[RELEASE] Lock Manager

Hello, ive been using this smartapp for my keypad as of recently and I love it! I know a few people are trying to make entry/exit delay apps, but I’m curious if its easier to program through this app? maybe upon code entered there is a delay of sending it to SHM? I am not a fan of installing a bunch of dummy devices to try and get entry/exit working with some major flaws.

That was my issue… I had the right handler, but the type was incorrect… Thank you…

Currently my locks are set to Z-wave lock with reporting. Today 40 minutes after the lock unlocked with my presence smartapp the lock went unavailable. When i refreshed the lock, about 30 seconds later it came back online.

I just installed this app. It’s great! However, I get a message that my lock doesn’t support notices when user codes are used. However, when I had this lock set up with CPI, the CPI/alarm.com app would report who opened the door. Is there a difference between the CPI/alarm.com app and this app for SmartThings? Now, when I installed the lock on the door, I didn’t change any codes (we’re in a new house; I took the lock from the old house). When I pulled up the codes screen (the one with slots), nothing appeared (even though there must be codes in the lock itself because all the codes from the old house still work). I’m using a Kwikset 910, I believe (it looks like the 910 and it has z-wave, so I think it’s right; I’ve had it few years, so not sure, and CPI installed it, anyway (maybe 4 years old)). Anyway, does this mean there’s no way to monitor the codes used to open the lock? What if I enter new users and new codes using the app? Maybe that’s why I get a message that I can’t add notices for that yet? I’m concerned about adding codes just yet because override is on and I assume that means it’ll erase all my old codes (although not that big a deal because I could just enter the four or so that we use often). Thanks! - Rich

Community, maybe it’s been addressed before and I overlooked it. The app is amazing and I love it. The only one thing I’m missing is that I can leave the house and lock the door by hitting the Schlage button. I always have to type in the code. Is this a setting I’m not seeing? This used to work before installing the app. Cheers!

For anyone using Lock Manager’s (Xfinity/CentraLite) keypad support, my recently released SmartApp, SHM Delay, adds SmartHome’s missing EntryDelay. It supports multiple keypads using one simulated contact sensor device.

I had the same problem until I realized that you need to enable Lock and Leave mode in Lock Manager.

On another note, I am trying to figure out if it is possible to change the alarm mode on Schlage BE469 with routines? I can change the alarm mode fine using ST and Erik’s smart app.

I have a Kwikset 916 Zig-Bee lock I just installed jhamstead’s latest DTH and Erik Thayer’s Lock Manager. Although I haven’t done much testing, things seem to be working fine. I do have two questions: 1) I’m not sure if I installed Erick’s beta or more stable earlier version. Is there a way to tell? Which is recommended – I’m a very basic user. 2nd question; the lock is in a vacation rental and I want to give my property manager access – have them be able to add/remove users. What’s the easiest way to do this while still being able to have control and view usage of the lock myself? Thanks!!!

hello, everyone, I’m new, I have yale220, did install lock manager (https://github.com/ethayer/lock-manager)
I followed all the steps, (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54190708/LockManager/v1.1/guide.pdf), then I checked my phone I have the app, but when adding the users after done and refresh the app, no users and lock showup on the Installed page, please help

Look for Lock Manager in Automations: SmartApps not in Marketplace: SmartApps: My Apps :slight_smile:

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I have a Yale Assure set up in Lock Manager with three users. Even though all of those users are using their codes to open the lock, the Lock Manager reports all users as having Entries: 0. How do I fix this?

Was wondering about a Web App and excited to hear it’s in the works!!! It will be CRUCIAL for AirBnB management.

I’ve got 2 questions:

  • Are you planning to add support for multiple users via Web App only? Essentially providing lock-by-lock management based on E-Mail Address?
  • I added locks/users via Marketplace > My Apps > Lock Manager and then also added the app via Automation > Smart Apps > Add A SmartApp and none of the information was input. Are those two sections independent of each other? It seems odd that to access a frequently used feature you would need to dig through menus…

I definitely need to play around more as I think some “bugs” are user error and lack of familiarity, but looking forward to donating to the cause and if you take bribes I’d donate a bit more to move “Web App” up your priority list haha

I get that rage tapping the icons will get them to load, but more importantly: will they stay synced?

It’s dangerous to have to continually tap the lock/unlock tile for example for it to accurately show the state of the lock. I’m not sure how the other tiles may cause problems by repeatedly tapping, but once they appear will they work from then on?

If not… seems like a pretty serious bug?

Ahhh, this is what I had hoped back when I first tried setting it up. Almost. Reference: back in 2016 I tried installing a new driver and a User Lock Manager smartapp. It not only didn’t work well at all, but it hosed some basic functionality of the lock itself. I reverted back to the standard Z-wave lock DTH at that time.

Anyway, this is now working well!

  • The codes that I have in the first two slots in the lock itself work correctly.
  • The codes in the Lock Manager smartapp load and unload from the lock on schedule, and operate the lock correctly. Disabling/enabling codes works correctly.
  • The lock stays open when the door’s contact sensor is open (30 second auto-lock must be disabled for this to work)
  • The lock auto-locks when the door’s contact sensor closes. I might build that function in webcore with a delay of a couple seconds… or not because it works perfectly now.

My one wish would be this: the lock has a 30-second auto lock built in. For the lock to remain open, that must be disabled. I’d love to find some way for that to remain enabled, while having it be overridden by ST. That way should ST be offline, the lock would still auto-lock after 30 seconds.

Oh… also, when the lock is opened it reports that by code:
"usedCode”: 3

Seems to me that webcore could utilize that statement such that it allows me to send a notification… and Tasker would pick it up, and announce “welcome home glen” for my code, “welcome diana” for Diana’s code, etc.

Hello. I’m having an issue with the code users slots. I just can see 30 in the “create new user” field and when I go into the Lock info I can see all the 250 slots. How can I do to use the slot bigger then 31?

I believe if you click on the lock you set up (at the top of the list under Installed), then click on Setup, there is the option - How many slots?.

I found and changed to 250 slots. When in “locks” I can see 250 slots but when I try to add a new user I still have only 30 slots.

Since the firmware update to 18.21, none of my locks is working. I do not see an error in the live logging, however, when I press lock, nothing happens. In the lock states I can see that the last time the lock acted was 2 days ago which is about when the firmware update happened. I tried to restart the hub but that didn’t help.
Any ideas?

Okay, so I guess I missed it, but the hub restart resolved the issue.

I had the same issue after 18.22 was pushed out. A manual reboot fixed the locks.