[RELEASE] Lock Manager

Wow, I am so confused. This is the first time I have done something like this. I’m sure I have followed all the steps. But I’m still not having any joy.

I can see the lock in the app. I can make user codes in the app. But they are not sending to the lock!

Any ideas or if you need some more info will be much appreciated. Thanks very much!

I had that until i changed the handler to the one they suggest

Thanks for this. Which handler are you using?

I have this lock and have been trying to get the lock manager to work for 2 days!!

I’m completely new to all this so think i’ve probably done something wrong!

I have been struggling with the lock manager for days-
I suspected something “may” have happened on the ST backend, as they have been making changes (some announced about depracated apps) etc.

On RBOYS thread he has had issues as well and confirmed with ST there were changes that caused DTH issues, and should be rolling out a hot fix shortly.
Praying this fixes issues with the DTH’s used with Lock Manager too!

[UPDATE] spoke with support myself- they have “eyes” on and are aware of issue’s. Asked to reach out to Dev’s tagging @ethayer

My findings: ONLY the notifications are being effected when the codes are used. The user codes do work on the keypad. Manual (this included voice commands) lock and unlock notifications ARE received (via BlG TALKER and ASK ALEXA).

Good morning - I needed to remove a user code this morning, but was greeted by this screen. I’ve updated my DH (ethayer : Z-Wave Lock Reporting) and the three SmartApps (Lock Manager, Lock, Lock User) but am still getting the error.

Is this likely due to the back-end ST changes you mentioned above? Thanks for all your help - love the App btw.

I been getting this error since July 4th. You are not alone. Before your post I thought I was the only one experiencing this because I didn’t get any responses/comments

I think we are seeing further degradation with some Apps. My hub also went down last night and other dev’s have reported worsening problems with their apps.
Reporting to support is important so they understand the degree of user impact.

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Roxy (SmartThings)
Jul 7, 11:28 AM MST
Hi Alexander,
Thanks for reporting the issues with Lock Code Handlers/Managers today. I just inquired to one of my senior resources and found out that we did roll out an update yesterday afternoon that fixed some LCM issues that have been occurring, so things may actually be fixed now. However, if what you and other Community members are seeing is still happening today, after you’ve republished your handlers, then those might simply be issues waiting on the developers you mentioned, like Ethayer, to complete changes for their specific integrations.
One thing I’ve learned in my time with SmartThings is that we have a very robust super user community, and I let our new customers know that when they need solutions that reqiure custom apps or devices, or when they just want to know what other users are doing that goes beyond the scope of what we currently support. Thanks again for reaching out–we appreciate you!
Have a great weekend,
SmartThings Support

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Why do I get java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘id’ on null object when trying a simulation from the web account?

The app does nothing when I tap it in the ST app. Started happening after I updated the code.

Edit: it appears as if it does nothing but what it does is add a Lock Manager entry that does nothing in my installed smart apps list. If I tap 20 times I will end up with 20 lock managers.

Yes, I synced ST account with github,

Getting the same results. I can’t delete the smartapp either. Getting “This SmartApp can’t be deleted at this time because it is installed by one or more users” message

To delete it you have to log in to your ST account on the ST web site, click My Locations, click smartapps, click Edit, click Uninstall next to Lock Manager and then click Done. After that, you can delete it from My SmartApps. At least that works.

Thanks hawtboi1 that worked. Now is the issue with Lock Manager app not loading a problem for a just few or everyone?

Its working for me

Hmmm…I wanting to delete everything and reinstall from scratch

Hi all -

Using the Kwikset 914 Zwave and I’m now encountering issues trying to update codes from the Lock Manager app. Debug log says there is an error with the updateCodes command as it is not supported by the device… is this accurate??

5ab3a76a-6ae5-4add-a315-1a6043ccc8a2 10:22:27 PM: error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command ‘updateCodes’ is not supported by device 1818913e-60ea-4efd-91fc-e749e5cf3ea4 of type ‘Z-Wave Lock Reporting’. Supported commands: [poll, lock, unlock, refresh, lock, unlock, setCode, deleteCode, requestCode, reloadAllCodes, unlockWithTimeout, setCodeLength, nameSlot, ping, unlockwtimeout] @ line 545

@Alexander: Let us know how reinstalling works for you. I really don’t want to do it.

Also, I’m using a Yale YRD216-ZW2. I am using ST v2.0.

I’m on ST 2.4.0 using a (2)Yale YRD210 Zigbee model on a android phone. I probably will reinstall in a couple of days and post my results.

Update: I had nothing to do so I reinstall Lock Manager, it’s up and running again! My counts on user entries are not counting right maybe because I had to delete one lock and readd back into the network and I keyed in manually the user slots and codes and they may be different than when used Lock Manager to assign users and slots.