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[RELEASE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!



I wanted to post this out here in case anyone else runs into it. After updating to the latest Konnected SmartApp from the master branch, I began experiencing issues with devices relaying their state back to ST. The state changes would properly reflect on the Konnected status page but within the ST logs I was continuously receiving errors for device not found:

49d1c880-e595-46f1-b0c2-ab6e1635e6f9 3:12:21 PM: warn Device DC4F654897AB|1 not found!
49d1c880-e595-46f1-b0c2-ab6e1635e6f9 3:12:22 PM: warn Device DC4F654897AB|2 not found!
49d1c880-e595-46f1-b0c2-ab6e1635e6f9 3:12:23 PM: warn Device DC4F654897AB|5 not found!

After investigating further, I found that the Device Network ID (<mac>|<pin>) was not correctly populated for each of the contact sensor devices listed in ST graph Device List. Each device was configured with "000000000|1", "000000000|2", "000000000|5". Once I updated the Device Network ID to reflect the correct MAC address for the NodeMCU device, device states began updating correctly. I haven’t had a chance to dig into the SmartApp discovery process to see if something is broken but I plan to soon.



(Ari Blau) #425

Nice layout! Where are your GND connections, isn’t that required for the relay pair?

(Jerry Martin) #426

Thanks, Ari. The two terminal blocks on the right are all connected to a common ground (from the first NodeMCU where AC power comes in). Let me know if you need more info, or more pictures.

(Ari Blau) #427

Do you need to daisy chain the grounds between each NodeMCU, or can you
connect to a single ground on one MCU?

(Jerry Martin) #428

I daisy chained 12V and GND from MCU1 to MCU2, then MCU2 to MCU3. In my mind, that’s a cleaner solution. That same ground is taken out to the two blocks on the right. Everything works smoothly and I tested it all with a multimeter in continuity mode before applying power.


Hi I would like to use this to monitor a output that is ov-+12v on activation can I connect this directly or will I need to isolate with a relay? Thanks for any help

(Nate Clark) #430

You will need to isolate the 12V signal with a relay. The NodeMCU board inputs operate at 3.3V only.


It is possible depending on alarm system, I have done it myself. I have a Honeywell galaxy alarm system, this system has a function called links to enable you to tie an output to the state of an input. This method also allows you to use your existing motion detectors as presence sensors for switching lights ECT via smartthings. I am an alarm engineer by trade so was a simple process for me.


I just received 3 Lolin nodemcu devices. Flashed one with the latest firmware 2.0.5. Now when I try and use the nodemcu-uploader i’m getting a device not found or wrong port. Has anyone run into this issue?

(fatticus_finch) #433

Hi, sorry to bother you but I have a quick question. Regarding the, is the March shipment date listed on the website an accurate time frame? Or is there any possibility of it shipping sooner? Either way, great job and I’ll probably be ordering it regardless! You rock!

(Apexdestroyer13) #434

I have a question about connecting a “garage door” receiver to Konnected.

I’m thinking that I could buy a receiver and a keypad. I would like to use the keypad to trigger a ST routine to unlock the deadbolt and disarm the alarm.

Is this possible?
Does anyone have any insight on how the garage receiver triggers the door?


Nate, I’m getting “an unexpected error has occurred” when I try to assign a pin. Do you know what may be causing that?

(Nate Clark) #436

It could be a number of things. Most often it’s caused by a missing device handler. Check your Live Logging tab for more clues.


That was it, did not check publish. Thank you!!


Hi Nate,

Is there an easy way to remove or unassign a pin? I am able to reconfigure the assignment but can’t figure out how to delete the assignment/configuration completely.


Hi all and @heythisisnate,
I am wondering if anyone has successfully connected their 2-wire smoke detectors into the Konnected board and subsequently ST? I have been through the whole thread and it seems like these two modules referenced should be able to parse out the trouble signal to input to Konnected, but was wondering if anyone has successfully done it…

I also found this module which might even be better for me since it is in same series (i3) as my System Sensor 2WT-B detectors:

Thanks in advance!

(Nate Clark) #440

Just remove the name, and then tap on the device type radio button again to un-select it.

(Clint) #441

I have not tried the 2-wire smokes, but I have a million of them (Smokes, CO2’s, and Heat in the kitchen/garage). The only way I now of to reset them when they alarm is from my existing alarm panel. I’m waiting on the new connected board from the kickstarter to show up, and then I will have to figure it out, or maintain my old alarm panel just for the smoke detectors as far as I can tell. I’m not so much worried about having them in ST, but I want to ensure that they still work properly from a safety standpoint and I can reset them when my wife burns up a casserole in the kitchen.

(MacTechGenius) #442

Hey Guys! I haven’t posted in a while but I have been following this thread daily! Astonished by the progress @heythisisnate has made with Konnected Security! I have been running his early release since March of last year…has been working perfectly since!! Hope to purchase and upgrade soon to the latest version.

The reason that I haven’t updated the software in a (nearly a year) is since I have a custom setup with NodeMCU so I can use it with my current alarm system.

(Nate Clark) #443

Quick Device Handler update today! For any of you who had the need to reverse your sensor configuration (NO vs. NC), this update adds a preference setting for each device type so you can do just that. Read more here: