

As I mentioned, you should already have noted these down.

Ah, well, there goes that then. I never wrote them down because I was relying on this app to remember them and the codes. lol

So I have installed the latest app, using the Zwave Lock DH and at first all seemed great. The minute I added one of my lock codes into the keypad and unlocked the door I got a push msg. Great. More testing and the last code I used no longer works. Tried the others which all worked. One time only. After that they no longer work. I re-programmed each entry code and fired up ide logging. Much to my dismay, while watching the DH log, I saw messages such as “Deleting code number 1” Why is it doing this??

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