[RELEASE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!


(Rich Heimlich) #648

Hey guys (and Nate). I got my KS setup (18 zones) back in February and just yesterday finally got up the courage to give it all a shot. I had a standard Vista/Honeywell setup.

To start, the process was quite curious. We found out we have a sensor in a garage window we didn’t even realize was there (nice). We also found the old installer ran several dead sets of wires to the box, but then just end there without being connected. I suspect we’ll never find out what those are for.

Anyway, we ran into two perplexing issues (no show-stoppers). All the hardware set up just fine. All the software is running great. All three units are reporting without issue. Ours is a wiring confusion issue:

  1. (Updated) We fixed the siren. Work was done in our house and the siren had been damaged without us knowing. Replacement is on the way.

  2. We have two ancient wire smoke detectors in the house. One at the top of the stairs on the second floor and one at the bottom of the stairs into the basement. They were initially wired a bit oddly. We assumed it was some sort of unnecessary wiring to save pins and just disconnected the lot and then proceeded to test. Nothing will work for the second floor detector to get it to power on (both have flashing red lights when power is present).

The second floor detector was in a cluster of wires that were Red, Black, Green and White. Red and Black ran to the Vista power pins. More on Green and White in a moment.

The basement detector was in a cluster of wires that were, Red, Black, Green, Yellow and Pink. Red and Black were on the Vista power side. Green and Yellow were a pair of Zone pins.

The oddity is that the cluster for the second floor detector has its Green wire crimped together with the Purple wire of the basement detector cluster. The White wire (second floor cluster) was crimped together with the Pink wire of the basement cluster.

Any ideas what the installer was up to with this and what we should do to resolve it?

Lastly, what should I look for to replace these things after we figure out the core wiring? They were put in in 2013, but look beat. I assume our fire codes are such that they require battery backup or battery units as the previous owner also installed First Alert units on other walls right next to these wired units. I’m assuming we can just get our hands on a unit that is wired, has battery backup, does a better job of smoke detection, perhaps adds carbon monoxide and can be controlled by the hub. Just not sure what I need to be shopping for. I assume standard wired units with battery backup are only wired for power and not communication to a panel.



Thanks Nate for the HA explanation, yeah I didn’t realize that when I was setting up HA.
Al good now with disable device discovery. For some reason the Smart App did not update properly, there was an option of compare versions next to the service manager app in IDE, when I did that, code for disable device discovery was missing from the local version, anyways, I clicked overwrite local version and all good now. Weird as I am sure I updated it as per instructions from github repo. All good, FYI it’s not rebooting anymore after recent update(mine was rebooting randomly after few days). I will disable device discovery if it reboots, at the moment I’ve left it unchanged.


FYI mine still rebooted after 2 days. Now I’ve turned off device discovery and will report if still reboots.

(Jay) #651

Is it possible to integrate wireless door contacts that are already monitored by smartthings into the door chime and other monitoring features?

(Ross Mc Carthy) #652

What was the solution here as I have the same after trying to upgrade by DIY board.
I removed all apps, removed device handlers, removed devices
Installed all new ones from github and I am unable to discover the module from the app (can get to webpage so it is up and running)

(Ross Mc Carthy) #653

For anyone else, almost as soon as I posted this I noticed I’d missed the oAuth bit of the config. This resolved the issue


When I connect my Garage door opener to the NC and COM of the relay, it works through the App but wall switch stops working. Maybe the wall switch is wired differently, do I need to connect NO and COM on relay, don’t want to fry anything.

(Nate Clark) #655

For the garage door opener you want to use NO and COM.


Thanks Nate


Also how to change unit of temperature to C for Temp and humidity sensor, mine shows in F.
Do I just change it in the device handler code? I

(Harlan Lau) #658

Is the 12v to 5v USB converter on the Konnected website suitable to power the Konnected board?

I don’t have an AC plug for 5v adapter near alarm panel, so I thought I could use 12v to 5v usb converter to convert alarm system 12v to 5v USB for the Konnected board.

(Dan) #659

The official Konnected boards accept 12vdc as a supply voltage. You do not need to use the microUSB connector on the NodeMCU board. The base board supplies the correct power when you use the round barrel connector to power the system.

(Benji) #660

It would be amazing if we could use these boards to connect Ethernet and power the whole lot via PoE…

(Nate Clark) #661

Many of you have asked about professional monitoring options when using Konnected. I’m proud to announce that I’ve teamed up with Noonlight to offer a better and lower cost alternative to existing 24/7 3rd-party pro monitoring options in the ST ecosystem. The key value here is that Noonlight can respond to security and smoke alarms, works with any ST compatible devices, and is half the cost of other options. See the following release:

(jay yankacy) #662

I already have a 12 zone system up and running. I’m looking to add control for my 2 garage doors, 3 contact sensor and 1 motion sensor. The garage isn’t very close to the existing system. Would it be better to install my 3rd board in the garage or close to the existing system? If Garage is the answer would I use an add-on or alarm board?

(Nate Clark) #663

I would install it in the garage. Use either an Add-on board or DIY kit. Honestly the DIY kit gives you more flexibility for multiple relays. You can also do it with an add-on board as that’s what the 5v out pin is for.

(jay yankacy) #664

Great, thanks!

(jay yankacy) #665

I bought the 12v to 5v converter on your site to run my Fire 10. I didn’t realize my old alarm PS was 16.5v, safe to use or should I buy a 12v PS.

(Nate Clark) #666

NOT safe to use. The transformer from your old alarm system is 16.5V AC. It will certainly fry any DC device that you connect to it.

(jay yankacy) #667

That is what I thought. Thanks for the great support!