[RELEASE] LeakSmart Water Valve

I wrote the handler a few years ago for a friend, but I don’t have this device and I only work with z-wave devices so it’s pretty much an as-is handler.

Tapping the refresh tile (if it has one) or saving the settings screen might have synced the battery level…

THANK YOU, ikillratz! After tons of trial and error, by happening upon this tip, I was able to simply add my LeakSmart valve via the iPhone app, which I had done many times before only to get a non-responsive thing in my list. This time I went into the IDE, and found it had the valve type listed as “Samsung TV”. As soon as I changed that to “Zigbee Valve” (THANKS AGAIN!), the valve worked perfectly. I even created a scene in SmartThings, had Alexa learn it, so now I can just say, “Alexa, start Open Water Valve” or “Alexa start Close Water Valve.” I know the “start” requirement kind of ruins the magic, but still very cool. And what a time savings vs. all the device handler work.

Yeah, it is nice.