[RELEASE] Iris Smart Plug (3210-L) Zigbee Plug with Z-wave Repeater

Does anyone else notice a faint hiss noise from this device? I hear it when it is on or off, but it is louder when on.

I haven’t noticed it, but yes, if I put my ear closer than 5-6 in to it I do hear something. It is so low, it doesn’t bother me at all.

I had to do the 8 taps to get the repeater to work, interesting that there are different methods. Strange it has On/Off and dimmer slider. But I hope it does act as a repeater as I am attempting to add a Z-wave device in my metal mail box.

Hi @joelw135,

If the sensor is inside your mailbox it’s very unlikely that will help. Been there, done that.

My solution was to use an Ecolink/Monoprice contact sensor with the internal hard wired terminals. The sensor is attached to the outside of the mailbox with the wires running into the box to magnetic contacts made by Ademco. The sensor has been waterproofed with silicone, and has survived 2 winters, watering seasons (in the line of fire to one sprinkler too), and turrential rains.

If you want pictures, let me know!

I did have to put a GE outdoor outlet by my sidewalk.

Well then I am going to have a problem. I live in a 55 and older developement and they have rules and one is nothing allowed attached to mailbox. I am hoping that since the repeater is around 50 feet away from the mailbox it will work. If not I wasted some cash on the tilt sensor and will install it on my garage door. Then that will mean buying another with additional relays to shut the door from my phone. The tilt sensor I have does have screw terminals for a contact sensor so maybe I can hide it under the box.

I would like to see the pictures. :slight_smile:

Hi @joelw135 and @schapper05 ,

I’m a similar distance from mine with the outside outlet being the repeater, and I would have liked to put something inside. Our development has similar covenants, but nobody has complained yet. If fact, I’ve helped a few neighbors do the same thing. They painted their’s flat black, which I will eventually do as well.

Here’s how it looks on the mailbox, the magnet contact on the inside, and the GE outdoor outlet in the distance:

(forgive the crappy grass situation, we’re just now starting to see things finally grow!)

I was lucky and was able to route the wires from behind and under the main box, through the lower box, and up into the main box right around the hinge that had a nice gap up to the inside sensor.

I joined the device inside the house right by the hub, and as I walked it out to the mailbox I kept tripping the sensor several times so that I kept seeing it open/close and to make sure the outside repeater and device would communicate. I also made sure to trip the sensor right by the outlet several times. Like I said, 2 years no problem, and even after replacing my hub just recently.

I use a custom SHM rule to send my wife and I a message “Mail Arrived!” when ever the door opens (and closes for now). I also have Alexa speak the notification!

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I would appreciate any info on the smart home rule so I could use Alexa for this. Give me info on setting up Alexa to talk.

So that we don’t hijack this thread, I moved this discussion to here:

i am trying to connect iris smart plug. it was not detecting.after waiting for 10 min i went back to things and found the device as thing, then manually in IDE i select above device type code and saved it. when i turn on and off it is working

did i do right or i might have problems

The only issue you might have is that it might not automatically report the power usage. Let me know if this is an issue for you.

i reset the device and it pair now as outlet. but i was unable to repair it for z-wave repeater. i am try it now

EDIT: I was able to pair. took multiple tries/

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So, I haven’t read every post in this thread, but it doesn’t seem that power monitoring refreshes automatically. Is that correct? Considering getting in on the “buy 2, get 1 free” sale at Lowes rather than wait for the Aeon switch to go on sale again, but wanted some feedback. I’m not as concerned with the Z-wave repeater functionality, as I have that already taken care of at this stage.

It should update automatically just like the SmartThings branded ones.

I just got six of them yesterday. They do report power usage, but it resets every time it’s turned off. It is not cumulative. At least with the SmartSense Power Outlet stock device handler.

If you want energy reporting - use the custom handler from this thread.

Will it give a cumulative usage as well as a keep it from the last on time?

it should, though I don’t use it anymore because I value local execution over the functionality

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I see no power on either device type as multi attribute tiles are broken in the 2.0.8 IOS release.

I keep getting this error from time to time:

“error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘date’ on null object @ line 146”