[RELEASE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!

Hey Nate, any success with the entry delay? Would be handy for stuff like when the Maid or Pet sitter comes or whatever and doesn’t have a presence sensor.

Entry delay is the only thing keeping me from going with Konnected. I will wait a few days for the response here.

It seems like really a coding issue within SHM rather than with Konnected. I mean you don’t want a delay on all of your sensors into ST if you are going to use those sensors for non-alarm purposes. You just need SHM to know not to alarm for xx amount of time when certain sensors are triggered i.e. your front door. I want ST to know my front door opened immediately, I just don’t want SHM to alarm if someone keys in the pin within some set amount of time. Maybe there is a way to create a “virtual front door” that opens 30 seconds after the real front door, and closes at the same time in webcore or something, then use that virtual front door in SHM vs the real front door.


This can be done with a smartapp but youll loose your local execution.

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Nice. I’m kind of amazed they don’t something like this built into SHM.

FYI - There is no ST local execution for any part of Konnected, or any other custom code. In fact, since all of the Konnected “devices” are custom, no part of SHM that uses them is going to run local either. Therefore, using the SmartApp to implement Entry and Exit delays really doesn’t lose you anything that I can think of.



2 quick questions:

  1. Am I reading it right that I could essentially use a smart door lock as a keypad? Make a trigger that if the door is unlocked then disarm the alarm?

  2. If I got wireless door/window sensors, I could set them up as triggers for the siren just like a wired sensor through Konnected?

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Entry delay is still something I want to introduce in a later software update, but it won’t be ready right away at launch. I’ve got a ton on my plate right now and most of the focus is on getting the new boards and kits ready for fulfillment.

If any ST devs here are interested in helping on this, I’m open to a contract engagement to get it moving quicker.

@revivalist Yes to both questions.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes

If I can use the lock as a keypad that changes everything. Wow. Get off this site and start catching up on all those orders! You have a new customer!

@heythisisnate Keep up the good work Nate!
I’m looking forward to my add-on kit!

Hi -
I read the documentation but didn’t go through the whole thread - so may be this buried in one of the posts, can existing sensors on a ST hub be incorporated with Konnected? Same for other devices - like turning down thermostats when connected is armed etc?

Konnected basically just turns wired sensors into SmartThings sensors. You can then control all your sensors wired and wireless within the SmartThings app. It turns dumb things smart

Yes. The sensors integrate seamlessly with SmartThings.

Thanks - so the app doesn’t do actual home security system type functions, like take actions based on rules, and that is something that has to be done separately using other automation apps?

Their video made it seem like it was a home security replacement.

Smart Home Monitor does that, and is built in to SmartThings. Konnected lets you seamlessly use your wired sensors in Smart Home Monitor and any other SmartThings apps.

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What are the drawbacks to this currently available, tested, and rapidly evolving Community solution?

While it may be getting a little cluttered, I suppose it could be slimmed down to the most important use cases, right?

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thanks appreciate that - I have been using ST mostly for controls, just getting into the sensing and security side of things