[RELEASE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!



I see them. Will remove tomorrow and report back. What are they for? Here is a pic !

(Nate Clark) #588

Yes, that will do it. Remove that resistor that’s wired between the white and green wires.
These are used on traditional alarm systems to detect tampering with the wires by a change in resisitance. Konnected does not support this.


I see them. Will remove tomorrow and report back. What are they for?


Ok thanks will try tomorrow and report back. Well I’ve been tampering so much with the wiring but nothing happened so what good are these resistors? What sort of tapering changed resistance and is it supposed to trigger siren on traditional alarm setup?

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #591

The above was about retaining by parallel wiring exiting alarms zones on a panel, which is exactly what I want to do. Will your future product support the EOL and in-line resistors that are used by my panel to provide the tamper protection for each zone ? I would need to have this supported to take Konnected from the hobbyist category to a viable system and retain the functionality on my existing system


(Nate Clark) #592

The theory is that if an intruder was able to short circuit the sensor by introducing another wire to close the circuit, the alarm panel could detect the change in resistance and trigger an alarm. In order to do this though, the intruder would have to be able to physically access the wiring without tripping a sensor in the first place.

Just to be clear, Konnected does not support this type of tamper supervision.

(Nate Clark) #593

Yes, with the upcoming product that we’re calling the Konnected Alarm Panel Interface, you will be able to retain the functionality of the alarm panel and still use the sensors in parallel for automation.

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #594

Great… just what I need … pre- order me some :grinning:

PS Just as an aside my panel already reports zone closures by RS232 but the information is significantly delayed (10 secs +) so using your product will eliminate that delay and make the zones useable for HA again.


Removed the resistor from
Kitchen sensor still same behaviour. See how it worked for a while ok then had to stick at 10.12 and it’s now 10.22. I removed the resistor around 10. What should be the normal behaviour, after how long detecting the motion sensor should go to inactive and what if there is another motion between that time? Could there be something wrong with the sensor?

(Nate Clark) #596

It should be fairly instant. What’s the wifi signal strength of your konnected board? You can check via the device status page in the ST app.


82% it’s nowhere near instant for my sensors. Someone’s it’s 1 minute or 3-4 minutes and just removed resistor from another sensor see how it’s stuck at motion 11.00. It’s 11.05 now.
Kitchen sensor is stuck since 10.12, both have resistor removed, don’t think it’s the resistor, something else.

(Nate Clark) #598

Check this article. Does this describe your symptoms?:


Well can’t say if my device is rebooting constantly or not, won’t the uptime keep resetting in app? Also, this is my debug output, don’t see any errors!!
Konnected Security 2.0.5
build 20170825 powered by Lua 5.1.4 on SDK
Heap: 41264 Initializing Konnected
Heap: 36840 Version: 2.1.4
Heap: 35184 Connecting to Wifi…

print(uart.setup(0, 115200, 8, 0, 1, 1 ))

Communication with MCU…Got answer! Communication with MCU established.
AutoDetect firmware…

Can’t autodetect firmware, because proper answer not received (may be unknown firmware).
Please, reset module or continue.
IP: xx.xx.xx.x xx.xx.xx.x
Heap: 35808 UPnP: Listening for UPnP discovery
Heap: 35248 HTTP: Starting server at http://xx.xx.xx.x
Heap: 34904 Loaded: server
Heap: 30720 Initializing sensor pin: 7
Heap: 30672 Initializing sensor pin: 2
Heap: 30672 Initializing sensor pin: 5
Heap: 30672 Initializing sensor pin: 1
Heap: 30672 Initializing sensor pin: 6
Heap: 30672 Initializing actuator pin: 8 Trigger: 1
Heap: 30456 Loaded: application
Heap: 30696 HTTP Call: 204 Pin: 7 State: 1
Heap: 30512 HTTP Call: 204 Pin: 2 State: 1
Heap: 30104 Responded to UPnP Discovery request
Heap: 30328 HTTP Call: 204 Pin: 5 State: 1
Heap: 30160 HTTP Call: 204 Pin: 1 State: 1
Heap: 29192 HTTP Call: 204 Pin: 6 State: 1
Heap: 30632 Responded to UPnP Discovery request

(Duke) #600

Hi Nate,

I’m using 3 Amica NODEMCU
powered via USB for my open/close sensors. Everything is working great!!

I’d like to connect a siren. Is there ANY way I can do this without putting together a new setup and need to use a power adapter?

I’ve already purchased this:

I’m not sure which is the [U1] pin on the NODEMCU

(Nate Clark) #601

That relay will work, it can be powered directly by one of the 3V pins on the NodeMCU. But you’ll need a 12V power source for the siren. The NodeMCU cannot power the siren directly. You can probably pull 12V power from your alarm panel AUX out.


Any ideas about my issue? Also, the sensors are not showing updated last activity, see screen shot?

(Nate Clark) #603

I really don’t know what could be causing the delay. We’ve checked for resistors and checked for the rebooting problem. My only other guess is a network problem. I suggest doing some testing while viewing the console output from the device in ESPlorer and see if you can reproduce the problem.

Contact us directly at help@konnected.io if you still have trouble. There are hundreds of watchers on this thread.


ok I’ve emailed you some more info. ticker no. is 2226 Thanks

(Neil Oakley) #605

Hey Nate

Question on the upcoming product that will run parallel with existing dumb alarms (instead of replace it).

Will it just report the status of the sensors in the system, or can it also trigger them? My situation is a load of traditional alarm PIR and door sensors over the house. I also have some contact/motion z-wave sensors. I would like to use SHM to monitor the z-wav sensors, then if triggered feed something back to Konnected so that it can trigger the traditional alarm. This way I don’t need two sets of sirens etc.

(Allan) #606

I’m assuming the solution that Nate is coming up with is either the same or very similar to what @erz did already ([RELEASE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!) in which he added a couple components to his existing alarm (per input) so he could isolate the inputs and also feed them into his Konnected panel. This way his existing alarm panel still worked as it was supposed to but each of the inputs was also usable on his Konnected panel so he now saw them all and SmartThings. I messaged him back and forth and he gave me the circuit diagrams that he used. I ended up not doing it for my own alarm panel because quite honestly I didn’t want to keep paying the $47 a month for monitoring when Scout monitoring is half that price. But it was a great idea and I’m sure others would want to do the same.