[RELEASE] Iris Smart Plug (3210-L) Zigbee Plug with Z-wave Repeater

This is an oddball compound device - it actually shows up as two unique devices in the app - A Zigbee plug and a ZWave repeating device. And you have to join them independently.

Since repeaters must be joined to repeat for a network- just don’t join one side or the other of the device.

This is why I don’t use Aquara devices. I don’t want to have to engineer my mesh around them.

I would agree with regards to their sensors, but their double rocker has been bullet proof for me for months now. It’s routing through a GE switch too without a problem. I wish there was an easy way to figure out what was routing through my Aqura switch in the IDE.

This post got me to wondering if their switches, which are routers, would do a good job with their own sensors. I may have to get one and play around with it.


The new t1 line of aqara devices will solve your problems. They are Zigbee 3.0 certified like the mijia light sensor. They will not drop like the older sensors. I am offering free samples (for now just the vibration sensor, but temp humidity when I have stock) to anyone who wants to help with modifying the device handlers to support them.

Yeah, good point on the 3.0 spec. That lux sensor I did the DTH for hasn’t dropped at all and has been working great. I got your tag notification from your other post on the vibration sensor. That sounds like a good project I can work on with you.

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I’ll send you a pm

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How do you know or get these Aqara 3.0s?

I’m not sure when it happened but within the past couple months all (20) of my 3210-L’s have stopped reporting energy usage, it just remains 0. If I change the device type to another device and then back to the iris it will work for a while, maybe a day or so, then stops again. My peanut plugs are still reporting properly.
Any ideas what to try next? I’ve added a new plug, re-paired an existing one, re-saved the DHT, changed the device type to something else and then back to Iris.

in the IDE logging it throws this error in red " java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘date’ on null object @line 155 (calculateAndShowEnergy)"

that line in the dth is “def deltaT = (recentEvents[0].date.getTime() - recentEvents[1].date.getTime()) // time since last “power” event in milliseconds”

@blebson might not be supporting this code anymore as the iris outlet works with the smartsense outlet device type, but without the energy usage window.

Mine are all reporting energy usage. Im using the local DTH “SmartPower Outlet”.