[RELEASE] Iris Smart Plug (3210-L) Zigbee Plug with Z-wave Repeater

Changing the device handler to eSmartPower Outlet’ devicetype worked like a charm!

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I was just getting ready to post the same exact question. Specifically I was wondering about this http://a.co/4en2BgH compared to the Iris outlet being discussed here. Anyone know?

It is more similar to the SmartThings SmartPower outlet, it doesn’t have the z-wave functionality that the Iris Smart Plug has from what I understand.

Yea it is a zigbee repeaters but not zwave. I got them 2 for 1 a while back so it’s good for zigbee mesh

@ArstenA asked in another thread if it has been verified that the second gen iris smart plug (3210-L) has a Z wave repeater. I can’t speak to how well it works, but it is definitely certified as one. Here’s the conformance statement from the official Z wave alliance site:


The Z-Wave repeater works well for me. I created a DTH for it to show online/offline status. It can be found here.



please help me to understand how… I am still lost…

Just a note to say thanks for this DTH. Works great!

Has there been any discussion on how often these report power?

I noticed that these send power events like 20 times a minute. I thought it was something messed up in my V1 setup so when I did my V2 migration I hoped it would go away, but it is still reporting a crap ton every minute.

Is there a way to slow down reporting but still use a Local Processing DTH?

Not that I know of, the outlet reports power consumption each time the value changes. Mine only reports once every 20 minutes or so. Sounds like whatever you have plugged in has a very variable power consumption.

Yup! A dehumidifier and a computer, it is crazy how much the power fluxes on those.

You can adjust the amount of power reporting with a custom DTH but unfortunately it will no longer be local.

Not home at the moment at see myself, but if I adjust it and then change back will it remember the settings or will it only soften the reporting when using the Iris DTH?

Tried a search in this long thread and this info did not appear…,

In the DTH list there are the following:

  • Smartpower Outlet
  • Smartpower Outlet v1

Which is preferred?

I believe the V1 is the one you want but I haven’t tested it.

Use Smartpower Outlet. I believe v1 is for the original device that came with Kickstarter.

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FWIW :grinning: I concur - “SmartPower Outlet” is what I use (based on an earlier study of this thread).

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So I’ve had an interesting issue since I installed the two plugs I just got…all of my printers kept falling off my network, and my Nest thermostat wasn’t connecting/reporting reliably, and a couple other issues.

I’ve heard of Wi-Fi interfering w/Zigbee, but can it also go the other way? The addition of the plugs may be coincidental, but it seemed like the issues and the arrival of the plugs were too closely timed to not be related, and there have been no other changes to my network.

I’ve moved my router channel 1 from 9. My Hub is using Zigbee channel 24 which is up close to 9 as far as I understand.

I am so frustrated. I CAN NOT get the Z-Wave part working. I have done the Device Exclusion thing, Held the button, pressed the button, Unplugged, re-unplugged, stood on my head and even did a chant with a bloody chicken foot. This thing will not go into pairing mode. :frowning:

Make sure it didn’t get picked up already as either a ‘Thing’ or a ‘Z-Wave Plug’. I agree, the Z-wave side is very finicky. It honestly took me a good few tries before I got it to pair myself.