[RELEASE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!

I think the main drawback of @arnb’s delay solution is the need for simulated sensors for each sensor that you want on delay. I think that’s fine for most of us here who understand how ST works, but gets really confusing for other household members who aren’t automation geeks.

The Konnected solution that I’m imagining would be quite a bit simpler but more limited. Simpler in the sense that it would not require virtual/simulated sensors, but more limited in that it would only work with Konnected sensors.

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I agree. The end goal needs to be a solution that makes this easy and seamless for an average user. My entire home is basically in “Beta” mode right now because I can’t go 100% online if it doesn’t work 100% of the time. My wife would not be happy if she opened the door and was greeted with a high db siren because her location did not catch up with her soon enough.

My kids are the same as 2 of them don’t have phones yet. They do not have any geolocation and I think the best option for them is to incorporate a delay so they can reach the ActionTiles panel to disarm.

( I had a really long reply and after 4 paragraphs I realized I was on a rant and cut it all out) :roll_eyes:


We agree that using ActionTiles to perform the “traditional” arm/disarm function is appropriate for many households, including perhaps alerting which Contacts are still open when attempting to Arm, etc…

ActionTiles can implement the “Arm delay prior to Exit” (for all SHM Sensors), and maybe integrate related functionality with Konnected; so the discussion and brainstorming on this is valuable.


Yes, more brains! Leaving the house is the easy part. Multiple people with different entry methods is where it gets tricky.

I have looked at a lot of entry solutions.
Zwave deadbolt with keypad (unlocks deadbolt and disarms)
Garage door keypad with a receiver that converts rolling code to zwave (unlocks deadbolt or opens garage and disarms)
NFC/HID/RFID fob with receiver (unlocks deadbolt and disarms)
The “simplest” solution would be an entry delay and control panel to mimick an old security system.

My wife likes the old alarm company panels and she was a little hesitant when she saw me take them out and replace them with tablets running ActionTiles. She also thought I was out of my mind when I ripped out the old security board and replaced it with the tiny Konnected board.
Now she is greeted in the AM with the forcast and schedule when she cranks up the coffee and every few days she walks up to the always-on wall mounted tablet, with our family photo as the “screen saver”, to check the 7-day forcast.

She enjoys it now because she doesn’t have to think about it at all.

The entry delay is all that I am missing to go from Beta House to Alpha House.

I am trying different things using webcore to accomplish the delay but in the end it will only benefit the few that work on that level. The hard part is making it easy for my in-laws.


If you are “WebCoRE capable”, then installing and using @arnb’s solution shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Kind of agree with @Apexdestroyer13 sometimes trying to be smart can end up in activating high decibel sirens at wrong times. The old alarm panel is something familiar. Doing the same with smart tiles is probably ok. Then there is the vagaries of the cloud and ST downtime to deal with. You can live with those for turning things on/off and notifications but activating alarms is another thing.

I am new to this conversation but @heythisisnate have you guys thought of a Konnected keypad/API the SmatTiles calls that is not tied to ST but connects to Konnected - it can do a couple of things - introduce delay immediately after hitting the first key by delaying sending events to ST, after that let the user enter a code and disarm ST. Keep the sensor data queued and push it to ST after a delay. Alternatively you can listen to another ST device real or virtual and if that changes state, delay the sending events to ST. Doing it in ESP code on an event should be a lot simpler than round trip from ST hub. And it solves your making it an appliance goal.

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I can’t speak for @heythisisnate; but I can say that we at ActionTiles is interested in helping achieve this - when the time is right. We love Konnected and I personally believe that “traditional” alarm control panels (in the form of ActionTiles!) still have a place in many families smart homes; either as an alternative to presence sensing and/or smart lock codes … or as a secondary backup mechanism. I totally agree that avoiding false alarms is critical: We all know the “cry wolf” story.

But ActionTiles is still a rather new company and product; and Nate is obviously focusing in meeting the commitments made to his generous Kickstarter backers.

After that: The future is bright! :sunny: Let’s all be both optimistic … and patient, and enjoy the creative ways this might be implemented… Thanks! : :smile:

BTW: SmartThings has commented that they are indeed working on new code for SHM; but (1) It wasn’t and shouldn’t be an official announcement; and (2) There’s no time-frame and there’s no guarantee that it will fulfil the desired requirements or not come with new issues. So whatever “we” implement could be an interim bandage and no longer needed - or it could be something that requires substantial evolution as SmartThings (etc.) also evolve.

MVP and iterate is the name of the game and the best way to win. TBH you guys should think merger, both together and expanding Konnected from alarm to ST_Anything like things. plus Konnected ActionTiles has a ring to it. :slight_smile: Best of luck to both of you.

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@tgauchat I haven’t seen @arnb’s solution. I’ll take a look this weekend.

I am a supporter of both Konnected and ActionTiles and I appreciate your dedication to your work and to your customers.


I have followed all the steps to load the firmware and lus files to nodeMCU and connected the device to WiFi.
I Used the GitHub integration and updated the SmartApp and Device Handlers from repo.
I powered up the device and can see it on my WiFi. when I am trying to add Konnected in SmartApps on mobile device then at first screen itself it is giving error “Sorry, but there was an unexpected error”, SS is attached.
Please help me if anyone else also had same similar issue.

Check the Live Logging tab for the actual error message. Likely something is missing from your SmartApp setup. See this video for a complete setup walkthrough:

Hi Nate,

We’re doing the wiring plan in my new construction now, and I was wondering if I could use your Konnected to allow the security system’s wired motion detectors to turn lights on and off when we’re in the house (and the security system is not armed). I’d rather not have to deal with the finnicky, slow, and battery powered (based on reviews) z-wave motion sensors. I expect the wired security system motion detectors would be much faster and more reliable.


I use Konnected to control lights with my motion sensor without an issue!

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Yes, of course you can.

I am using one of these to power my Iris keypad from my alarm keypad. Works perfectly!
Will likely hide the wires in the wall.


That would likely be an electrical code violation. Even 5v or 12v has plenty of risk of causing a fire, and if that occurs inside the wall, it would be disastrous. Please check your local electrical codes: There must be a recommendation for proper installation of a voltage converter or other transformer.

I will put the 12V to 3V step down in an electrical box…I think that would be suffice?? Just 3V

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I can’t say for sure. You can probably pull up the electrical code for your region and do a whole lot of reading.

The only precaution that I’m aware of off the top of my head is that you can’t mix low voltage (3v ~ 12v) and high voltage (120v) in the same box. But the code can sure get complicated.

This is a fantastic project and I have 3 boards set up - one for my old wired alarm sensors, one for a 12v siren, and one to control relays/sensors for my 2 garage doors.

I am having an issue with my garage doors - the WiFi on the ESP8266 interferes with the RF receiver on my doors meaning that my existing key fobs no longer work unless I am standing right next to the door.

Is there a way to reduce the RF power on the 8266 when using the Konnected firmware?


It seems to me if the wifi signal was interfering, your household WAP would already be causing problems. Have you ruled out that it’s not the power source for your ESP that is causing interference?