[RELEASE] Kodi for SmartThings BETA


(Gene Clark) #283

Yup that’s me I’m all over the place! Aren’t you over on webCoRE too? LOL. Ok I’m new to Kodi so I’m assuming glowing into settings will help me turn on debug.

(Steve ) #284

Yeah I’m on most of the pages lol
Yeah enabling debug will show it onscreen and in a text file but I can’t see that giving you anymore info tbh as it just looks like the files your are playing aren’t reporting it correctly in the first place.

(Gene Clark) #285

Ok the let me ask this - do addons show file information or only locally stored media similar to how plex works?

(Steve ) #286

I think it’s the person who makes the add-on and the person who hosts the file that determines wether it has the correct Trackdescription (I think)
But if you had the file locally and added it to the Kodi library then it should send it the correct track info etc.

(DJAC) #287

@joshua_lyon I 'm new to this thread. Wanted to know if you have to use the Kodi smartapp or does it update on the fly.
I only want the notification feature as well as use webCore to change routines when I play a movie. My other half won’t use her phone as it is more steps then our multi remote for Kodi and TV.
Hence I am hoping to get some clarity on this matter.
I can already switch on and off my TV and PC using Google home. I’m trying to get google home to play a random movie or speak notifications but I’ll start with Kodi showing events and notifications first.

But I need to know if the smart app updates as to what’s playing so it does not go out of sync when using a standard remote and not the smartapp.

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #288

When its working as expected, you can use anything to control Kodi and the status in SmartThings will stay up to date.

This requires UPnP eventing to be working on Kodi and some people have reported issues with UPnP on Android devices running Kodi.

(DJAC) #289

Thank you for your quick response

(DJAC) #290

@joshua_lyon. Just wondering. Is there anyway to integrate Netflix into this. I have Netflix and Google home incorporated into kodi so this will complete the automation.
Also, Im curious as to what you use if not Core. Its amazing, even though it does use internet which can become unreliable.

(DJAC) #291

Cant get playing a movie to change routine. yet i did everything right.

It must also be told that everything is running as it should be. , the smart app detects Kodi and I am able to send notifications or even control her with the smartapp .

(DJAC) #292

@jjslegacy @joshua_lyon @Fuzzyligic @David_Van

can anyone help.
I have since got this to work but only for the ‘playing’ status. Not sure nothing else works.

(DJAC) #293

how do you use this?.. I installed callbacks.
Now what


Not sure that looks like it should work but maybe too many conditions. You might try importing my piston, with some light modification it should fit your needs.

(Jeffrey) #295

What are you trying to do?

(DJAC) #296

Just change routines based on movie play.
All lights are already preset.
The first one(Movie time works. ) so I know I’m on the right track. And I’m amazed as I tried quite a few possibilities . Your piston helped alot.
Any ideas

(Gene Clark) #297

What would you use the URL for? I’ve left it blank and am able to send notifications to Kodi but still cannot get the SmartThings device to show status. If I add IP address would that help? Also would you just put URL as

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #298

The manual URL is only for control IIRC. UPnP eventing needs to be working for status to update. Several people have reported issues with UPnP with Kodi on some Android devices.

(Gene Clark) #299

This is on Fire TV.

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #300

Fire TV is based on Android, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a potential for similar UPnP issues.

(Brian Diehl) #301

I had some issues with this on my FireTV before. It was hard to even get it to find it on my network.
I did have to use the URL to make it work for commands.

I have since moved on to an Android TV (LeEco Super4 X55) and don’t have the problems.

(DJAC) #302

Any help for paused and stopped status change would help. Everything works except those.
Also. Can I link web-core to the callbacks on Kodi for more reliability.