[RELEASE] Lock Manager

Ha. Mark that down as the dumbest post in this thread; sorry community for bringing the collective IQ down (and thanks, Mike!)

Yeah that was really dumb. I would know because I uninstalled and re-installed the app twice because I was doing the same thing. :neutral_face:

Installed this and have been using it for a week now and it works fantastic! I have a couple of codes that I have activated at only certain times and days and it has helped a lot! Not to mention that I have had this lock (KwikSet SmartCode 910) for a couple of years, connected to ADT Pulse, and while I thought the lock supported more than 2 codes, ADT was no help! Now with this app, I have 8 codes up and running.



Question - when I first installed Lock Manager I didn’t have the alarm panel integrated, so I didn’t have any sensors. I now do, and configured the app with the door sensor, but it didn’t add any functionality within the app. I thought it might give me the ability to control re-locking the door or something?

@ethayer… Any suggestions for this?

You could take a look at this?

You would make a simulated open/close sensor to mimic your door. Instead of adding your actual open/close sensor to SHM, you add the simulated one. The simulated one mimics the actual sensor after a delayed amount of time, thus fixing your issues.

So the SHM Delay app enables delays on simulated sensors, which mirror real sensors?

Yup that is correct. You’d need to take your real sensor out of SHM. Just so you don’t have a bunch of duplicates, I’d likely only configure the sensors you’d set off, such as your door sensor.

Hello, I just installed Lock Manager, I was previously using the older one. This app is so good now!! Thank you very much @ethayer

I was wondering if there is a way to change the presence of a presence sensor (virtual or not). Like for example, when a code is enter to unlock, it unlocks the lock and changes the presence of one person to present.

I would like to do this, because then routines run automatically according to whom entered the house.

Please let me know. Thanks!

That part of the equation is easy. Do it in webcore, and you’ll get exactly what you wish.

The problem is: how do you then determine when the presence has left?

Thanks! Got it working with webCore…

Regarding the “presence left” problem:

I am not sure how Lock Manager works but I am thinking of just punching a code before locking the lock that triggers a piston that tells my presence is not active anymore… My locks are the Kwikset 914 so they do not have the lock with user option.

1- I was wondering if I can use it as a keypad just before I actually lock with the lock button. Then that code will trigger the piston and know I’m out.

2- If not, I can Ask Alexa to turn off a virtual switch named after my name and I say: Alexa, tell home to turn off “my name”, just before I am leaving, then use a piston to trigger the presence to away if the switch is off. (will work to do the opposite also).

Just thinking for now… if someone knows how to make the option 1 or the 2 to work, please let me know.

So for any sensor I want to use in “real-time” with these Apps, remove it from SHM configuration and configure the simulated sensor in SHM and set it up with that same one with these Apps?

I am brand new to Smartthings and just installed my Kwikset 916 lock a few days ago. I followed the user manual step by step to get Lock Manager in the app. I got my lock installed in the app but the only code working is the one that was installed using the door. The count was also working for it. For the other ones, I have tried to add a user, enter a code, and when I go to use it, it fails at the lock. How do I get Lock Manager to communicate with my lock? I’ve seen a lot of posts about updating the DTH, can someone explain how I would do that? I am not tech savy but I am able to follow step by step directions. I really don’t want to take my lock apart to manually install codes before I leave on a trip tomorrow.

For anything that you actually don’t want to delay (use in real-time) leave it in SHM and do not configure a simulated sensor. For those you want to add a delay, add a simulated sensor through the Smart App, remove the actual sensor from SHM and instead add the new simulated sensor to SHM.

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A single simulated contact sensor device is required and may be used with multiple real devices. The app issues an optional intrusion message identifying the sensor causing the alarm.

The latest release allows a motion sensor to be “followed” (ignored) when a monitored contact sensor is triggered and delayed. This should help situations where a motion sensor “sees” the device being used to disarm the system, or possibly the door movement being monitored by the contact sensor, otherwise the motion sensor acts normally, triggering an immediate alarm. For extreme situations and as a “last resort” there is the “True Entry Delay” option, shutting off the system for the entry delay time period, then rearming if needed to sound the intrusion alarm.

Note “Real” contact sensors include: Connect, Konnect and Honeywell Smarthings simulated sensors, however, normally it is any hardware contact sensor that was monitored by SmartHome

For additional questions or comments about my app please use the SHM Delay thread

Just to confirm, when you installed using the instructions, you used the Z-Wave Lock Reporting option for your DTH right? You can confirm this on the SmartThings IDE page under My Devices, find your Lock and make sure the Type is Z-Wave Lock Reporting. That’s what I’m using with my Kwikset 916. Please note that there are 2 versions of the Kwikset 916, a ZigBee version and Z-Wave version. Consumer versions should be the Z-Wave version but sometimes people may get the ZigBee version if it was bought from a 3rd party or from pro security systems. You’ll need a different DTH for the ZigBee version.

When setting up your lock and adding users, make sure you’re using Lock Manager app from within the Automation>SmartApps section of the SmartThings app. The app can be finicky at times when adding users. Make sure you are pressing Done/Save all the way through when adding your user code. I believe it works best when you add a new user and code. Editing an existing user and code seems to not work as well. It’s better to delete the user completely and re-add.

Adding users steps for me would be.

  1. Click Add New User
  2. Enter Name, Code and select a lock slot (I have to select the slot twice for it to register for some reason, android user) and click Next to go to the next screen.
  3. I’ve noticed that clicking Save immediately gives an error and doesn’t save properly, so I would recommend disabling the user and then re-enabling them immediately by changing the User Enabled? toggle off and then on, then press Save.
  4. This takes you back to the Lock Manager app. Press Save again.
  5. You’ll need to give it a minute for Lock Manager to sync your new user and code to your lock. If you go into the “My Home” section in SmartThings and view your lock, you can view recent activity in the “Recently” section. You should see activity from your lock showing codes being sent to the lock and that the lock slot you used for the new user was changed and set.

I would do this each time for each new user to make sure they get synced one by one. Same goes for when deleting users. Hope that helps.

Thank you. Do I also need to specify the simulated contact sensor within the User Lock app in the actual Schlage Lock configuration information or do I leave the real door sensor listed in there?

The real door sensor is probably best in the lock manager app.

I got it to work! I followed all the steps again without reinstalling/doing
the coding over again just checking everything. For some reason I could see
lock manager in the apps but it had disappeared from device handlers so
that is probably where my trouble was.


I just installed your Lock Manager app, I followed the directions in your guide.pdf on dropbox. The part I did not understand was on page 11 & 12 of the guide. I did click on update from repo but nothing populated in any of the three windows. I assume as I already have the newest version of the four apps…

My issues are when I add my two Schlage fe499 locks to the Lock Manager and then add two users with codes and click Done, I reopen the Lock Manager and the locks and users are not listed.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated