[RELEASE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!

Sorry for the many posts today. The door chime control panel replacements are great, but is there any possibility a text to speech speaker might be possible in the near future? E.g., “front door open” etc.

Also, is there a door chime that works as a contact sensor? To let you know when the doorbell has been rung by notification through the ST app? Nothing too fancy.

I use the speaker from the Aeotec doorbell for this (Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW056 Doorbell, Small, White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0182XG27Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_3n02zb6ZYMMFH). It’s not auto-generated text-to-speech; you use pre-recorded MP3 files that trigger based on specific ST actions (front door opened, etc.).

That’s a cool project, but with small kids, I know someone is going to yank it out of the outlet. I’m looking for something that would be a hard-wired replacement for my two old school keypads.

One idea I’m experimenting with is mounting a tablet where the keypads once were, and re-using the wiring in the wall for power. I bought the new $49 7" Amazon Fire tablet and this 12VDC to 5VDC USB converter: http://amzn.to/2y6AXC7

The red/black wires that originally went to the keypad carry 12VDC power through the wall. Convert it to 5V USB to power the Fire tablet in a junction box at the mounting location.

So far I’ve just set up ActionTiles on the tablet. I haven’t played with text-to-speech yet but I think there are some Android applications that would work for that.

I plan on doing a writeup of this installation once i get it looking the way I want.

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I’m on the same path actually - I also have my test ActionTiles set up.

I’ve stalled at the tablet choice. What was the criteria you were looking for?

I was thinking of wireless charging, so that it looks seamless on the wall - so your converter, instead of into a USB socket, into a Qi pad like this one… www.amazon.co.uk/TOOGOO-Interface-Wireless-Charger-Circuit/dp/B01JTZWYYG/ref=sr_1_36

I also want something that is button-less - so no home key. On screen keys only.

Oddly enough with such requirements, your choices drop to next to no devices. I think only the latest Sony tablet has wireless charging and no buttons.

Did almost exactly this a couple weeks ago: Replaced My Existing Security Panel with Konnected Security - My Writeup

As for the wiring I used the standard plugin USB adapter the tablet came with at the panel…the easiest route if you have a outlet there. You could also use a standard car to USB adapter if you already have one lying around. Plus your old keypad wiring should be fine carrying 5v @ 2a through the wall.


The gauge of a wire is not related to the voltage, but to the current. If your siren is a 15W one at 12v, it requires around 1.25 amps, gauge 16 is perfectly good for that. Find out the power consumption for your strobe, gauge 16 will be ok for up to 120W:

And here is what I used since it has the higher (smaller) gauge wires if you are trying to figure out if your keypad wires will handle being used for something else: https://www.gore.com/IndustrialCableConfigurator/popup_hfr_wirespecs.html .

My keypad wires thankfully had a model number on them which I looked up and said they were 22ga which for my tablet was file (tablet draw = 2amp, wire rated = 3amp).

I just setup my siren on pin D8 today using the original relay that first shipped with the kits. Each time I try to manually activate the siren on the “things” menu the first attempt does not work. Once I turn it off and then turn it on again, it works almost immediately subsequently. Has anyone else experienced this and any ideas as to what the solution might be?

Are you running the latest version (2.1.0) of the device and SmartApp code? Some improvements were made in the reliability of actuators in the 2.1.0 release.

How do I get 2.1.0? I’m on 2.0.5 and checked for an update and got nothing.

See: https://docs.konnected.io/security-alarm-system/misc/updating-2-1-0#updating-from-205

If anyone is interested I have made a custom Contact device for use with Konnected. It allows the changing of labels for the contact closure while retaining the standard capabilities (open/closed) on the backside. So it will allow you to show “Yes/No”, “Open/Closed”, “True/False”, “On/Off”, etc. It also allows you to reverse the background color so while normally “blue” is closed and “orange” is open you can reverse these. Again it makes no change the the actual operation or status internally.

I made this for two reasons, one is I am monitoring the AC coming in with a relay that goes to Konnected and I wanted it to display “Yes/No” for power. Secondly I have a garage heater and when its running I wanted to display “Heating” or “Off”. For my heater I also wanted to reverse the colors so when it is running (“closed” internally) its orange and when off (“open” internally) its blue.

You can add my DTH to your IDE and selectively pick the devices to use this. I named it “Enhanced Konnected Contact Sensor” so it won’t conflict with the exist one:

You can also just add my GitHib: vseven - SmartThings_VSeven - master and download it that way. Once it’s installed go into My Devices, click the device you want to switch, click Edit, then pick this DTH from the list.

Also if anyone has any feedback or other display labels that would make sense to add please PM me directly (don’t want to clutter up this thread). Thanks!



Hey Nate - what Wall mount are you using for your Fire HD 7? Also, what browser are you using for ActionTiles?


I used the 3M Command Strips to mount the tablet directly on the wall. They’re like super-strong velcro, so it’s easy to remove occasionally. I like the sleek, no-frame look.

For the browser, I’m using a great app called Fully Kiosk Browser Lockdown. It works great as a full-screen browser and has nice features for locking down kiosk mode. Hat tip to @tgauchat for letting me know about this.

You will need to install the Google Play store on your Fire tablet. I used this guide. Worked beautifully:

FYI I bought the new Fire 7 tablet (not HD) for only $50 on amazon. The Fire 8 and 10 HD should work just as well, too.

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Great information — thanks! Any chance you could post a pic as well? Are you using a wireless charger or just the micro usb cable?

Sorry — just re-read that you’re using a 12V to 5V converter. Would still love to see a pic if you’re able… curious to see how you managed the cabling.

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I plan on posting a full write-up and how-to with pictures in the next couple weeks. I’m using a regular micro-usb.

My wiring isn’t super clean right now (but it works). If I wanted to do it beautifully I would put the converter and everything inside the wall in a junction box, but we’re renting our house so I didn’t want to cut larger holes in the wall.

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Thanks for the tips, Nate!

Just fyi… Play Store is not required to install Fully, cuz they offer the APK directly on their website at: http://www.ozerov.de/fully-kiosk-browser/

I just posted a pic of my ActionTiles control panel keypd replacement over in the Konnected Users Group on Facebook.

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