[RELEASE] Iris Smart Plug (3210-L) Zigbee Plug with Z-wave Repeater

Good catch!

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Sooooo, I’m late to the party but I still brought a gift :grin: … three quick questions…

  1. I’ve had these for about 2 years and out of the box I just used the ZigBee portion, can I still press the “white” button on the front 8 times and get the Z-Wave repeater to work and show up in the (classic) App? and can I do with without affecting the current device settings in ST, or will it reset the device?

  2. Is the ZigBee side “repeating” out of the box, or do I need to do something?

  3. The device currently shows up as a LOCAL device (SmartPower Outlet). If I change to use this DTH (https://github.com/blebson/Iris-Smart-Plug/blob/master/devicetypes/blebson/iris-smart-plug.src/iris-smart-plug.groovy) will it move to CLOUD?

Yes. You’ll need to have the hub in discovery mode, of course, for it to find and pair the Z-Wave Plus repeater.

Yes, it repeats automagically, once paired to your hub.

Yes, it will move to the cloud. Best to just use the stock device handlers, IMHO.


Thanks for your help…

Question… I just setup my Z Wave extender/repeater on the Iris Outlet (3210-L) I paired/setup up in the classic app and showing up in the New app. It also is showing up as running in the CLOUD and not LOCAL. Did you use a custom DTH or that the default DTH for the Z-Wave Repeater on this device…

The Z-Wave repeating functionality is all done locally within the 3210-L hardware. I would not worry about it’s DTH running in the cloud.


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