[RELEASE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!



Having an odd issue. I had an OTA update go bad. So I pulled out my NodeMCU, reflashed it, and resynced it. I show the device online in the SmartApp, but none of the sensors seem to be working. Any ideas what I might have done wrong?

(Nate Clark) #628

Update to the latest SmartApp


Ahhh! I thought I was, but I see in the repo there are now three SmartApps.

Konnected Security (Connect)
Konnected (Connect)
Konnected Service Manager

Which one(s) do I need?

(Nate Clark) #630

The one named “Konnected Security” is old and no longer maintained. See: https://help.konnected.io/support/solutions/articles/32000022584-updating-to-the-new-parent-child-konnected-smartapp


Well, that explains it. However, as soon as I go to discover a device, I get the error, “Something’s Wrong. We can’t load your screen right now.”

Any ideas on that?

edit: Dammit, just saw the additional documentation. Sorry.


Not visited here in a while - thought I’d check up on progress. Great to see so much completed.

For me, mine has been running perfectly for months, not skipped a beat. However the status pages in the SmartApp never load, so I don’t know how long they’ve been up for.

Saying that, it has left me feeling a little out of date, firmware is very old, apps are no longer maintained, I need a full rebuild it seems.

For a legacy user like me, Nate, what would be the features/benefits of going through the hassle of an upgrade?

Great work once again, and I’m proud to be an early adopter.

(Terry) #633

Hi Vyker,

Maybe you can help me out. I’ve just received my Konnected Alarm Panel. I’ve wired everything up according to Nate’s videos and documentation and have added Konnected to my SmartThings as per his instructions too. I can see everything and have my zones all set up with my PIRs - i have 4 zones, all PIR Motion detectors.

Problem is, none of my motion detectors are triggering motion! My PIRs are the older style ones, it has two points for 12v power, 2 points with the label alarm and 2 more points with the label tamper. I’ve removed the resistor from the PIR and have rewired the PIR to just the 12v power and alarm points. On the konnected board, everything seems to be ok. When no motion is sensed by the PIR, my multimeter reads 0v and when motion is sensed, this shoots up to 3.8v. However, no change to the state in SmartThings.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


(Keyur Bhatnagar) #634

I did the entire setup on a nodemcu. I flashed the firmware, then uploaded the lua and html files. I was able to connect to the hotspot and configure the wireless network. I then created the smart app and devices as in video. I was able to configure the pins through the phone app. After all this, I do see the “Front Door” and “Back Door” but they don’t do anything. I am using a jumper wire to ground the pins I have to trigger but no luck.

Anyone faced this issue? Am I missing anything?

(Keyur Bhatnagar) #635

Looks like they are working its just the status is not showing in the app although it is showing in the Smart home monitor app. Is there a fix for this?

Also, I really like how easy the setup was even without getting the DIY kit. I will invest in the kits to support the development.

(Allan) #636

It looks like you are using the new SmartThings Connect app instead of the older SmartThings classic app. The new app is barely functional, switch to the old app and everything will work fine.

(Keyur Bhatnagar) #637

Thanks, that did the trick. The newer app the status on the main page isn’t working. With the old app it works fine. Thanks again.



I’m having problems to setup a switch. I want to use a low trigger relay to activate a zone in my old alarm, I’m transfering all my zones to Konnected but I still have contract with my old alarm, very expensive to cancel, I already configured my old alarm and SHM to synchronize the status( both will go to stay, away or disarm).

When I go to any pin that includes switch as an option when I try to save I receive an error “” Error saving page"" but that same pin if I choose siren it works.

I can do my config with siren but I would like to know why I can’t use any of the switch options?


(Nate Clark) #640

Make sure you have published the Konnected Switch device handler. Check the Live Logging tab for a specific error message.


Bingo!, I feel like a moron now, I did not installed some handlers because I was thinking I will not use them.

Thank you!

(jay yankacy) #642

Is Edward Heat/Smoke Detector supported? If so, what device handler should I be using?

Edward Heat/Smoke Detector

(Nate Clark) #643

I don’t know about this specific model. Our documentation for wiring smoke detectors is here: https://help.konnected.io/support/solutions/articles/32000022629-wiring-your-smoke-detectors


Hey Nate, could you help me? How can I connect this sensor to Konnected? Thanks

(Nate Clark) #645

This looks like a non-standard 4-wire detector. I suggest you replace it with one of the recommended models here: https://help.konnected.io/support/solutions/articles/32000022629-wiring-your-smoke-detectors


I have updated to latest firmware, software and also Smart App but can’t see ‘Disable Device Discovery’ option. Can someone please post a screen shot? Also, is there a way to monitor if the board is communicating with ST or not as mine hasn’t been since 11 pm last night and SHM did not report anything, but Konnected stopped reporting as the last notification on sensors is last night and when I looked at the board it was constantly rebooting. Not sure why it happened but ok now after flashing with latest firmware etc.
Only thing I did 2 days back was set up HA on Raspberry Pi and also Konnected on it, could this have caused the issue?

(Nate Clark) #647

If you have configured both Home Assistant and SmartThings, Konnected can only communicate with one or the other. Probably what happened is that Home Assistant re-synced and overwrote your ST endpoint. You can check the current setting of “API endpoint” on the device status page. This will either point to a SmartThings URL or your Home Assistant IP/URL.

Also here’s the screenshot you asked for with the setting to disable discovery. Make sure you set a static IP assignment in your router before you disable discovery.