[RELEASE] Iris Smart Plug (3210-L) Zigbee Plug with Z-wave Repeater

Good catch!

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Sooooo, I’m late to the party but I still brought a gift :grin: … three quick questions…

  1. I’ve had these for about 2 years and out of the box I just used the ZigBee portion, can I still press the “white” button on the front 8 times and get the Z-Wave repeater to work and show up in the (classic) App? and can I do with without affecting the current device settings in ST, or will it reset the device?

  2. Is the ZigBee side “repeating” out of the box, or do I need to do something?

  3. The device currently shows up as a LOCAL device (SmartPower Outlet). If I change to use this DTH (https://github.com/blebson/Iris-Smart-Plug/blob/master/devicetypes/blebson/iris-smart-plug.src/iris-smart-plug.groovy) will it move to CLOUD?

Yes. You’ll need to have the hub in discovery mode, of course, for it to find and pair the Z-Wave Plus repeater.

Yes, it repeats automagically, once paired to your hub.

Yes, it will move to the cloud. Best to just use the stock device handlers, IMHO.


Thanks for your help…

Question… I just setup my Z Wave extender/repeater on the Iris Outlet (3210-L) I paired/setup up in the classic app and showing up in the New app. It also is showing up as running in the CLOUD and not LOCAL. Did you use a custom DTH or that the default DTH for the Z-Wave Repeater on this device…

The Z-Wave repeating functionality is all done locally within the 3210-L hardware. I would not worry about it’s DTH running in the cloud.


Hi All,
I’ve accidentally deleted the plug of this unit and unable to repair it.
Do I need to delete both device and repair?
If yes, I have 2 other units that’s in use, how can i determine the repeater names?

If you put the hub into exclusion mode, then hit the button on the outlet 8 times, that should exclude the z-wave repeater and remove it from the ST app automatically. I had this problem as well. Ended up naming the outlets with a letter in parens that matched the repeater name so I could pair them back up again. So, it would be Desk Lamp © and Repeater C as a pair. I did it in Device name though so the label still looked Clean in the app.

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For the zigbee part, manual says Unplug any devices from the module and unplug from the wall. Now hold the on/off button while plugging it back into the wall. Hold the button until the status LED turns on.
Then add it as a new device.
For the repeater part (if you need it), which is zwave do as @Ryan780 says.

I have the V3 Iris smart plug (IL031). Does anyone know if this one actually supports power monitoring? On Smartthings site, it shows that it does, but it also lists multiple models so maybe certain ones don’t? It was the primary reason I bought some of these, but I can get it to work no matter what. I tried a couple different device handlers and none of them will show power usage.

Have you tried the DTH called SmartPower Outlet or ZigBee Switch Power?

Edit. I just saw your other post. That discussion says either should work.

I have a version from several years ago now (at least 3 years old, maybe 4 or more) and mine shows the power usage fine. In fact, I used it yesterday to check the power usage of a small appliance. It didn’t show KWH but it showed the watts fluctuating in real time. I’m guessing it didn’t show KWH because the usage was so low and over such a short time.

That one is z-wave though, correct?

It’s the one that’s Zigbee with the Z-wave repeater also built in - so dual protocols in the one plug. It’s why I opted for that one since it increased the strength of both systems within our IoT setup.

What is the difference between the 3210-L and the 3210-L2?

The 3210-L2 is just a newer revision. I am not aware of any significant differences. One thing is that the original firmware on the 3210-L caused some users to experience issues with the Z-Wave repeater. I believe the updated firmware for the 3210-L resolved those issues, but I am not 100% sure.

One would hope that the 3210-L2 would have already had these fixes applied since it was released years after the original 3210-L.

I do not believe there is any difference in features or functionality.

There are two other threads that are really relevant about the Z-wave side of this device:

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Sorry if this is a redundant question, but man this post is 700 messages long now. I just picked up 5 of these, all paired easily both as zigbee and as zwave…I have 5 more coming. So on to my question, at the beginning of this thread is a github code shot. What exactly is that for? Do I need it for anything special? I remember reading that there is a handler that helps with the power monitoring on these, but not sure if that is what this is. Bit new to all of this. Thanks for any help.

The custom handlers for these devices are only for advanced functions and diagnostics. Basic things like power monitoring work with the default handler.

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Thanks. Anything crazy awesome that would fall under advanced functions? Being that most of these will be used as a repeater/extender I doubt it, but I am plugging all of my power strips (for tv/cable/xbox) into them so I can cut them off during “away and sleep” mode to cut down on vampire drain. again, sounds like it isn’t really anything I am going to need, but interested to hear or read about the possibilities. I tried about 200 messages at the top of this thread but didn’t seem like what could be done was talked about.