[RELEASE] Iris Smart Plug (3210-L) Zigbee Plug with Z-wave Repeater

There are methods to collect and graph data. I use this one:

I just added 2 of these to my network and am having some issues if anyone wants to help. I believe I’ve set them up properly…I added the DH from the first post, plugged them in and searched. It found the “outlet” and I can control it and see wattage. Then I added the Z-wave repeater portion by clicking the button 8 times (holding down didn’t work on mine) and searched. My hub found a new Z-wave repeater (I think that’s what it was called?). Great. So now I wanted to make sure both my zigbee and Zwave meshes were optimized, so I addressed the zigbee mesh first. Unplug hub and remove batteries for 15 minutes. Next I tried to heal the Z Wave network, but I got errors for both of the Z-Wave repeaters:

Network repair for [device name or ID]: Failed to update mesh info


Network repair for [device name or ID]: Could not find route

  • I can still control the outlets via smarthome app fine
  • I don’t know if my zigbee devices are using the repeaters
  • I don’t know if my z wave devices are using the repeaters

So, please any advice?

Maybe this is a dumb question but how do you see the energy usage? I see what my plug is currently using but the “Energy Used:” says null kwh. Any help? Thanks!

Hit reset and it will start working.

Bump :slight_smile: :slight_smile: any help on questions 2 posts up?

For some reason, it’s tough to easily map out ZigBee and Z-Wave networks. For most people, if things are working and there aren’t any issues, why worry about it? But, you can check out this thread for further information on meshes.

I’ve got one of these outside and it’s working great, in -17 degree’s! Centralite made these things solid!

So I got my iris plug today. It’s working well, but I can’t get the z wave repeater function to initialize, or be recognized as a z wave repeater in the list of things. Is there a trick?


Plug it in and then very rapidly press the On button 8 times. It should then go into z-wave pairing mode and pair as a generic z-wave device.


After repeatedly trying, I finally got it.

Anyway in Live logging, devices, etc. to verify the Z wave repeaters are working properly?

Wanted to say thanks to this thread.
I’m switching from IRIS to ST, and am quite pleased with the switch over so far.
Had 2 Iris Smart Plugs now running on my ST Network, and grouped via my Amazon Eco to turn on / off interior Christmas’ lights.

So yea I can now say “Alexa, Turn on Christmas” or “Alexa, Turn off Christmas” :smiley:

That is awesome to hear. I just put some lights out on the yard and I wanted to control it but I couldn’t find anywhere on the box or literature that says if it was made for the outdoor if can withstand the cold MN weather.

Going to give it a shot for tomorrow night.

I finally got it working after struggling for half an hour. The problem was on my IDE, you have to make sure you select your location and then add device handler.

  • Go here first https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/
  • Select your location
  • Click on device handler
  • Add new
  • From code
  • Copy paste code from https://github.com/blebson/Iris-Smart-Plug/blob/master/devicetypes/blebson/iris-smart-plug.src/iris-smart-plug.groovy
  • Go to ST app on mobile phone
  • Add new device
  • Press button the plug and insert into outlet
  • As soon as light comes on, let go the button
  • On the app, it should come up as Outlet
  • Save new paired device
    Now to pair up Z-Wave mode
  • Take outlet and insert it right next to the hub (not sure if it is needed)
  • Press exactly 8 times (have to try few times) till it goes into pairing mode (2 blinks, every seconds)
  • On ST app, add new device, wait, it should show up as Z-Wave device
  • If it does not work, try again, I was able to get it setup 2 of my plus with couple of tries

Thanks everyone for your inputs


Great summary of the steps.
One qn on the Zwave repeater. It has been said multiple times that the Z-wave repeater is not working as expected or the results are not seen. Do you have some thoughts on that? Or were somebody able to confirm it? I lost track of this thread as i coming back after long time :(.

Appreciate the help

I’m not sure if any definitive answer was found. There is no good way to determine if the repeater is being used in the mesh or not.

I really appreciate these explicit directions! They helped quite a bit. One thing I found was that neither holding the button down NOR the 8 button presses worked with my plug for the z-wave repeater pairing. I had to hold the button down and when it turned solid blue after plugging in, press it like 4 times really quickly. This is what set mine into pairing mode and allowed the z-wave repeater to show up.

I got the Iris to pair both times. Few questions… It seems the Zwave “thing” in the app does not control the plug (turn the device on/off). The Zigbee “thing” does. WhenI have the outlet turned off through the Zigbee device, does it still act as a repeater, or does it shut off that functionality? How can I get the Zwave device to control the outlet so that the Zigbee device always stays On to act as a repeater?

The jury is still out as to whether the Z-Wave repeaters really work but having some weird Z-Wave issues since the last hub update I decided to remove them all and rebuild the network. With over 40 SmartPlugs, and knowing Z-Wave performance suffers on larger networks it was the next logical step.

I haven’t seen any improvement since removing them, but also, Z-Wave coverage hasn’t been impacted either. My best guess is that they do not contribute to the network…

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I don’t think the z-wave portion of this is actually working. I think possibly it could could work if a proper device handler was made for it, and we all weren’t using the “default z-wave device”? When I check status in the IDE it’s clearly not communicating lol. Thoughts? I mainly only needed this as a zigbee repeater for a out door cree bulb. It’s literally plugged in a room with nothing attached to it LOL.

@krlaframboise , do you think a custom Device Handler for the z-wave portion of this would get the z-wave repeater working? I assume since no activity seems to show up, it’s not actually working. Is there someway to tell if this device is actually repeating z-wave?