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[RELEASE] Life360 - Refreshed Every Minute & All Places & More UPDATED 01/01/2019 All API Data available for webCoRE Usage


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Strange that’s battery percentage its expecting a integer but for some reason life360 is supplying a decimal from your phone. is your battery around 58 percent?

(Bill Padley) #62

aaaah…will change that back then LOLOL

Bill P

(Bill Padley) #63

yes battery is now 57%

there was a life360 app update only today…wonder if they have changed something?

Bill P

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Will be home in a hour and will take a look and fixing and adding stuff

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@wakevortex @mebejedi

Loads of changes and bug fixes done today

  • Default is now 1 minute refresh instead of 5
  • Fixed battery percent error reported by @wakevortex
  • Removed speed and added speedMetric, speedMiles & speedKm
  • all distances and speeds rounded to two decimal places
  • IsDriving may be fixed but haven’t been able to test
  • last events created - only if data has changed

(Bill Padley) #66

Great…will update and see how I get on with it…much appreciated

Bill P


Thank you for this it’s very helpful. If I set a piston just to refresh the 360 presence every minute what would the downside be? I assume it’s just bringing back what is published in the 360 system and not initiating a location update to the phone?


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There’s no problem doing that if required, though 5 minutes maybe a better idea, the refresh being forced in webCoRE only updates the presence and distance from default location the rest is done every minute.

Explain why you need to every minute?


I use presence for pretty much everything and was finding id get home and the 360 app would register me as home but the update wasn’t going through to st to action.
Any suggestions?


Looking at it. It also doesn’t seem to be bringing through any of the other information…

(Bill Padley) #71

Like the new changes, but I think DRIVING is still not working… also , should WEBCORE be showing the new speedMetric, speedMiles &; speedKm to use in pistons? I didn’t see them there for some reason (see picture of available options in webcore )
all the best

Bill P

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You need to remove and readd a device to webCoRE and webCoRE will refresh all device capabilities

(Bill Padley) #73

aah ok…will do that - thanks !

Bill P

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have updated the device handler, you now see

Current Driving Status = false - New Driving Status = false

if either of the falses change to true and you don’t see “if was different” then let me know

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Presence and Distance is now also updated every minute not need to do manual refreshed

(Andy Armijo) #76

Perhaps this is only me, and yes it is minor, but my phone is charging now, and it shows in the app as not charging.

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Sounds like a issue with the phone not updating life360 servers very quickly

(Bill Padley) #78

is there some kind of issue? the last 12 hours or so both my presence statuses have gone crazy…home/away 8 times in the last 12 hours…both still show away despite life360 showing us both HOME (which we are)

any ideas what it could be?

actually looking in more detail…it may be a life 360 thing…Im now showing 0.17km from home (reflected in the position in your sensor) the other has now returned to HOME…
I have increased increase the radius of "home " slightly in LIFE360 so now it actually says “HOME” ? and that seems to have fixed it…
I now remember there was a LIFE360 update just before this started happening, so they may have changed something
Hope that may be of help to others !

thanks !

Bill P

(Sonny) #79

I didnt know that either, DH installed fingers crossed that fixes my issues too. (not updating properly)

(Bill Padley) #80

Again some weird stuff going on…one presence is detected at HOME correctly then leaves almost immediately (having not moved) then returns home again…messes up all the webCoRE pistons as you can imagine !
I notice life360 has had a couple of updates in the last few days. …is this happening to anyone else??

Bill P