[RELEASE] Life360 - Refreshed Every Minute & All Places & More UPDATED 01/01/2019 All API Data available for webCoRE Usage

Cant make font smaller i’m afraid, limitation of smarthings

Yes! I simply deleted the place and added it again. I observed that the address1 does get updated with the 4th place I added, so figured there was something wrong in the way I added the 3rd place.

Deleting and adding it fixed the issue. Thanks for checking!

That stinks…thank you for the reply!

Should this work with new st application? I’m able to see one of my 4 phones as a presence sensor but it wont change its status. Other 3 phones are not even showing in new application.
Everything works great in classic app.

EDIT: all my phones are working now but it’s different comparing to old app. New application does not show anything else than battery and presence status. New app is missing “awake” button and all other information like “moving”, “speed”, “address1” etc.
So did I get this right. If I’m using new application I can’t get address1 information delivered to webcore anymore?

The information may still be able to get to Webcore…you just won’t be able to see it in the new app. Do you have any pistons that read Life360 info such as address1?

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It’s exactly like you wrote. Pistons do work and all information is reported normally to webcore. Only difference is that new application does not show that information anymore under presence sensor/device.

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I’m receiving this error when adding SmartApp.

physicalgraph.app.exception.UnknownDeviceTypeException: Device type ‘Life360 User’ in namespace ‘tmleafs’ not found. @line 458 (doCall)

Any advice?

you haven’t installed the device handler

Thank you for the quick reply; that was in fact my issue! Amateur mistake.

kind of new to this, and I have run into what is likely a simple problem but I haven’t been able to find a solution.
I installed the device handler and the smart app and it all appears to work. However the names of the locations are not pulling into the smart app. Home works, but when the wife is at “work” which is named that in L360, the app only shows the address not the name created in L360. Do I need to add an alias list somewhere that I missed for it to pull that location name?

Once I get that sorted out, the next item is to figure out how to pull that information into Action Tiles. I don’t think anyone has solved that yet. However I am hoping to use this as a jumping off point. I just want to pull the L360 info and not install yet another presence sensor on all the phones.

Never mind. I have it working in action tiles now. While the smartapp in smart things classic wasn’t showing the location name, I think that was because she had an apostrophe in the name. Once I renamed the location in L360 it shows up correctly in the app and the piston sends the info to the DB correctly so I am able to use that to update a media tile in AT. AT Presence

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I need more information on how you have done that in action tiles it looks amazing


Let me pull the info I used from mrloofer’s post and what I changed to make it work and remove any private info and I will post it back.

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Using a combination of this configuration and mrloofer/at_presence I was able to get L360 to tie into action tiles. I would like to take credit but you guys did all the hard work, I just butchered his stuff to make it work. J

I am only noting the differences in his instructions and what I had to change to make it work for this set up.

In his Prerequisites step 4, make sure you have GD installed. I am running this on a linux box and GD wasn’t set up by the default apache install.

In step five he says to Upload each file to the AT_presence\userprofiles folder on your web server. I found the php files weren’t pulling from the sub-folder so I put them in the root of the AT_presence folder

In step 2 he says to put the address of your webserver. Just note that it can be a LAN address. You do not need to route it publicly or open it to the internet ``

In setting up the piston (step 4) he tells you to select your presence device. This is where you pull the L360 device that your code creates. Make sure the L360 location names do not have apostrophes and use address 1 and address 2 for the two locations it is asking for.

Finally the action tiles instructions. His instructions dictate how to use the URL to make the dynamic tile. However in the getpresence.php file the colors and dimensions are actually hard coded. So I made the changes there.

*This is where things were broken. The web address wasn’t pulling correctly and tile size, tile color and text color weren’t updating. Turns out in the PHP file they were actually hardcoded instead of dynamic.

My link looks like the following: &name=Bill&detail=1&bgalpha=127

I can control the name and background transparency but the php file wasn’t processing the other settings from the URL. It might have been an issue with my apache set up on linux, but I don’t think so.

In the getpresence.php line 124 sets the background color, I changed mine to: $bg_color = ‘333’;

Line 135 is the foreground color: $fg_color = ‘FFF’;

I set the dimensions to 200x200 on line 171 and 172

Since I was having a problem with it pulling the image from a subfolder, I changed line 229 to $icon = ($name) . “.jpg”;

and put the images in the AT_presence folder instead of a profile folder.

After that I was able to get them to pull into AT.

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Here is a snapshot of my piston

After following advice on here I now have Life360 sending the location to webcore OK and the location name turns up in address1.

The problem I’m having is I have some arrive at pistons and leave pistons to the different location.

A couple of my locations once inside the building the GPS is lost, so it then says I have left the location and address1 does not =Work anymore.

What can I put into Webcore piston to stop this if GPS is lost?


Can’t see how a piston would be able to work it out

Once in the building the phone should be able to update your location based on nearby WiFi Access points to me sounds like your WiFi is turned off on your phone. If you use android Google play services handles your location
Not sure on apple devices

I’m using Iphone but planning on putting it on an android too.
the wifi is on a WAN and the internet not show as this location.
I think I may just have the piston wrong. when using webcore presence sensor I “used changes to work” and that worked correctly using webcore locations.
As my partner uses Android and webcore not working on that I am trying to get it all working on Life360.

I have added some locations in Life360 and just want to know when we have arrived or left that location.
Am I going about it the right way with

Andy’s address1 changes to ‘Work’ and changes away from ‘Work’
Should I be using a different setting like longutude/lattitude

Does it have a way where is it looses GPS that it doesnt change the address1

I have just added if on wifi then I have not left to see if that helps

Hi Bill,

I have followed your instructions and all is working great with the exception that the time is off. I think that is because my servers are in a different timezone. Do you know where I can make a change so that Action Tiles reports the correct time. It is showing correct in the app and webcore.

Thank you,


I still have not been able to find out how to adjust the time so that it is local time. the webserver is east coast and I am west coast so my times are off by 8 hours. push notifications are correct just not the action tile.