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[RELEASE] Life360 - Refreshed Every Minute & All Places & More UPDATED 01/01/2019 All API Data available for webCoRE Usage


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I have updated my fork :grinning:

(John) #22

How does the sleep/awake trigger work? Are you just exposing something from Life360 or are you determine sleep/awake in the SmartApp?

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its nothing automatic its just something thats been added to other presences sensors you need to use webCoRe to set it or press it in the DH. A easy example would be having a button by your bed would set it to sleep you can then use that sleep setting to do whatever you want

(DJAC) #24

hey guys. I know this app is reliable as I use this standard app for my wife and I but never tried St integration.
How do you guys do this if it eats phone battery.
I’m sorry but unless we need GPS on our Android phones, using location based apps eats your battery in less then a day.
I do not find this helpful at all. Not to mention forgetting to switch on GPS. Especially my wife who works far and needs all the battery she can have for her long day.

Unless I’m wrong what are you guys doing that I missed?.is there a way to actively switch on life360 from time to time automatically just to get an update of where someone is.

Otherwise I must always give credit to the developer for just making a contribution to this community. Smartthings is nothing without you guys.

(JIm) #25

I use Life360 and the ST location on both my wife’s and my phones. Using a combination of the 2 gives me a very reliable presence for ST. I do not see any abnormal battery drain on our Android phones. In addition there are a couple other apps that use the GPS. If I don’t make a lot of phone calls during the day my phone will typically only use about 30% battery in a 16 hour period. So the GPS feature is not draining my battery.

(DJAC) #26

I fail to see how this is possible. GPS uses the most battery as satellites constantly communicate triangulation roughly every 60 seconds. I have tried this with my old Samsung and new S8. Unless there is a constant download from Wi-F GPS even heats up draining even more battery. I use tasker at times but didn’t get home results with timing my GPS as it wants rooted phones for activating GPS . Therefor Mine will not survive the day. Life 360 wants constant GPS and that’s a no for me.
Wish there was another way.

St location?. Please elaborate

(JIm) #27

Not sure what to tell you. My GPS is on all the time. I’m not sure of the update interval but life360 is very responsive, within a few seconds. I have no abnormal battery drain as I said.

The ST app has presence. I use a combination of that and the life360. Gives me better reliability than just the 1.

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I can confirm life360 had no noticeable effect on my battery life. My phone had been off the charger for 4 hours and ours responsible for 0% battery draw!

(Ray) #29

It’s a combination of GPS, cell towers and WiFi so it’s not all GPS. There shouldn’t be a battery issue unless you are using a really old phone. Life360 is probably the most reliable presence for ST at the moment so give it a go and see if you have battery issue.

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the way android works is google play services handles the location at all times using as you said Wi-Fi & GPS all life360 does is ask google play services for the current location it may force google play services to update in some cases like when driving has been detected. If you battery is draining its due to having old android version or you need to clear your cache and data on google play services and reboot the phone.

(DJAC) #31

Thank you for your response. So just. To be clear. I just leave my GPS on whole day. Making sure life 360 was opened

(DJAC) #32

I don’t doubt it’s reliability. I use it for my family. But the minute I exit GPS the app is useless.

(Ray) #33

What do you mean by exit GPS? You manually disable your phone GPS? Just give it a try and monitor your battery and app usage. You can remove it if it’s causing issue. I have multiple phones with Life360 and it’s definitely not the biggest battery drain.


Is anybody else getting a
“Something’s Wrong
We can’t load your screen right now.” message?

(Ray) #35

For which app? Smartthing? Life360 connect? Webcore?


Sorry, should have been more descriptive.

When I go into SmartThings > Automation > SmartApps > Life360 (Connect) I get the message “Something’s Wrong
We can’t load your screen right now.”.

I’m not sure why. I can load all other SmartApps without issue.

I am on Android 8.0


(Ray) #37

If this is a new installation then maybe you forgot to enable OAuth or install the DTH?
If not then you can try delete the Smartapps and try again in ST apps.

(Jorden) #38

So I have this installed with a automatic refresh through webcore. However that seems to be the only time it updates. Is this also supposed to auto refresh when the life360 status updates?

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UPDATE - November 2018

Now all useful information that Life360 provides is pulled every 5 minutes this information includes
PLEASE NOTE: The presence part of the app still runs on original code or manual refresh

  • Address1 - In the UK only seems to provide places that you have added to Life360 - US might get more information
  • Address2 - Again UK does nothing but may provide US users information
  • Battery - Phone Battery Percentage
  • Charging - Is Phone on Charge
  • Last Checkin - Last time the phone updated the Life360 Servers
  • Moving - Is the user moving
  • Driving - Is the user driving
  • Latitude - Latitude position
  • Longitude - Longitude position
  • Since - Time they arrive at current location
  • Speed - Current Speed
  • Wifi - Wifi turned on


TO ADD PLACES - That will appear in address1 - If you have Life360 plus you can add as many alert places you like but on the free account only two but you can name places and I believe you can have as many as you like

(Eric) #40

So I played around with this a little bit. I did notice that, when my wife left her friend’s house, the “Address 2” gave the name of the city she’d left for a few minutes, then it disappeared. I’m trying to figure out how to get this data into a piston that could tell me who arrived at what location. I was hoping to do this all with Webcore, but I may have to incorporate IFTTT as well.

I also noticed that, while it said she (and my daughter, in a separate car) were “moving”, it didn’t say they were “driving”. Very odd.

Other than that, a very nice app. :slight_smile:

[EDIT] I have two circles/groups in Life360. How would I add the members of the second group to this app?