[RELEASE] Keenect V1.2.0, optional separate vo settings for cooling, vent obstruction auto clear

Log into the IDE and go to my Hubs

Cool, I’ll check that out later.

I’ll probably get a receptacle for each floor as well just in case.



if you dont want the plug in type GE now makes in wall switches and outlets that are Zigbee

Maybe I’ll do some in-wall switches, that’s something I can actually use with my existing lights.



My Zigbee is channel 24, my wireless g is channel 11 and my wireless N is auto (using wide ht40 I believe)



Yea, that’s probably not helping the situation any…

2.4G channel 11 and zigbee channel 24 are in the interference range of each other…


I moved my wifi to channel 1, as far from zigbee 24 as I can go, it’s working right now and I’ll keep an eye on it over the next few days.





I have to give props to Will from Keen Home. I emailed support to find out about getting another cover for one of my vents. He responded and asked how I broke it. Well it involves kids. After that he said one is shipping to me FREE of charge.

Great service I gotta say


Would like some advice with a scenario -

My house has 2 AC systems ( up and downstairs )

My kitchen and master on downstairs… When cooking our master goes subarctic.

My thoughts are putting keen vents in the master and changing my nests for ecobees with remote sensors

Any thoughts?

The vents should go in the kitchen, then a remote sensor in the bed room. The idea being to prevent additional heat gain in the kitchen.

Sorry - I guess where I am confused is that I still need to cool the kitchen during cooking without freezing out the bedroom.

In that situation wouldn’t I just have increased temps in the kitchen when the goal is divert the AC from master to kitchen to mitigate heat a bit more?

where is the thermostat for the level with the kitchen?

What I did is ran a modified version of Keep me Cozy that controls the temp a little closer and use an alternate temp sensor to control my thermostats. you could have it triggered to enable when you are cooking to use an alternate or permanently use an alternate. I have one for day and one for night myself

My downstairs thermostat is in the living room (great room between kitchen and hallway to master)

maybe trigger the thermostat off of the master bedroom in the winter

Thats the problem -

I could get a remote sensor for the bedroom, but then the AC won’t help the kitchen.

So you need vents in both locations, and temp sensors in each, though they don’t need to be the ecobee ones…

Could I do this with my current Nests and just some ST temp sensors?

Probbably, though the nest st integration isn’t the fastest to update, with this app, the Stat tells the app to start, the zones use the local temp sensors to manage the vents. So having st temp sensors will work better that trying to use the nest sensors. I don’t have a nest, so I can’t speak to how well a nest works with this app.

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