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[RELEASE] Life360 - Refreshed Every Minute & All Places & More UPDATED 01/01/2019 All API Data available for webCoRE Usage


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Check this out

I have life360 plus so I have lots of places with alerts but I believe you can create places that don’t have alerts with the free they definitely appear in address1

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Only supports one circle
You can try changing line 33 in the smartapp

singleInstance: true


singleInstance: false

Might break you current life360 app so be prepared to have to remove and start afresh

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What I did to get 2 circles is to install the app twice. the second one I copy the code over from the first and just change the

name: “Life360 (Connect 2)”,

and anytime there is a code update just copy over the code from the first app.

So far there has not been any issues doing it this way.


(Eric) #44

I’m playing around with a speed limit notification piston.

I tried setting the Life360 presence detectors as DEVICEs, but I don’t know what item on the list to specify for speed.

So, I just did them as individual devices in an IF statement, which brings up SPEED. I noticed that it gives the speed in feet per second. Is this correct? I wasn’t getting notifications when I tested it last night. I guess I need to drive the car to see what the SPEED indicator in the app shows.

(This piston is a work in progress. I set up lots of notifications to let me know what was going on.)

(Bill Padley) #45

Great app ! …how do I get the flag "driving " to trigger ? it never shows anything other than NO, even when car is moving and speed is registering


Bill P


Hi Everyone,

Im hoping you can help. I have a piston tocontrol my heating, and currently use the webcore presence sensor. this has recently become unreliable on the later andriod devices. I now have a life 360 account and wondering if i can use this instead. i have 2 locations which i have set up in life360.

How do i get the piston to use these like the webcore locations (i have attahced piston). on webcore it was just ‘distance’ for from home but on other locations it was ‘current place’. i do not see this option on the 360 presence device?

Also is there a way i can set a variable so i could essentially use both eg. X or X360 presence = Y

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Have added prevAddress1 & 2 and a few another tweaks

Below is a list of information available

powerSource: battery or dc
distanceMetric: Distance from home in meters
distanceKm: Distance from home in KM
distanceMiles: Distance from home in miles
prevAddress1: Previous Address 1
prevAddress2: Previous Address 2
address1: Address 1 (Will display places you have added - US users my get more information)
address2: Address 2 (Added cause it was in the API but may only be useful US users)
charge: True or False
lastCheckin: Unix timestamp of last checkin of the phone to life360 servers
inTransit: True or False is the person moving
isDriving: True or False is the person driving
latitude: Latitude location
longitude: Longitude location
since: Unix timestamp of arrival at current place
speed: speed in KM (I believe)
wifiState: True or False phone is connected to WiFi

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The data is only updated every 5 minutes and should be in KM I believe as thats the default for life360 for everything else in the API

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Information is only updated every 5 minutes you can change this to every minute in the app code line 661




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See the list a few posts up with all the information you should see in webCoRE

you need to use distanceMiles and address1

not sure what you mean by the variable?


Thank you.

Sorry if I’m not getting it, I can be a bit think sometimes.

So ‘distance’ is always from ‘home’. How do I then say if x is currently at place b? Is this possible?

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If address1 is equal to X

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@wakevortex @mebejedi

I was able to do some testing today as I was a passenger in a car
You are correct isDriving doesn’t change to true and speed is in meters per second

I will fix the is Driving bug later tonight and will add speedMPH and speedKPH

(Eric) #54

That’s awesome. I’m really looking forward to incorporating a lot of this stuff. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m curious to know at what speed Life360 differentiates between “Moving” and “Driving”. What if you’re riding a bike, lol,

(Bill Padley) #55

Good news ! look forward to trying it…
Im having an issue today where Life 360 reports a phone at HOME, but the app says away …pressing sync doesn’t help…still showing as away in the app but home in life360 any ideas?..weird thing is it says AWAY 0.0km from home? All my triggers are now coming from your app so nothing has fired…

Bill P

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Still same issue as above…tried to remove and re add the user from the smart app, but got "an unexpected error occurred " something has gone haywire :slight_smile:
in fact hitting save on the smart app life360 users page without amending them at all gives same error…

Bill p

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Is there anything in the IDE logs when hitting refresh? And saving in the app?

(Bill Padley) #58

Yes…its an error it seems on REFRESH

13:23:13: error java.lang.RuntimeException: Metadata Error: Missing required page parameter ‘name’ @line 385 (listPlaces)
and another on save…
groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script_app_150c5f7f44425af3b818bda6806ca4c503292e62b789a7734bf623739f256f22.runEvery1Minutes() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [updateMembers]
Possible solutions: runEvery10Minutes(java.lang.Object), runEvery15Minutes(java.lang.Object), runEvery1Minute(java.lang.Object), runEvery5Minutes(java.lang.Object), runEvery10Minutes(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object), runEvery15Minutes(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object) @line 661 (generateInitialEvent)

I did CHANGE the run every to 1 minute as you suggested…could that be the issue?

hope that helps…I have tried logging the user in/out of life360 but no change


Bill P

(Bill Padley) #59

putting it back to runEvery5Minutes(updateMembers)
seems to have fixed the position issue…now showing HOME…now working as expected…

this error now on refresh , just for your info
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “58.999996185303” @line 231 (extraInfo)

Bill P

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Opps should be