[RELEASE] Iris Smart Plug (3210-L) Zigbee Plug with Z-wave Repeater

Nope, just headaches plus the device will stay local to the hub if that’s important to you.


If you have Z-Wave mesh problems one of the custom device handlera for the Z-Wave repeater can come in handy. otherwise just use the default one.

Custom device handlers for the ZigBee portion provide more information such as cost of electricity used other historical data… still better to use the default one so you get local execution.

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I have been using this DTH for years but today when I checked one of the tile pages, this is what I got:

Has this happened to anyone else?


Yes, same issue here with me. Changing the type to Zigbee Metering Plug seems to work, except that the meter appears to multiple by 10 (i.e. a 7 watt lamp shows 70w of usage).

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Crazy thing is that it reads correctly in the New App.

Same things for me.

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Back to normal for me…

I want to add here that per the thread I link below, this custom device handler is no longer needed to add Iris Smart Plug 3210-L to Smartthings Hub. In fact, you need to delete this custom device handler in order for Smartthings to discover the Iris Smart Plug as Smartthings hub now supports this Zigbee device natively.

When you change the device type to the local controlled ‘smartpower outlet’ you lose the ‘energy used’ and ‘time’ readings.

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@blebson I know this post is old and hasn’t been updated in quite some time but I’m wondering if you’re still supporting this handler. In the new app the energy reading no longer seems to work and isn’t tabulating KWh any longer.

Does anybody know if there is a way to his the multiple zwave repeaters that show up as a result of the smart plug being added to smartthings?

I guess I’m missing what your asking?

I initially followed all the directions, including adding the Z-Wave repeater to smartthings. I guess I’m wondering if the repeater would be still be working if I didn’t “add” it to Smartthings? It is frustrating to go through my devices and see five Z-wave repeaters that serve no purpose for activating switches, etc. Is there a way to hide them from the app, or would deleting only the repeater part impact my smarththings behavior?

I believe you have to add them so they become part of the system mesh.

I do believe there is a way to hide items you don’t want visable in the app, but I personally don’t know how yet. Just haven’t gotten around to cleaning my list up.

If I stuble across how I’ll share.

I found this on Google, I’m sure Smartthings has it listed someplace too.

The repeater MUST be included in your network as a device to work.

And you want it to work that way too… Otherwise any rando could park outside your home with a device that claimed to be a repeater and record or inject ZWave commands.

A device that gets included in SmartThings, shows as a device in the UI.

Most of the people I talk to have ab automation or trash room where we park stuff like this.