[RELEASE] Kodi for SmartThings BETA

I don’t recall seeing anything about UPnP changing between Isengaard and Jarvis, but I can spin up a Jarvis instance and verify. I did hear back from SmartThings that “LAN devices are cached per location for 24 hours or so”.

SmartThings has indicated that they are actively working on a major scheduler update… it’s desperately needed considering the scheduler has gotten worse over the past few weeks.

The official capability docs call for status holding the state of the player. Did someone specifically recommend using music instead? If so, could you link me to the discussion?

Bruce and I went back and forth - he guessed that was it and it worked but here is convo:

Rule Machine convo

Read that post and a few above it

I just pushed an update to the device type which fixes the reported bugs and adds in the suggested enhancements noted below. Update to the newest version to enjoy the latest features. (instructions in post 2) :slight_smile:


  • Support for pause/play in the Things list
  • Status of Playing is now green in the things list
  • Fixed audio player next/previous
  • Fixed audio player metadata manual refresh

This should be fixed. The audio player id wasn’t getting set properly, so it was trying to send the play/next/previous commands to the video player.

Done. You can also now tap the Playing/Paused status from the things list to send the pause/play commands for quick control.

I tested Jarvis tonight by installing it on an Android device and it worked fine. I sent you a PM.

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Awesome! Thank you for the update.
Time to get going on updating and testing. I actually deleted it all together to see if the hasAllHubsOver thing is fixed, too.

EDIT: The hasAllHubsOver issue is definitely fixed with the updated GitHub code!

Very cool… I’ll test it out tonight.


The service around here is impeccable :slight_smile: - Thanks Joshua!

Quick test says things look good but I didn’t do any rule machine testing. At this point I can’t rely on the scheduler so I have to use callbacks since those seemingly shouldn’t fail. Thanks for dong all this though I will likely come up with a mix or both add-ons.

I just pushed another quick update that properly handles both Audio Players and Video Players… in my excitement to get things out last night, I had broken Play/Pause for video library items!

I should have also noted that I worked with Bruce (from Rule Machine) to fix the Music Player implementation in Rule Machine. It now properly looks for the status attribute for playing, paused, stopped.

Oh excellent so rule machine is now using status? That makes things easier!

Right. It was fixed in the Rule Machine 1.7.11b/c commits last night:

I also updated the Kodi DTH to send the status as lowercase to match what Rule Machine is looking for, so make sure you update your Rule Machine SmartApps and Kodi DTH.

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Hi Joshua

Seems to be working well here… great job!!! I can also confirm it’s working with RM. With this, your SharpTools, Tasker & RM…I have “if no music is playing, a playlist is started.”

Thanks Again!!!

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Just to let everyone else know, not sure what I did today to make it work but its now working for me. Thank you @joshua_lyon for your awesome work on this.

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So with the new DTH and update to Rule Machine, I can report that mine is working on a Fire TV!

Thank you for getting this app and DTH created and for the troubleshooting/testing last night.

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Does Kodi have to be running for this to work, or can the smartapp start Kodi?

Kodi must be running. This only offers controls of Kodi and feeds UPnP events to ST for processing.

How would you want it to start Kodi?

In my world WOL would be useful but I just do that from simple control but I wonder if they mean start the executable on the machine - both sound not so easy from cloud calls :slight_smile:

SmartThings is working on adding Wake on LAN capabilities to a future hub firmware version. Once it’s released and documented, I’ll look into it. They’ve got plenty of high priority items on their plate, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a while before this gets released. :slight_smile:

They’re adding Wake on LAN or Break on LAN? :joy:

I tried the app but I get an uneexpected error when I hit Done after picking my kodi device.I am on an android phone

debug Verifying 2 devices
95820b0d-dd7e-47f8-b408-a6e5b4ececd9 8:37:33 PM: trace There are 1 verified devices
95820b0d-dd7e-47f8-b408-a6e5b4ececd9 8:37:30 PM: trace [deviceDiscovery] Discovered devices: [D8CB8A9D64B1:Kodi (homepc)]
95820b0d-dd7e-47f8-b408-a6e5b4ececd9 8:37:30 PM: trace discoverDevice() Issuing SSDP request
95820b0d-dd7e-47f8-b408-a6e5b4ececd9 8:37:30 PM: trace There are 1 verified devices
95820b0d-dd7e-47f8-b408-a6e5b4ececd9 8:37:29 PM: error physicalgraph.app.exception.UnknownDeviceTypeException: Device type ‘Kodi Media Center’ in namespace ‘boshdirect’ not found. @ line 231
95820b0d-dd7e-47f8-b408-a6e5b4ececd9 8:37:29 PM: debug uuid:c7397aa0-bad2-5bdb-344b-64a9619a7102::urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1={model=Kodi, ssdpUSN=uuid:c7397aa0-bad2-5bdb-344b-64a9619a7102::urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1, networkAddress=C0A80158, ssdpNTS=null, deviceAddress=048C, mac=D8CB8A9D64B1, hub=0de2f596-70a6-48f2-b0c2-1f950cf28c70, ssdpPath=/, ssdpTerm=urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1, url=, stringCount=04, manufacturer=XBMC Foundation, verified=true, name=Kodi (homepc), devicetype=04}

Did you install the Device Type and publish it?

[RELEASE] Kodi for SmartThings BETA

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