[RELEASE] Kodi for SmartThings BETA


(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #101

When you are viewing your Add-Ons, if you view the Add-On details, it should be displayed on the screen:

(Jason Hamilton) #102

I’m running confluence and all I see is the type, author, version and summary

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #103

What addon are you trying to work with?

(Jason Hamilton) #104

I’m trying to setup that Security Cam Overlay. Right now I’m screwing around on my android tablet but plan to use this on my android tv boxes as well.

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #105

It’s documented in the link @Luvien provided: script.securitycam

You can also modify the addonid in the XML file and install multiple copies if you have multiple cameras (reference).

Download the Zip file, and modify line 2 of the addon.xml to change the addon id from script.securitycam to script.frontdoorcam like so:

<addon id="script.frontdoorcam"
       name="Security Cam Overlay Front Door"
       provider-name="Ryan Melena">

And on [line 8](https://github.com/RyanMelenaNoesis/XbmcSecurityCamOverlayAddOn/blob/master/script.securitycam/default.py#L8) of the `default.py` change the `ADD_ON_ID` to `script.frontdoorcam` or whatever copy you are making.

Here's the link directly to the Security Cam Add-on source code:

And the Zip file for the plugin to be installed:

(Paul) #106

Thanks again Joshua… I got RM updated and I see all the commands. Very cool. Can you help with the string to load a playlist? I’ve been using this in Eventghost…[{“file”:“special://profile/playlists/music/4+ Stars.xsp”}]

I tried it just like that with no luck…I’m using parameter type: String I’m not sure how this would translate to a playlistid from below.

playPlaylist(playlistid) - starts playing the specified playlist (by ID) (0: Music, 1: Video, 2: Pictures)

Thanks again

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #107

Instead of playPlaylist(), does playFile() work?

Command: playFile
Parameter 1 Type: String
Parameter 1 Value: special://profile/playlists/music/4+ Stars.xsp

(Paul) #108

Yep. … that works!! Thanks.

(Jason Hamilton) #109

Thanks @joshua_lyon I didn’t see that. You da man can’t wait to get this thing implemented.

(LJ) #110

Hello Joshua,

Everything is working great! Thanks for your work!


(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #111

Oh. My. Stars. And. Garters! Thanks Joshua!!!

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #112

I’m glad you are enjoying the code! Thanks for the shout-out!


Joshua, can I still use the apps for pause dim lights and play turn off lights and stop go full if I don’t have rule machine? Looking for simple way to do those 3 things with my harmony elite remote or are these just working from the smart app inside of smartthings

(Jason Hamilton) #114

Hey @AnthonyJS02 have you seen the CoRE yet? I have an issue open with the dev for CoRE and we’re reaching out to @joshua_lyon to see if he can give us the info needed to have CoRE handle the dimming of the lights

Here is the issue https://github.com/ady624/CoRE/issues/4

and here is CoRE

CoRE and Piston Rules Engine, first design steps

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #115

@TheFuzz4 I replied to the CoRE GitHub issue. Can’t CoRE use the switch attribute from the Kodi DTH?

@AnthonyJS02 you will need some sort of SmartApp to be able to react to the state changes in SmartThings. The Harmony SmartApp doesn’t have rule or reaction logic, but as @TheFuzz4 indicated, you could use this with CoRE when the hooks are in place.

(Jason Hamilton) #116

Thank you very much @joshua_lyon

@AnthonyJS02 what I do currently with RuleMachine and ultimately CoRE is I have rules that monitor the Kodi devices play status. When they change it triggers different light levels

With CoRE with the advanced features turned on I’ll have a Then If Piston that looks like this

If mode is night
Kodi status changes

Then If
If kodi status is playing
Then Dim lights to 5%

If kodi status is paused
Then Dim lights to 50%

If kodi status is stopped
Then Dim lights to 100%

I hope that this helps once the correct attributes are added to CoRE

(Jason Hamilton) #117

Here is what my piston for this looks like inside of CoRE

(Travis) #118

So I have this working with CoRE (like @TheFuzz4’s example) to allow on/off/dimming of lights depending on the status of Kodi. It works perfectly fine IN the Things screen for my Kodi device. However, I can’t seem to get it to work with my Harmony remote (Harmony Companion w/ hub). Is there something I’m just not doing right?

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #119

Have you tried the steps in the second post? Specifically the item about events not working:

Kodi Device Type FAQ

(Travis) #120

The previous run time on any of the instances is always blank. Next run time is within 20 minutes. I’ve done the manual update before. A little more info on my setup:

Kodi is running on a Nexus Player. Harmony remote controls Kodi and the Nexus Player just fine. My lights (GE Link) will turn on/off/dim based on Kodi status just fine IF I hit play/pause in the Device screen in the ST app. So the setup is mostly working. I just can’t get the “rules” to trigger when I use the Harmony remote.