[RELEASE] Lock Manager

The FE599 firmware has a bug in it, it’s supposed to send a lock notification after an unlock and subsequent relock action (automatic) but it doesn’t. The stock ST DH doesn’t handle this and requires a patch in the DTH/custom DTH to handle this situation or as you pointed out manually refresh the state of the lock. Downside being the obvious it increases the overhead/battery life depending upon how often you unlock/refresh it.

Curiously what’s the battery life on your FE599 and how much do you use it? Asking because in our lab I’ve seen the FE599 battery life vary hugely between pieces.


I see you charge for your device handler. Do you think it would help resolve my issues?

Probably not. Not that the paid DTH isn’t great, but It sounds like your devices are having communication issues with the hub.

Is your hub a large distance from your locks? Try pairing one of your locks very close to the hub, test it, then move it to its final spot.

You may need to add a powered zwave device between your lock and hub.

Also make sure the lock is paired with a secure inclusion. If the hub says something like ‘secure inclusion failed’ it will not work, and you’ll have to try to pair again.

That would be cool! I do have a door sensor that I could reinstall and probably set up a routine to lock the door after it closes too.

My battery life seems to be good. I’ve had the lock for 4 years and have probably changed the batteries once (maybe twice). I only used it with nexia for about 2 years before I cancelled. The keypad is unlocked usually 2-4 times per day.

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Edit: Sorry mixed up the posts.

As Erik said you may need a repeater.

Also there’s a potential bug in the latest hub firmware which causes beamable devices to lose one way communication with the hub. The symptom is that the lock will not respond to the hub commands but the lock can update status with the hub. So hub -> lock failed communication where as lock -> hub works or vice versa.

The solution is to exclude and repair the lock. I’ll post the link to the other thread where this is being discussed.

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I’ll address the lock code state ‘unknown’ in the next release of this app too.

The next release will remove locks from the main app and ‘locks’ will be it’s own child-app where it will store the info on locks then. I’ll add an option to poll a lock when it is closed and after N amount of seconds after an unlock to try to catch faulty reports.

‘Lock at specific time’ app will also become part of lock manager with this change, with added features in the future.

This is a big change in the architecture of the app, so this release may take some time, though I’m hoping this will be a V1 of the app. It MAY BE DATA BREAKING so, users might have to re-install the app on the next version, though I’m hoping to avoid this.


Thanks Erik.
My hub is about 6’ away from my front door. It is my only lock that I have at this point. I will check on the secure inclusion. I did not notice that. I have removed multiple times, done multiple zwave repairs and one factory default on the lock.

Thanks, it sounds like mine is reverse. I CAN lock/unlock from the app. I DON’T get status updates. Although yesterday I checked it and one time it showed to be locked which was the first time. I unlocked it and locked it again and status did not update. I will look at that link

just for fun, try with different batteries too. Sounds like a huge pain, but this device doesn’t seem to be behaving properly at all!!

Well, I had not put cover on so done. And what do you know - it worked! I did the whole process so not sure what did it. Remove device, repair network, replace batteries, factory default, and add back in. Immediately it reported correct status and codes were pushed and worked. I did get two unknown status’s but after issuing the lock or unlock it updated. This occurred during direct device interaction in ST App. Log implied it was a jam but it appeared to lock properly.

Thanks again for everyone’s help!

I don’t suppose you would consider a schedule of “every other”. As in every other Thursday…

Doubt there is a great need for it but I figured I would ask. Setting one up for the maids and I cannot afford them every week… :wink:

Hello everyone! I just got a brand new Kwikset 916 and set it up with this version of Lock Manager (just literally set it all up tonight, so it’s all 100% up to date). Unfortunately, I’m having the same problem as @Keuka15 with the codes not burning appropriately. Was there ever any progress on that? I’m not seeing it in this thread, but figured I’d ask.

Does the usage increment when someone uses a code? I don’t have this problem but I also don’t have a 916.

No, it does not. I see 0s for all codes, even though I’ve used each of them several times (even the non-burner ones). I do get the Notifications like “soAndSo Unlocked Front Door” and the guest one says “Guest unlocked front door. Burning code” or something similar.

I’m kind of going to blame ST for this one. I’m not sure whats going on but I tried to trouble shoot this for awhile last night. Mine wasn’t working either. I was getting a weird IDE log error that made no sense and I was just banging on the hammer so to speak.

I uninstalled the app completely and then installed it again and it worked. !?!?

I am currently have two Schlage Z Wave locks setup in my home (Schlage BE469)
Everything works well except when you go to Lock Manager, under Locks section. The first locks shows all the info (eg: passcode, name, and number of entries). However, the 2nd lock says “No lock data received yet. Requires custom device driver, will be populated on next poll event”. Is this normal?


Could be a bug… Maybe you forgot to put the custom device on the 2nd lock?

I’m working on refactoring all of this, so I’m not going to go troubleshoot it… all the code is going to be different very shortly!.. And this problem should go away (new code won’t even require custom lock handler)


Thanks for the quick reply.
I did chose device type as “Z-Wave Lock Reporting” for both locks.
I’ll wait for the new code from you and give them a try.


I finally got around to installing this new Lock Manager. It’s so much nicer that the original SmartApp, I can finally only have one instance of Lock Manager installed! A few things I’ve noticed so far;

  1. I could not figure out how to only get a notification if a single user code was used/enabled/disabled. I have a scheduled dog walker code that I would like to get a push notification when it is used/enabled/disabled but currently when I turn it on in that user I get notifications for all users.

  2. The Keypad delay is not working properly. It looks like you’re running the desired routine immediately after the code is entered and then only using the delay for the SHM status change. You ideally would apply the delay to all actions. The flow would be Arm Keypad -> Send “setExitDelay” command to keypad -> Wait for “delay” seconds -> Run desired routine and change SHM status.

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