[RELEASE] Lock Manager

Do you have the latest modified version of garyd9’s DTH that is available at @ethayer github page?

Ahh… I was using the one from garyd9’s github change, which is slightly different. Just updated and will see if that fixes, tx.

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Question on the DH. I don’t see reports of entry from my Yale Z-Wave using the custom DH where the user authenticates via an nfc tag or card. Should these be reported? I can see attempts and successful entry via Lock Manager codes but not the tags or card. I’d expect at least to see a lock change status alert?

Marc .
I been having that same problem also
I will try to up the code and see if that helps

Hi There,
I tried to use the lock manager step by step, then got to this point where it didn’t see my lock so I had to create one but then got stuck at step where device must have location or hub.

A Device must have either a Location or a Hub

« Device List

Create Device
Name *
Zigbee Id
Device Network Id *
Type *
Version * Location Hub Group

So could not continue to work with lock manager for the Schlage touch screen
Please help.

Sounds like you are on the wrong shard with trying the setup. Read the following post to discover the proper shard you should be on.

New to ST as of today. Does this tool allow you to trigger actions when a valid pin code is entered?

Why do I get this error message when trying to install zwave-lock-reporting?

No signature of method: script1499907560594666332222.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script1499907560594666332222$_run_closure1) values: [script1499907560594666332222$_run_closure1@779b67f5] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

Which DTH are you using?

You no longer need to know your shard. Just use the universal login https://account.smartthings.com

Yes it does.

The one from ethayer.

Also, I’m still getting java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘id’ on null object when trying a simulation from my shard account.

Nothing appears to happens when I tap on Lock Manager in the ST app but what is does is it adds a Lock Manager entry in the SmartApps list. If I tap 20 times I will end up with 20 lock managers. Started happening after I updated the code. I tried to remove and reconnect the lock but no joy.

delete all but 1, or delete them all and only create 1. Then under Automation: SmartApps (not Marketplace: SmartApps: My Apps) you open Lock Manager and you should be able to add locks and your users/codes.

Do you mean delete all the apps or just Eric’s apps? I have already tried deleting just Eric’s apps I am no joy there either.

If you have a single Lock Manager under Automation: SmartApps, open it and try to add your locks and users/codes. You had mentioned tapping 20 times and having 20 Lock Managers, that is why I was stating you only need one.

After had saved and published to myself of the lock-manager codes from IDE web, I got back to the mobile smartthings apps --> Marketplace —> Smartapps but didn’t see 4 lock-manager apps there and therefore could not use this tool to change the code remotely. Please help with additional steps to get the lock manager on smartthings app.

Thanks very much.

I know I only need one lock manager for one lock that I have. The problem is if I tap on lock manager it does nothing. I cannot get into lock manager. Every time I try to get in to lock manager it does nothing except for create another instance of it. There is something wrong with lock manager. It was working fine and now I wish I did not update it. I even tried installing version 1.0 and has the same problem. I don’t know what that error code means either. I cannot find any information on it.

hawtboi1 Start fresh again. On the locks you have on installed in Things change the “Type” back to Zwave or Zigbee Lock (whatever one you’re using) before readding the code, I recall seeing Lock Manager on one of the IDE screens after I thought I deleted ALL occurrences of Lock Manager from My Locations & Smartapps

Hi Pljohns,
Please let me know how did you push the manager-lock code to the Iphone.

Hi Ethayer,
Sorry I am a brand new user for this community and may had asked questions to the wrong person.
Hope you are the right one to give answer about not being able to push the manager-lock codes to the samrthings apps from Iphone. From IDE web., I was able to get the files, but when went to Smartthings myapps, I didn’t see any apps there. Please help.