[RELEASE] Life360 - Refreshed Every Minute & All Places & More UPDATED 01/01/2019 All API Data available for webCoRE Usage

Thanks @tmleafs for responding. I’m not quite sure you understood what I was after however.
With webCore I can set up triggers on standard attributes, e.g. currentPlace so that when a sensors current geofenced location changes a piston can fire automatically.

Unfortunately it seems that this DTH uses address1 to hold the current geofence in which a sensor is located, which I can’t set a trigger on. Is there any way of replicating the address1 value into a currentPlace attribute or am I missing something?

I realise this is a very webcore specific question…i’m not sure if the expected ‘standard’ attributes for a given devicetype are a webcore or a smartthings thing

Should be as simple as this or i’m not understanding

Sorry, my bad…I’m confusing myself as to what i’ve posted where as I’ve also cross posted this on the webcore forum

The problem I have with using the triggers is because I have 4 Life360 devices that are monitored by the piston, in a device variable…
If I just have a single device and set a trigger, then address1 shows up just fine, but If I have a device variable with all the devices selected in it, I seem only to get some subset of attributes that doesn’t include things like address1, address2 etc.
Hopefully these screenshots illustrate what I mean…

status is the last entry in that second screenshot…the 95th entry if my counting is correct…
I guess it could be some limit of the number of attributes being displayed in the dropdown?

This looks awesome. Unfortunately, my family prefers to use Waze. :frowning:

I am also getting the low battery notification since I’ve updated to the latest version?

Also for some reason smartthings thinks a user is not present while life360 shows that they are still present, this happens quite often. It looks like this app is comparing the users home location to their current and it if is greater than radius it flags as away but life360 must be taking other things into consideration is there a way to get the presence status directly from life360?

I have a webcore piston that notifies me when a user leaves and I’ve also enable that notification in life360 and I will get the webcore notification that someone left but nothing from life360 because the user has not really left.

Hi. Im getting the following error when I try and add users from the app:

1:24:12 PM: error physicalgraph.app.exception.UnknownDeviceTypeException: Device type ‘Life360 User’ in namespace ‘tmleafs’ not found. @line 458 (doCall)

I forked it directly.

First - this is really great as it opens up lots of new possibilities. I have it installed and working and tied into WebCore. Where I am stuck is figuring out how to set up a trigger when I leave any of my many locations defined. I have the plus account so I have multiple saved locations. I think I just do a check for Address1 moving away from a value, but I don’t know which value to use. Do I use the name of the location or the full address string? I considered using Lat Long but that seems too complex with no easy way to enter a range. I suppose I could say less than and greater than twice. Has anyone else done that? Is there an easier way? I simply want to know when someone leaves a saved location.

[EDIT] I think I answered my own question. The name of the geofence seems to be stored in Address1 but it is all caps. I assume i will have to do a case change in my test.

You haven’t installed the device handler from my fork

Yup correct

Also for a example of leaving a life360 place, I do if address1 changes to “No Data” and prevaddess1 is not “home”

This means that I have left a life360 place that isn’t home I then send a WhatsApp message to me asking if I want to put the heating on.

This is a smartthings thing nothing to do with this app

I feel stupid. Can we pretend like I never asked it?


Thanks, tried it today and it worked perfectly. However, in my system address1 changes to street addresses and address2 is the city where ever I am located so I never get the no data, I think that’s a United States only behavior and you get the no data in other countries

Also one small thing is the address fields are pretty big fonts so I can’t see the full address, I think I will go in and change it to a smaller font

I’m just starting to set this up now, since it appears the webcore presence no longer works. How can I say in webcore “when leaving work”? I only see address 1 and address 2.


So in webCoRE your best bet is

If address1 changes away from work
The UK is different to the US so this is just guessing I believe if you set a location in life360 for your work and call it “work” it will appear in address1 while your at that location

Thank you. A few things I noticed:
1.Clicking on the presence device on the new smartthings app doesn’t work, only on the classic. It says “can’t connect to device.check device and try again.”
2. While driving, the presence sensor did have the correct mph, but still said I was not driving.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The driving api doesn’t seem to be working any more. It stays false during all my testing during the last few weeks, it definitely worked when I first wrote this app.

I dont use the new app and won’t install it until smartthings kills the old app

Thanks for the update!

hi - very impressed with the app/dh - the amount of data made available is fantastic. I use a time-series database to store all the updates in my SmartThings devices. I can see the standard capabilities on the Life360 devices (battery, presence, etc.) but the lastActivity attribute is stuck at the time that I installed the devices and never updates. This means that the always get written to my database with the same timestamp. Any ideas?

LastActivity should be be the last time your device has contacted the life360 servers

You can see all the life360 by going to the following place in IDE
My Locations > Smartapps

Scoll down to Life360 (Connect) and click on it

Under members there will be all the data pulled from Life360 users

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