[RELEASE] Iris Smart Plug (3210-L) Zigbee Plug with Z-wave Repeater

I have done what you suggested. It still does not work. According to log, I can see it only get report every 10 mins instead of 1 second. It looks like the handle think the device is not active, so it sends only report every 10 mins as defined in powerConfig() method. Can you think any reason to cause that?

If it sends a message every 10 min without you clicking on refresh, that is good. At least it sends something and shows some activity. These messages (at least the ones that say “power”) come from the actual hardware device, not from the device handler.

I think you said before that it wasn’t sending any messages unless you click refresh?
Now it is sending every 10 min, is that new?

Hey, why your screenshot shows only the “displayed” events? Could you please switch to “all”?

Regarding clicking fresh to update the message, I mean the smartthing app on my phone does not automatically update the elapsed time and real time power.

When I chose all option, I can see all the real time power consumption updated every second. So it looks like the handle works correctly, but it is the app on phone does not work right. The app does not update automatically elapsed time and real time power, so no accumulated power calculated. I don’t know if above reasoning is right.

Is it iOS or Android? I can’t say anything about iOS, but for me it works on Android. I have no idea what could cause this disconnect between the app and the device. Maybe you could contact support. I don’t know if they provide support for custom device handlers though.

It is on Android. Anyway, thanks for trying to help.

Take a look at this modified DH by @ady624 in this thread. This DH is for SmartThings outlet but it also works with the Iris Smart Plug (3210-L). This one will show the accumulated power.

Thanks Jim, that one works!

I don’t really like the new changes to this device, why do I need to know how long it has been paired to my hub, also it seems to update the power usage every second. Is there a way I can I use the handler but only keep the on off ability. I don’t need any of the other metrics.

I believe with these I switched the device handler to the stock ST ones…because I just need the local processing, and cost effective zigbee power outlets from the Lowe’s discount wonderland (that appears to have closed)

Have you considered doing that?

I didn’t know that would work, I’ll try to change it later and see what happens

I am traveling, but memory serves its called SmartPower Outlet in the IDE. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.


Yes, the default “SmartPower Outlet” device handler works with the Iris plug. On the plus side the built in Device handler Watt meter work for real time output.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Does anyone know if you use this device handler if it will repeat zigbee AND zwave??? Or just Zwave?

It should do both, but it’s hard to confirm either.

Well, I can see an improvement on my Nyce Hinge Door Sensors response time which is a zigbee sensor that was very far from my hub including a steel door in between. Should this just show as one device? Or two?

There should be one Zigbee device (Switch and invisible repeater) and one Z-Wave device (Repeater only)

Just did 3 more of these, I think they are my single most favorite device. Take less than a minute each.

I’m still doing the z-wave portion though I have no idea if it’s really doing anything. Assuming it is, I have a very robust mesh at this point!

Interesting. Originally it came up as a zwave device which I force deleted when I was troubleshooting. I finally got the zigbee, outlet working but now I don’t see the zwave device even after trying a device exclusion. Any ideas?

Tap the button very quickly 8 times.

I just got this smart plug a couple of days ago, and this thread was invaluable in getting it set up. Initially the Zigbee radio paired without a problem, but I couldn’t get the Z-Wave repeater to pair. I followed the directions in the initial post:

…then I read more. It appeared that many people had slightly different problems, with slightly different answers, so I went on an experimentation journey based on what others had already tried and succeeded about 30 minutes later. Thank you to everyone for posting your experiences and suggestions! I’m glad to be part of this community!

Here’s what I ended up doing to get everything set up:

  1. Created, saved and published the Device Handler from the link in the first post
  2. Start “Add Thing” from the IOS ST app
  3. Set up Zigbee smart plug
  4. Tried, but failed to get plug into Z-Wave pairing mode.
  5. Removed ZigBee device from ST
  6. Did a Z-Wave exclusion via the IDE
  7. Rebooted ST hub via the IDE
  8. Start “Add Thing” from the IOS ST app
  9. Reset the Iris Smart Plug (Hold button while plugging it in)
  10. Add and configure the Iris Smart Plug thing
  11. Start “Add Thing” from the IOS ST app
  12. Rapidly press smart plug button 8 times (voila! Z-Wave pairing mode = 3-4 rapid blinks every ~10 seconds)
  13. Add and configure Z-Wave Device

This is currently my only ZigBee device. At the time I had a single Z-Wave dimmer switch, a couple of Sonos devices, and node proxy (courtesy of @redloro) controlling a Russound stereo. Not a complex system overall, which may have contributed to the success.