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[RELEASE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!


(Mike Faulkinbury) #238

Thanks. I’ll see if I can reconcile that information with my setup.


This is a 3D Printed Case / Enclosure I built, since I wanted it to take less space than the PCB board. I’ll upload it on Thingiverse soon.

(Mike Faulkinbury) #240

Hey Nate,
No, I don’t hear a click. I assumed that the light only went on when the coil was switched over, but now I’m doubting that.
I’m using the third (7 pin) board from your original project and now wondering if I might not be getting a solid 3.3 v from it (maybe enough to turn on the light but not trigger the coil). I bought the 5 pack of relays and I’m getting the same result from two different relays.
I’ll try a few things and either report back or place an order for my first Konnected board. :smile:


Yeah, I assume it’s an ADT / Honeywell, but based on your and @vseven observations, mine is different (since it has two different stages - a green and a red state). I’ll open it soon, and I’ll report back.

(Allan) #242

FYI - It still could be the same sensor…there is a green and red inside. I’ve just never seen my green one go off…just red.


I’ve created a 3D enclosure for the Konnected components, so if anyone is interested of printing it, you can find it here:

This is how it looks:

Sorry about the wires in the way, but I didn’t intend to publish it initially, and now I am too lazy to re-wire, so if you happen to print it out, please take a photo before you use it :smiley:

(Nate Clark) #244

This is great! I’ll add a link to this in the documentation.

(Richard Clark) #245

Installed my Konnected Security panel yesterday. Everything went smoothly except for my accidentally wiring the siren back to the siren power on the old alarm panel instead of the aux power. Once I sorted that out, all worked as expected. The crimp “beans” Nate recommended worked great with my stranded alarm system wires. The only quirk I’ve noticed is that the siren doesn’t leave an entry in the activity feed when it’s triggered. That’s not a big deal, just odd. Is it this way for everyone?

(Nate Clark) #246

Richard, this might be caused by your device being on an older software version than the SmartApp. Could you go in to the Konnected SmartApp, scroll down and tap the device status and check the software version. The latest version is 2.1.0 … I suspect you may be on 2.0.5. If that’s the case, just follow the instructions here to “force update”:

(Matt Edwards) #247

@heythisisnate Hey Guys, I haven’t checked back in a while, things have been working smoothly, up until a couple of days ago, so i have a couple of quick questions. 1) (I think this is a more Samsung Issue than with you, but hoping you might have an idea of a solution) I have the SHM set to enable automatically when both me and my wife leave the house, and then disable when one of us gets home (using our phones as presence sensors) , this was working fine until like a week or so ago, Now the alarm arms when I leave the house even if she is home. According to all the settings in the app, it is set for when “Everyone leaves” and has both phones activated, and it “knows” she is present, but still arms anyway? 2) i noticed today that one of my sensors was “open” when it wasn’t, upon looking at the NodeMcus I saw that one of them had the blue light flashing, and i saw the “konnected…” in the wifi list on my phone ,so i had to re-configure the wifi (which i think i just saw someone else commenting about). I am thinking it might be good idea to update the firmware on my chips, However i can’t tell what firmware i have, as when i go into device status (SmartApps/Konnected-Security/ then the device) I just get a blank page. Should i update, and if so, should I just go ahead and follow the instructions on the Updating to 2.1.0 page, via USB? Thanks in advance, and i am happy to see this project is still going strong, congratulations.


Hey a quick question. Does the wifi from your equipment have to be on the same subnet as the the smartthings hub?

How complicated is the wiring and do you explain how to do it with the kit instructions. I’m good at DIY but never done this type of wiring.



Ok looks like it needs to be on the same subnet. Is there anyway to wire it instead of connecting it to wifi?

(Nate Clark) #250

Hi Joan,

It doesn’t necessarily need to be on the same subnet, but you do need to be able to allow multicast traffic from the LAN to the Wifi. SmartThings uses UPnP/SSDP to discover network connected devices, and in order to do this the SmartThings hub sends mulitcast traffic over the network to discover the devices.

I’m sorry, but there is no LAN adapter for these devices. WiFi only.

The wiring is pretty straightforward. Although it looks complicated at first glance, our detailed install guide should be all you need to get everything hooked up. If you need help I’m always happy to answer questions.

(Nate Clark) #251

Regarding the presence sensing, go in to your phone’s location settings and make sure that the SmartThings app has access to location services at all times. Also, you might try expanding your home geofence a little bit.

For the wifi issue, this was fixed with a software update. I think you got on board pretty early, so I would recommend you re-flash with the latest firmware and then re-upload all the Konnected src files from Github. Then you just need to go back in to the SmartApp and go to the Assign Pins screen and tap Done once more to re-sync the settings.

(Mike Faulkinbury) #252

I got my siren working! It turns out that the 3.3v pin was not conducting, so a little solder fixed that issue.
Learning: the red light on the 3v relay will light with just the IN and GND connected (and a high on the trigger pin). Now that I also have the VCC connected to a good 3.3v source, I can hear a distinct click when the relay is triggered and I have continuity across the COM and NO contacts.
Thanks for the help!

(Matt Edwards) #253

OK Perfect thank you.

I will check the wifes phone later, but it was working fine, and I will play with the geo fence.

Thats what I was thinking as well, regarding the updating, I will try to get around to it
in the next day or two and let you know if I have any issues.

Thanks again.



Hi @heythisisnate, to update the board to the new firmware, do I have to re-connect it via USB to my computer the same way I did at the very start of the process, or is there a way to do it remotely/OTA? Thank you!


Firmware update needs USB. Software update can be done OTA.

So yeah, back out the alarm panel, and into the computer :slight_smile:

(Richard Clark) #256

Yep. That was the problem. Thanks!


Hi @heythisisnate, at your recommendation, I bought the Honeywell Wave 2 siren. I’m trying to hook it up now, but I see two positive terminals (one for steady tone and another for warble tone). Which should I connect to? Thanks!