[RELEASE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!


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Agreed. My wife is mostly intolerant of my geeking up the house. I too need 100% solutions. Smart Home Monitor is lacking in several areas. So the search for a more robust solution to home security continues.


My NodeMCU died. I’ve replaced it, but I’m unable to locate the detailed instructions on how to roll your own. Would you be able to point me in the right direction?


Does this help? If you bought from Konnected, it would already have this, but if you bought the NodeMCU from another party, I’m guessing this is what you are asking for. It covers flashing the firmware/filesystem software. From that point, you’d treat it like a brand new board.

What I don’t know (and would like to) is whether there is an easy way to replace a Konnected board in a SmartThings configuration without having to remove everything and adding it back.



I think I got it. Now I just can’t figure out how to remove the dead board, and its associated devices from ST. If I try to remove the board, it just says that an error has occurred.


As far as I know, you have to remove references to each thing that is related to that board in Alexa, ActionTiles, etc. then in SmartThings automations and scenes, and only then can you remove the board. Now treat the new board like it was brand new.

It certainly would be much easier if you could edit the board identity, perhaps change the MAC in IDE, and then everything else just flows over. But I do not know of such a procedure.

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@heythisisnate, just finished installing and getting set up 4 konnected boards. Awesome job with this project! I had been waiting for something like this since I purchased my ST hub several years ago.

One question I had is if there’s any way to specify a device to use (and update) as opposed to creating a new device from the Konnected smartapp. For example, I have several door locks that use a custom device handler. I could easily modify the handler to have contact capability. It would be great to then be able to use the Konnected smartapp to change the state of the contact sensor within my door lock device. How I currently have it set up is I have two devices for each door… one that handles the lock status and the other that was generated from the Konnected smartapp for the contact sensor. Would love to merge the two.

I searched the thread, but didn’t see any mention of this. I apologize in advance if it’s already been discussed and I just missed it. Thanks again for the great work!

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What is the device for the door locks? (make/model)

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I’m using some cheap Monoprice door locks.

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I have a few monoprice smart things and a ton of other monoprice stuff.

I don’t see how you could use this a a contact sensor.
If the door is locked, that does not mean that it is closed.
If the door is unlocked, it could open and close without any notification.

If you really wanted to do it, you could set up a virtual open/close that triggers when the door is locked/unlocked.

Have you looked at the recessed wireless door contact sensors?

(Andrew Ostler) #677

Thanks for the reply, @Apexdestroyer13

I was probably unclear in my original question. I actually have a separate wired contact sensor on each of my exterior doors that is wired into my Konnected system. Each exterior door also has a z-wave door lock (the Monoprice ones that I mentioned). So right now, I have two devices (or things) for each door… one for the z-wave door lock and the other for the contact sensor (that the Konnected smartapp automatically created and controls).

What I would like to do is add an additional capability to my door lock device handler to handle contact as well as locking and then have the Konnected smartapp update the contact sensor within the door lock device as opposed to creating a separate device that just has the contact capability. This would essentially allow me to de-clutter and consolidate my things.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. You can see that for each door, I have two devices, one for the lock and one for the contact sensor. It would be great to combine the two.

For my garage door, I created a device handler that reads in the contact state and is able to open/close the door (both are done using a particle photon board)… it’s all contained within a single device handler.

Anyways, if there were any way to specify a device to use in Konnected as opposed to creating a new one, that would be an awesome feature (and perhaps it’s already there, I’m just missing it).

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I see what you are saying now.

You are looking to have 1 device shown in the smarthings app with 2 states; open/close & locked/unlocked.

I don’t think it would be possible to do that but I’m no expert in this department. I guess you could build a handler or smart app that would work.

I use a virtural garage door “thing” that allows me to open/close the garage and monitor the tilt sensor within the same handler BUT I still have the 2 individual things in my hub. I ended up with 3 instead of 2.

Sorry I couldn’t help more.

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Hi Nate, great work on the Konnected product, just getting up to speed before I place my order. Is there any progress on the “Konnected Alarm Panel Interface board” you mentioned might be available during the summer?

(Nate Clark) #680

It’s in manufacturing now and will be on sale soon.

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Hello quick question and sorry if this was asked/answered before. I am about to buy a Konnected system and was curious if there will be a way I could expand my current home pre-wired sensors (using Konnected) with additional wireless sensor I could add later on/separately? Thanks,

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Additional wireless sensors would typically be Zigbee or Z-Wave devices. These would pair directly with the ST Hub, not through Konnected. There is no problem with SmartThings of having a mixture of sensors that use different interfaces to communicate to ST. So, yes you can add additional wireless (Zigbee or Z-Wave) sensors, so long as they pair directly with the ST hub. Hope that helps!

(Stefano Landi) #683

thank you for the prompt reply. Appreciate.

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I would have a related/follow up question. My former ADT alarm siren is not loud at all so was planning to put a different new one.
First question: any recommendation on compatible loud siren?
2nd question: should this siren be connected to the Konnected system or to the ST HUB so that it could be triggered by all sensors (the wired ones/old ADT) and the additional wireless ( Z-Wave) sensors?

Thanks again for the help.

(Dan) #685

There are probably Pros and Cons to both approaches. @heythisisnate will be able to answer that question better than I can.

(Nate Clark) #686

Konnected works with any 12V siren that draws up to about 1.4A.
I recommend the Honewell WAVE-2 siren. It’s not the loudest siren out there, but it does a great job for the price. We sell them here for only $8:

It can be triggered by any SmartThings sensor or automation. Its fully controllable by ST.


My temp & humidity sensor has stopped reporting. It reports if I reboot then maybe one more time but that’s it. I have tried different polling intervals. Anyone else experiencing similar issue? At one stage it kept rebooting after 10 tries, I flashed it again, rebooting stopped but it’s not reporting. Put the sensor to another board same issue, reports initially then stops.
If i look in Live Logging I can see it updates but randomly, not at the polling interval set in app which is now set at 30 minutes.
13ad67f5-8dca-4d8c-8b65-561bd9bf1f94 7:22:55 PM: debug Temperature: 22.0, Humidity: 39.0

13ad67f5-8dca-4d8c-8b65-561bd9bf1f94 6:30:25 PM: debug Temperature: 22.0, Humidity: 39.0

13ad67f5-8dca-4d8c-8b65-561bd9bf1f94 6:18:25 PM: debug Temperature: 22.0, Humidity: 39.0

13ad67f5-8dca-4d8c-8b65-561bd9bf1f94 6:06:26 PM: debug Temperature: 22.0, Humidity: 39.0

13ad67f5-8dca-4d8c-8b65-561bd9bf1f94 6:03:25 PM: debug Temperature: 22.0, Humidity: 39.0

13ad67f5-8dca-4d8c-8b65-561bd9bf1f94 5:51:25 PM: debug Temperature: 22.0, Humidity: 39.0

13ad67f5-8dca-4d8c-8b65-561bd9bf1f94 5:48:25 PM: debug Temperature: 22.0, Humidity: 39.0

13ad67f5-8dca-4d8c-8b65-561bd9bf1f94 5:42:25 PM: debug Temperature: 22.0, Humidity: 39.0

13ad67f5-8dca-4d8c-8b65-561bd9bf1f94 5:39:25 PM: debug Temperature: 22.0, Humidity: 39.0

13ad67f5-8dca-4d8c-8b65-561bd9bf1f94 5:33:28 PM: debug Temperature: 23.0, Humidity: 38.0