[RELEASE] Life360 - Refreshed Every Minute & All Places & More UPDATED 01/01/2019 All API Data available for webCoRE Usage

Sorry if I it fells like I’m spamming but just installed application. Everything went well and I red all posts but just want to be sure about something. It’s not possible to add locations in webcore when using official 360 smartapp.

  1. Did I got it right that I can set address1 to HOME or SCHOOL (names of my two circles now) in my pistons now?

  2. What about that webcore example piston in the beginning of this topic. Is there need to force presence update anymore if it automatically updates in 1min cycles?

EDIT: and here’s answers to myself. 1. That’s right. 2. No it’s not.

Thanks for the developer. This works great!!

Just wanted to pass along a small change I made to the SmartApp. It looks like the radius that is being used is the same regardless of whether you are currently present or not. With the radius being the same for both, this can cause bounce between present/not present if your GPS is not very accurate and you are near the circumference of the “present” area. To combat this, at the bottom of the smartapp, around line 910 I changed the placeRadius variable to be dyanmic. If I am currently away, it is the same as before; however, if i am currently present then it has to pass over a radius that is 20 percent larger before marking as not present.

//Radius is 20% larger if currently present, otherwise normal radius
def placeRadius = (deviceWrapper.currentValue('presence').toLowerCase() == 'present') ? new Float(place.radius) * 1.20 : new Float(place.radius)

I have two presence sensors that I’m using with this. Other does not report when leaving from second place. IDE log says:
" 13.19.20: error java.lang.RuntimeException: Metadata Error: Missing required page parameter ‘name’ @line 385 (listPlaces)"

Any idea what should I do and where?

Actually both presence sensors work just fine. I do not understand what is that error but I probably shouldn’t care.

One thing that annoys me with this Life360 is its slowness. If Life360 mobile application or website map is not open there might be 5 minutes before presence status updates. It seems like it is not because of this smartapp and feels like Life360 doesn’t update presence status quickly enough. When opening life360 mobile app or website map then it updates presence status right away and user get notifications etc.

Found this from Life360 site:

To see real-time movement:

  1. The app gets a signal every two seconds while being viewed. If no one is watching, it will not get a signal that often. It may take up to ten seconds for movement to show on the map.
  2. You need to start watching the member on the map after they have already started moving. If you start watching when they are stopped, it will never show movement. Close the app and try again once they are moving.
  3. Real-time movement will show for only one hour in a rolling 3-hour window. This is done to conserve the battery life of the member who is driving. Pressing the refresh button will reset this process and will show about 25 more seconds of real-time movement. If both phones are plugged in, this will extend this time.
  4. There is a 5-minute limit on watching real-time movement to prevent battery and data drain on the phone of the person who is moving. To restart this, close and reopen the app, or press the refresh button.
  5. Real-time driving speed may only be shown when a member is driving, not while walking, running, or biking. A reliable actual speed may not always be available so real-time speed may not always be shown. In this case, three blinking dots may be shown instead of the actual speed. ( This does not indicate texting or phone usage. )

If one of my devices would show real-time movement every time persons are moving (live map open all the time), presence update would happen immediately. But comments like “You need to start watching the member on the map after they have already started moving” makes it too hard to achieve.

Is there any way to force Life360 to update presence status faster?

My kids have life360 installed on iphones. If they do not use the app after a period of time it gets automatically removed. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

iOS? If so, that sounds like the ‘Offload Unused Apps’ setting is on under iTunes & App Stores in Settings is on. Toggle that off and you should be good.

I set this up today and love the amount of data I can now see. What I am trying to do is to push the address 1 field to the actiontiles panel. I know that my wife isn’t present. What I want to know by glancing at the tile is where she is. I feel like this is likely simple but I can’t figure it out.

Isn’t address1 always static? In my case it’s always home (circle name). Or are you using non-free version of life360 and is address1 then changing depending where user is?

Anyway…you can create virtual switches -> when address1 is circle X then turn switch x on. Then add those switches to at panel and add some “glow” to it :slight_smile:

Right now this is what I see in ActionTiles. What I want is for it not to say “Not Present” but actually list the address she is at.


Even with the free you can name places your at see the first post, you just won’t get notifications on Life360

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wtf. You are right! Beautiful! Just added third place. Basically now I it’s possible to create webcore pistons where address1 is circle z,x or y then turn st virtual switch z,x or y on. That just is not as cool as @stcanary’s idea is. So…how to create actiontiles tile which prints information from address 1 field to tile. It needs webcore that is for sure…but how… hmmm…

I’m looking at it people have asked actiontiles in the past for basic text tile but don’t they seem to care for the idea

Found this https://community.webcore.co/t/release-value-tiles-dth-for-displaying-webcore-variables-stats-in-a-thing/4725
but no way to display it on actiontiles

What we need as far as I can tell is a virtual presence sensor that we can send custom text to. The issue with the link above is that actiontiles sees it as a switch. If actiontiles saw it as a presence sensor it might work. Then we could send text to replace the not present and present. There is another handler in that thread that is using a garage door with custom text and that worked but is funky and not clean.

The code for present and not present is in a area cannot be changed from outside the device handler
We have hit the limit of ST there’s no capability to do what we want

Best is a virtual Presence for each location and use webcore to set the presence based on the address1 field

I agree. I did find a code for a virtual presence sensor but I have no idea how to make this all work.

Smartapp installed fine, but i receive the below when tryng to install the device handler

Using Repo
Using Code

Try now

The device should now work in the new smartthings app, but will need old app to setup still

:+1: works now

Can anyone point me to how I can make the font size smaller so that, for example, I can see the fuller address for a person? Is this in the DH or Smartapp? What fields do I need to change? Thanks in advance!

Have you worked it out?

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