[Release] Kodi Manager - playing status and control


(Toliver182) #30

Your very welcome.

I’m in IT app support, I spend my life in power shell and bash scripts.

I never touched groovey before yesterday it’s been a steep learning curve. It’s seems the same as most object orientated languages, slight changes in syntax and a lot of logging lol

I’ve request that @bravenel add music player to rule machine, hopefully he has time

(Jeffrey) #31

Quick test on one device has it working nicely.

I did email myself the links and just edit the settings.xml manually - wasn’t too bad

Nice fast rewrite and appreciate the work!

(Toliver182) #32

Hi All

@thildemar has advised me that the link i had for the kodi plug in was an old version designed for xbcmc.

The kodi plugin is here:

[Release] Kodi/XBMC Callback Endpoint for Light Control

Any chance we can get a little more precise instructions with how we enter the URL’s in the callback add-on? I am so confused about where to even enter them! Sorry for the noob question just never used this add-on before and the documentation isn’t really helpful to me. Can’t even find an example online to go off.

(Brian Diehl) #34

Mine is showing “Null” when I play videos on mine. Pause and play work correctly.

I’ll add logs when I get a chance

(Cassidy) #35

I’m using xbmc.callbacks2 instead of kodi.callbacks, but I would assume that the setup would be similar if not identical.

Go to Configure under the add-on information screen

Under the Playback tab edit the all of the options on the right to Type = http and then copy/paste the URLs into the appropriate spots.

Thanks @toliver182 for putting this together!


Thank you @nelemansc! I think I got it setup properly but maybe there is an issue with the add-on. I am running Kodi on Windows using Jarvis RC2. Here is the error I am receiving after I setup the task and event. I am using the latest Kodi callback update as well. Any help is greatly appreciated

08:16:44 T:6692  NOTICE: $$$ [kodi.callbacks] - Task starting for onPlayBackStarted
08:16:44 T:6692   ERROR: $$$ [kodi.callbacks] - ERROR encountered for Task T1, Event onPlayBackStarted
                                            ERROR mesage: <attribute 'message' of 'exceptions.BaseException' objects>
                                            Traceback (most recent call last):
                                              File "C:\Users\shokouhi\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.service.kodi.callbacks\resources\lib\tasks\taskHttp.py", line 106, in run
                                                u = requests.get(self.taskKwargs['http']+self.runtimeargs, timeout=20)
                                            TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'list' objects
08:16:44 T:6692  NOTICE: $$$ [kodi.callbacks] - Task finalized for onPlayBackStarted
08:16:45 T:7424   ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):

(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #37

I’m trying to set this up. When you say “17. Set events to the corresponding URL you copied from the app” - do you mean just writing that exact url into a callbacks2 Task and then setting the corresponding event to that Task? If so, is there anything else I should be doing?

(Adam E) #38

For those having issues with URLs and callbacks addon. Please take a look at my updated instructions:

Also check out the wiki page for Kodi Callbacks: http://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Kodi_Callbacks

And make sure you grab the latest version, I have been working with the addon author over the last week or so on fixing a few bugs, particularly in Android.


Ah ok, well I took at look your set of instructions and I actually did follow them correctly the first time (imagine that lol). I tried to update the add-on but I still get the same error I posted above. I just now tried to perform the test under “General” Settings and I am getting an error. Seems to do with a windows installation and incorrect path so I reported a bug on Kodi forums with my logs. Hopefully that will resolve this issue.

(Adam E) #40

Yeah, Ken has been pretty quick on the Kodi forums. Hopefully he will get you sorted.

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #41

Hi @toliver182 - we had chatted previously about a Kodi integration I was developing for interfacing with Kodi and reacting to Kodi events without requiring any third party installations like plugins or relaying software. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve released the Device Type/SmartApp and you can find the post here:

Check it out and let me know what you think! :smile:

(Jeffrey) #42


I am using your code with rule machine for the type music player and doing different actions for play/pause etc.

There is one issue your code does not make calls to “music” to send the status. I have added it manually to test and it seems to be working correctly.

You need: sendEvent(name: “music”, value: “playing”) called when you detect something playing, same for pause.stop, default (I used stopped) etc.

Thought I would pass it along.

edit - scratch this nevermind! Bruce is now using status in Rule Machine so this isn’t needed

(mateo) #43

Could you create a youtube video with the all process to make it work?


(Simon) #44

As Kodi and MediaPortal are both XBMC, is there any chance this also works with MediaPortal?

Or are anyone aware of a similar SmartApp that works to control MP?

(Martin) #45

Thank you for all your effort so far. I have installed the app - followed the instructions and got everything working.

How can you achieve bi-directional control ? I only see the options to control the lights… What about the above mentioned scenario ?

(Jacob Greene) #48

Awesome app! Any tips on getting Kodi status to update when I press play or pause from something other than smartthings? Is there a guide somewhere on that? Thanks!


try sending the request from Kodi Callbacks to IFTTT’s Maker channel and respond accordingly via recipe. Good luck…

(Matt Vassar) #50

Quick question: I made it to step 6 under “Install the Kodi Manager SmartApp.” It tells me to “Fill in the details that have been requested.”

Where do I get these details (e.g., client name, Kodi IP, Kodi port, etc.)?


You can get that from Kodi Web interface settings. http://kodi.wiki/view/Web_interface