[RELEASE] Life360 - Refreshed Every Minute & All Places & More UPDATED 01/01/2019 All API Data available for webCoRE Usage

Thanks for responding. I removed and reinstalled everything to see if the problem continues. I still have the problem. I can see that events are being passed - the data is updating in SmartThings. However, the “Last Activity At” never updates. You can see my device - the lastCheckin updates as do all the other states but the “Last Activity At” remains equal to the “Date Created” and “Last Updated”. This is true for both the devices I have:

Is this normal behaviour or I am having a specific problem?

I have two methods of collecting data from SmartThings - one pushes the data out when events happen - this seems to be okay as the timestamp is generated by the event. The other is that I poll SmartThings, and here is where the timestamp always remains with the “Last Activity At” timestamp (I’m calling .lastActivity, which works for all other devices).

I understand now

Mine is working fine not sure why yours isnt

Hey - thanks for letting me know. At least I can try to investigate why it isn’t working for me.

Hi all!
I’m loving this DH and the additional info is really useful but I have a logging (influxdb) question.
I can see only Battery and Presence logged - confirm I can see all the states under each device in the ST IDE. Can I get all the other states to log to influxdb?

I am getting this same message “Something’s wrong we can’t load your screen right now” when I try to open the Life360 (Connect) smart app. I want to open it so I can delete the smartapp to try this new code. I was able to delete the presence sensors I had previously installed. I just can’t get into the smartapp to hit the remove button. I also looked in the IDE and did not see LIfe360 listed in the smartapps to try and remove it from there. What else can I try to delete the app?

Just to confirm, I’m also experiencing a similar issue, it appears that the classic app won’t allow me to remove the life360 smartapp installed from the marketplace.

Now, i do have the presence sensors that this device creates integrated with both webcore and actiontiles, but I don’t see why that would be an issue.

Any help?

(Note: my issue occurs when I hit the ‘remove’ button in the smartapp.)

ok, for anyone else encountering this, you must remove all references to the user devices from all pistons and smartapps before the system will allow you to remove the life360 smartapp.

I got the new SmartThings app to work with this code by adding the following to the metadata line:

, mnmn:“SmartThings”, vid:“generic-arrival”

I had to remove the devices and re-add.

Can you update your repo on Git with this update?

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First up, wanted to say a huge thanks for this, I’ve been messing about with presence sensors, tasker etc - too complex and/or not reliable enough. The life360 is working beautifully, and the extra info from the custom DTH here is amazing.

I’m really trying to sort out something clever from webcore to tell me the distance between two sensors. I’ve found a link to something someone knocked up to show distance from HOME to a presence sensor, but I need to figure out how to make a piston that, on demand, will report the distance between 2 people.

Can anyone assist please ? Thanks!

webCore has a built in distance function, just requires the longitude and latitude of both points:

distance(lat1, long1, lat2, long2)/1609 +" miles"

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Amazing, that’s just answered about 2 night’s worth of googling. Thanks for that!

Plan is to use this as a warning if the distance between 2 people becomes too great (e.g. child tracker).

Thanks again

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Hey Mike, I’ve same problems, have you fix it?

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