[RELEASE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!


(MacTechGenius) #567

Basically closes the circuit when the button is pushed. Other wise it is normally open.

(Dan) #568

Ideally, you want a ST Device with Capability of “Button” and/or “Holdable Button”. This is easily accomplished with ST_Anything already, using the built-in Button device class. I am not sure if Konnected supports assigning pins as Button devices.


My Jumper cable male connectors seem to break when connected to the relay, am I making the screw too tight or cables are cheap? Also, the female connectors when connected to the nodemcu expansion board is not tight, has a bit of play. Can others share their experience?

(Simon Knight) #570

@JerryMartin24 - Had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to update some pins/boards. I was using the older smartapp and just couldn’t update things. In the end, I deleted all of my devices in ST, removed the old smartapp and device handlers, and started from scratch with the new smartapp and device handlers. Now all back working fine.

(Jerry Martin) #571

Ugh, that’s what I was afraid of. Well, I guess I’ll block out a couple of hours this weekend and redo it all. Thanks!


I was having a similar problem. A lot of logging and debugging got me to the cause and the solution. I was using my own device handler, not listed in the Konnected setup in the smart app. If something is not saving, edit the smartapp and add log.debug for all the devices being saved (childDeviceConfiguration), the last line before the exception shown in the Live Logging will give you a clue about the problem.
The most common problem is ‘device in use’ (that was not my case, but I had that before).
I guess my device handler was not in the same namespace konnected-io or there was some other sort of mismatch.
I needed a new device handler so I added it to the list of sensors in the Konnected smartApp. Now I can save.
It took me 3-4 days to get it to work.


Probably not the right cables. I ordered extra cables on ebay for 0.99 and they worked fine.

(Joe) #574

I am receiving DHCPDECLINE messages from the Konnected device upon assigning a static DHCP mapping with my Ubiquiti edgerouter. What I’ve learned with a packet capture is that each time the nodemcu reboots, its declining the IP address it previously had when offered by the dhcp server, and forcing the router to issue a new one. When the router refuses (due to static assignment), its at an impasse. Is anyone else experiencing issues with DHCP reservations on their konnected device?

Secondly, upon boot, I see the Konnected device arp’ing for an IP Address owned by the US Army Information Systems Command ( block)
67 4.612117 Espressi_0f:XX:XX Broadcast ARP 56 Who has Tell
Any explanation for that or are others able to grab some packet captures on boot or with static reservations?

(Jerry Martin) #575

Yep, had the same issue with my Meraki gear at home. Would only work in DHCP, and a new address after every reboot. I have not seen the attempted connection to I’m on travel right now but I’ll run a pcap this weekend to confirm.

For reference, I have other ESP8266 LoLin boards running Arduino code to control other IoT devices around my house and they do not exhibit this behavior.

(David) #576

Hi. I am about to do a full house re-wire in the UK. Would like to wire motion sensors into the mains and also use with SmartThings. I engaged a Security Company prior to understanding anything about Home Automation, and they will be wiring PIR motion sensors for the purpose of the alarm system.

I do want to use a dedicated accredited alarm system, so wouldn’t switch my entire alarm system to Konnected/SmartThings, but I do want to be able to tap into the Motion Sensors within SmartThings for use with Home Automation. Eg ‘Turn on the lights in the Living Room when someone enters the Living Room’.

I did see a trail around connecting the motion sensors in parallel, both to the Alarm Control Panel, and Konnected, although it seemed MUCH more complicated than I’d hoped.

Wondering if anyone has simplified the process, and whether it can be easily explained to me, or whether there are other options I should consider while I have the chance?


(Nate Clark) #577

@davidjc we are working on a new product that will do exactly what you’re asking about. Projected this summer.

(David) #578

Excellent. If I’m doing the wiring over the next month, how do I best future proof for what you’re working on. The build will be complete by the summer including plastering the walls etc, so need to ensure I get whatever wiring is needed in. Do I need to dual wire all my motion sensor in anticipation of your product?


(Nate Clark) #579

You don’t need to do anything special. The upcoming product is being designed to retrofit with an existing traditional alarm system panel. You’ll just need to run jumper wires from the alarm panel terminals to the new Konnected device. No additional wiring is needed.

The only thing you’ll need is an adequate power source near your alarm location and a good wifi signal.

(David) #580

That will be excellent! Any reason you can think why Bosch BlueLine PIR motion detectors wouldn’t work with what you’re developing? Or for that matter the Castle Care Tech Euro 46 Control Panel that they will be installing?


I’ve got two sirens, internal & external. Internal has 2 wires, red and black but external has 3 wires, red black and green. Can someone explain this set up. I understand that the red wires from both sirens need to go to NO on relay. What about the black wires and what about the extra green wire from external siren? Manual says connect ‘COM Aux power out (+) on the alarm panel’ which I don’t get??
Red in the picture is external & green is internal siren. At the moment, Black wire from external along with COM from relay go to -ve on panel and Red wires from both go to accessory +ve on panel and black wire from internal siren goes to NO on relay. Green wire from external foes to NC on relay.
Can someone also explain what is connected to Zone 6 on panel?

(Ben Lebson) #582

As long as they are standard 9-16v DC PIR sensors and they’re on their own zone you should be fine. The new board would only be able to use the same zones as your current alarm panel. For example, if all open/closed sensors for your living room windows are on one zone, it will only show up as a single zone in ST.

(MacTechGenius) #583

If Konnected can no longer communicate with SmartThings it would be nice to have the ability to setup “backup local control”. For instance, trigger a relay if something is pressed. This would be helpful if smartthings goes down.


D8 pin issue still happening, siren triggered today but I’m not sure what caused it as the siren just went off when I rebooted the router and ST hub, I haven’t been able to replicate it but seems like there is still an issue with D8.


couple of my sensors do not report correctly. Gets stuck on motion and then stops reporting. See screen shot. This was taken at 6.06 pm and there has been motion after sensor last reported. Also some sensors randomly stop reporting, seems to get back to normal for some time after rebooting. Any got any

(Nate Clark) #586

Check for resistors inside the sensor. If you find any between the signal terminals, remove them.