[RELEASE] Lock Manager API - Control your locks and manage users remotely

That’s correct, SmartApps are isolated in SmartThings and due to lock firmware limitations codes cannot be read back from locks.
I understand where you’re coming from but RLA isn’t designed to support API access. You can use this app instead if you need API access to managing users on locks. It’s designed to be an easy way to manage users via a REST API and the app will manage the lock communications and mesh errors, your own app can then decide which users to program with expiration dates/times etc. Note that you cannot use RLA and LMAPI at the same time on the same lock due to the SmartApp isolation restrictions otherwise they will conflict with each other.

Maybe in future there could a new hybrid app or a plug-in for this app which will bridge the two features.

Lock Manager API - Version 01.10.02

  • (new) Added usage history page
  • (enhancement) Check for invalid DTH
  • (fix) Check if the door selection was accidentally left out for notifications and relocks
  • (enhancement) Support for new platform garage door capabilities
  • (fix) Various minor fixes, enhancements and UI improvements
  • (new) “lock status” adds connection member to the response JSON which reports the lock connectivity state

The connectivity status for each lock can contain the following values:

  • online - The platform is able to communicate with the lock
  • offline - The hub cannot communicate with the lock (mesh problems, lock batteries etc)
  • hub disconnected - The platform cannot communicate with the hub (power failure, internet connectivity etc)

Please ensure that your lock is within 20ft of a buffering/beaming repeaterfor the best experience (the buffering device should be between the hub and the lock for maximum effectiveness).

Recommended you can use the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock or the Universal ZigBee Lock device handler for a more robust lock experience.

The programmed state for each user in every lock is shown in lockProgrammedState which can contain the following values:

  • Pending program - Awaiting code programming confirmation from lock
  • Pending deletion - Awaiting code deletion confirmation from lock
  • Active - Code programming is confirmed by lock
  • Inactive - Code deletion is confirmed by lock
  • Failed - Lock failed to respond even after configured number of retries

See the Interactive API documentation and examples for more details.