[RELEASE] Leviton Decora Z-Wave Plus Dimmers (DZ6HD & DZ1KD)

@merkaba i’ve never seen this behavior before. Please try power cycling the device by either pulling the air gap or switching off and on the breaker, and see if the problem persists.

I think this was a case of user error. I had the bright idea of using a naming convention for my devices, and added the word kitchen to several devices, which was also used in the name of the leviton dimmer switch. So I changed the names so kitchen wasn’t used more than once, and that seemed to fix it.

@jasonxh Just wanted to update you on the previous problems I was experiencing last month with the Leviton Decora Smart Dimmer and the Leviton Decora Z-Wave Plus Dimmer DTH… All seems to be working well. The device handler and app work as they should and report the status of the light quickly and accurately when either using the physical dimmer device or smartphone to change the brightness and on/off status of the lights attached to the dimmer. Thank you again for your help and excellent DTH for this series of dimmers. Happy holidays to you and yours and health, wealth, and happiness in the New Year!

I’m a new user to SmartThings, having converted over from Vera. I have several Leviton VRMX1 Decora Z-Wave Plus with Vizia RF dimmers and I would like to make these work with your DTH. I have my ST account linked to GitHub with your repository and I see “jasonxh : Leviton Decora Z-Wave Plus Dimmer” under My Device Handlers.

The problem is that when I include the VRMX1, ST automatically identifies it as a “Leviton Magnetic Low-Voltage Dimmer” and chooses a generic DTH and I don’t see any way to change the combination. What is the procedure for forcing ST to use your DTH?



Once the device is added, go into the developer portal website and edit the device. Change it’s type there to that of the new DH. All custom DH’s will appear at the bottom of the list.

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That did the trick! Thanks very much for your reply and for bearing with a newbie like myself. I appreciate it!


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@capfan, did you have time to play with the delays?
I have about 30 DZ6HD at my house and as you can guess have given up on trying to fix it. Should we contact Leviton regarding this issue?

@jasonxh , is there a way to monitor the switch interactions? It would be useful to me if I could record the physical interactions with the switches (mainly the on/off presses) and have them be recorded in the device history

Yes I played with the delays a little and it didn’t seem to help so I switched backed to “Dimmer Switch” in the meantime and everything is reliable except for the issue where you press the dim level paddle only and the device handler reports that the switch is on.

I would highly recommend contacting Leviton so maybe they will take this more seriously and finally get a firmware update out. I contacted them a while ago about the dim level paddle issue and issue in 3-way mode and they said they were working on an update.

I’ve also contacted SmartThings about all of the issues and they’ve said they are working with Leviton, but again this has been happening for about a year and there are still no firmware updates.

If everyone reading this who is having issues contacted Leviton and SmartThings and maybe wrote about this on Amazon then hopefully an update will get issued. Leviton does pay attention to Amazon reviews and comments on them.


Thank you for this DH Jason, it’s awesome!

One thing I’d like to change about the dimmer switch is to prevent the light from turning completely off when I hold down the side dim down paddle button. I’ve been able to accomplish this through the app’s dim down button by slightly modifying your DH code (instead of turning off, it stays at the Min Level). But do you know if there is a way I can change the behavior of the physical side dim down paddle button?

My dimmer switch is the Leviton DZ6HD.

Thank you!

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Unfortunately I don’t believe this is feasible through DTH. It’s baked into the firmware and I don’t see a way to customize it.

I had this issue where it would respond to the actual commands and turn the light off, but it would revert back to on in the app. It seemed like when it was turning off, it wouldn’t actually adjust the level in the app, so it never sent a switch:off command. I changed the off() function in the DTH to setLevel(0) and that seems to have resolved the status issue.

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I installed a Leviton DZ6HD and in my mobile app under the My Home Things it shows either “turning on” or “turning off” instead of just “on” or “off.” When I click on the device name it shows “on” when the dimmer light is actually off. Can you offer any explanation?

I have that problem every so often on some of my dimmers and the only way I have found to fix it is to use the air gap to restart the switch, then it starts reporting fine again…

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Thanks for your reply and suggestion, and as I’m new to all of this can you explain what the “air gap” is? Thanks.

No worries, the little tab that is used to control the intensity can be pulled out from the bottom, that is called the air gap and effectively removes all power from the unit so it’s a way to restart the Z-Wave radio instead of having to switch main breakers off.

I think it is meant to be used when replacing the bulb or if you need to install a new lamp, etc. as I believe dimmers keep the line live even when set to the lowest / off setting… I might be wrong on this assumption but the end result is the same…

Switches do not have this so the only way to restart them is with the main breakers which is a PITA, or unplugging a cable from the back which is worst…

This information is very helpful, and I’ll give this a try. Again, thank you for your insights and feedback.

Your advice fixed my issue, thanks again for your helpful suggestion.


I’ve been using you device handler for awhile and it works great. Recently Samsung has changed the apps and made Samsung Connect into Smartthings and changed Smartthings to Smartthings Classic. I can still use and edit everything on the device through the original app, but through the new Smartthings app I can’t turn lights on or off and it shows that they are on or off when they are actually the opposite. Whenever I click on them they say that I can’t connect to device. If I change the device type back to just Z wave Dimmer Generic then the respond fine. Right now this isn’t a big issue for me, since i still mainly use the original app which I believe works better at the moment anyways. All my other devices work fine, if its something you can look into for your next update it would be appreciated.

First off, the new app doesn’t yet work with any custom DH’s (at least none I use). Secondly, you shouldn’t be using the new app unless you’ve received a message specifically stating that your account is ready. Seeing that you are using a custom device handler, your account is not ready.
Just keep using the old app and everything will keep working!

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Can this DTH work with Leviton’s plug in dimming outlet (DZPD3-2BW). If not, does anyone know if there is a custom DTH developed for Leviton’s plug in dimming outlet?

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