[RELEASE] Leviton Decora Z-Wave Plus Dimmers (DZ6HD & DZ1KD)

@jasonxh Thank you for the DTH! I’m trying to set the preset levels programmatically through webCoRE based on the location mode (so that the default “on” level is lower at night). I modified the DTH as follows:

  • Added command "setPresetLevel" (right after the other commands in the metadata.definitions section).
  • Made the setPresetLevel method public (by replacing private with def).

Then, I created the following webCoRE piston:

(This is an anonymized snapshot; the White Bulbs are actually Leviton DZ6HD dimmers.)

This doesn’t seem to be working for me. (I also tried getting rid of the conditional for testing purposes and tried executing it; setPresetLevel did appear to be getting called according to the webCoRE logs, but it did not change the actual preset level.)

Any ideas? (And would you consider exposing the setPresetLevel command as a feature request, assuming I’m not completely off-base about what it does?) Thanks!