[RELEASE] Iris SmartPlug Z-Wave Repeater with Diagnostics

So, the same was happening to me. I found them in the IDE even though they were not showing up in the app. There I was able to change the device type to this DTH, and they showed up in the app without having to add them again. All is well now. You might try going into the IDE and searching for the name you gave them.

Looks like it’s sorted out. I got a message from Brad at ST and he got me going. In my case I was using this DTH for all my plugs and some had mentioned it was a DTH issue I deleted this DTH and moved all my working plugs to the stock DTH, but I had the same issue. What I didn’t realize is I still had another DTH loaded in my library that I had forgotten about. It was called “blebson : Iris Smart Plug”

I don’t remember when I loaded it. Brad had me comment out one line in that DTH and my plug paired almost immediately. When I get home tonight I am going to remove that DTH after I get all my plugs paired and then re-load this one and switch them back. So thanks to @Brad_ST


I am having this same issue. Would you kindly tell me what DTH is ? @Brad_ST could u help me out?! Thanks in advance

Thank you @mikejudy this worked!

@mikejudy post above helped me and I’m set up now! Thanks!

Took 2 brand new plugs I’ve had for a while out of the box and attempted to pair. Zigbee has paired fine. I’m at a dead end on the Z-Wave.

I’ve paired a number of others in the past with no problems, but just can’t seem to figure the two new ones out. I was originally using the Blebson handler for Zigbee. I have since deleted that and moved all zigbee operations to the native SmartPower Outlet option in case that was causing the hiccup. I later added this custom handler in case that might help my z-wave issue. The handler works fine for all of the existing repeaters, but still can’t seemingly find the new ones from the Classic App.

I have not had a problem getting the outlets into the flashing pairing mode. Early attempts seemed to require 3 button pushes… now they seemingly respond to 8. I just can’t get the app to find them. Hub and outlet both flash as if they are making the attempt, but the zwave portion of the outlets just never show up in the app or website device list.

I’ve tried various combinations of hard resetting the plugs, deleting and repairing the zigbee portion, unplugging, zwave repairs, zwave exclusions, republishing all custom handlers, hub reboots… all with the same result

At this point, I wonder if I should just chalk it up to these being part of the “bad batch” that others have mentioned.

cyberlian, Interesting…

I’m trying to setup 3 3210-L outlets and they are all doing the same as yours.

Zigbee adds with no issues.

But the z-wave part does not add.

I put it in pairing mode and try adding the device. The light blinks on the Iris for a while and than stops blinking like it paired. But I checked IDE and but ST apps and nothing.

If I want to try and pair it again than I have to exclude is and it will allow me to pair the zwave part. But the same thing happens.

I’ve even tried to watch IDE logging and nothing ever appears.

I’m stumped and will probably contact support…

Re-publish any custom device handlers you have.

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This has been fixed with the latest ST hub firm update.

Mine are adding fine with no problem.
Good luck

I stopped using these because of issues with xioami zigbee devices. This new DH was easily detected and it reports as working. My question. If I uninstall the zigbee functionality form the IDE, I see that the z-wave still works. Is the zigbee still going to screw up my xioami devices? Thanks.

Also, Z-wave test successful, interrogation fails. IDE says online as z-wave.