[RELEASE] Initial Setup for Ecobee3 & 4, Smart-SI, EMS, Smart-02 thermostats - My Ecobee Device



@yvesracine Hey there, just got a ST v2 and used your awesome work to link my Ecobee3 so thanks for that. I just got it running a few hours ago and just got a message of too many exceptions. I see someone else had a similar issue so I went in and turned on the logging. Its running now but nothing out of the ordinary. GOing to let it run for a bit and report back.

Question though , on the prefs side there are other prefs such as appkey, ecobeetype, and thermostatid. Do I need to be filling this in in order for it to work right? I didnt see it mentioned in your guide but maybe I just missed something. I did confirm that when I set the temp it did update the web portal for ecobee (since I’m at work at not in my home)

Thanks again!

(Yves Racine) #73

HI @Roach, I had a high number of exceptions myself and it looks like this is due to slow response times on the ecobee servers side.

Since I created the MyEcobeeInit (service manager) smartapp, the above preferences do not need to be populated anymore as they are set by my service manager.


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(Tracy S Fitch) #74

Hello and thank you very much for you work on this!

The instructions got me up and running in no time – but (there’s always a “but” isn’t there?) I’m not seeing a way that I can use the ecobee vacation scheduler to manage my ST mode. Am I missing it somewhere? In general, I’ve been happy with their scheduler and I appreciate its ability to handle recovery times. Is there some reason this would be a bad idea?

(Yves Racine) #75

Hi @Tracy_S_Fitch,

I’m not sure that I understand your use case here…

Why would you want to set your ST hello mode based on your ecobee vacation schedule?

Usually, people would associate their ST “Away” mode with their ecobee “Away” program…

The ecobee Vacation “schedule” is normally for few exceptional events throughout the year that are outside of the realm of ecobee programs such as Home, Away, Sleep, Awake, or any custom ones that you define.

Anyhow, my smartapps just handle the ST modes associated to the regular ecobee programs, but nothing prevents you to use My Ecobee Device to code your own smartapp according to your requirements.

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P. S. FYI, in MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp & ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapps, the ecobee ‘Away’ program is automatically set when there is no motion at home according to a threshold in minutes that you define… As those smartapps constantly run and wake up, this usually takes care of most of the requirements out there for switching back and forth between the ecobee Away and at Home programs.


(Mark Kaplan) #76

Is it possible to increase the 3 Ecobee max limit in your App?

(Yves Racine) #77

Hi @mkaplan2534,

This is no ‘hard’ limit constraint on the number of ecobee thermostats that My Ecobee Init (Service Manager) can manage…

However, it is recommended to not select more than 3 ecobee3 therrmostats per instance of my Service Manager in order to avoid the ST platform rate limiting issue as specified here:

especially, if you have many remote sensors and you want to expose them thru my ecobee3RemoteSensorInit smartapp.

If you do have more than 3 ecobee thermostats, you just need to create another instance of MyEcboeeInit by specifying a different name at the last page (Notifications and other settiings) when prompted (see following parameter below)

	section([mobileOnly:true]) {
		label title: "Assign a name for this SmartApp", required: false



Thanks for the help. Another question I had which is if I set the temp to, say 80 when I leave, and then have it set to 75 when I get home, I find that it sets the settings to 75 AND HOLD. How, instead, can I not feed it the 75 temp and instead tell it to just resume its schedule? Or can I have do 75 until the next point that I have it set to change. (ie at 1030 at night I have it drop another degree, but it wont do this on hold)

Thanks again for the awesome work

(Yves Racine) #79

Hi @Roach, Please read the very beginning of this thread where I’ve explained the different scenarios and smartapps that you can use for your use cases.

Please look at my ecobeeResumeProg smartapp.

Whenever you change the ecobee heating/cooling setpoints outside of its regular schedule/climate, this will create a ‘hold’, there is no way around it.

If you want the hold to be temporary till the nextTransition, please set the holdType parameter accordingly in My Ecobee Device. This is also explained at the beginning of the thread.

Bye for now.

And,.please support the developer :grinning:


Thanks again. I will go back and look back over that. :smile:


Hello! New to SmartThings (First post) and just set up my system a few days ago. Also just bought my ecobee. I’ve added MyEcobeeInit and it does show up in the SmarApps marketplace under MyApps… But, when I press passed the first page with “About” Etc, it gives me a blank screen and doesn’t allow me to put in my ecobee credentials. I saw in your instructions that you said OAuth had to be enabled, but I can not find this option anywhere in the new App (I never had the old app). I’m trying to set this up away from my house, so it could be that I need to be next to the hub and thermostat to get this going? Thank You!

(Yves Racine) #82

Hello, I’m glad that your first post is about My ecobee device…

You need to enable Oauth in the IDE when you click on the smartapp. Please follow the readme at my github…



Found it! Thanks so much… once I get this up and running I’ll definitely support the developer :slight_smile: Planning to set this up with ecovents which I believe you’ve written a smartapp for as well! Thanks for your work on this.


@yvesracine got the programming working, thanks for the heads up. One last issue I seem to be having is with the ecobee remote sensors. After setting things up they seem very slow/bad at picking up motion. I would think they would be instant however sometimes i could be standing in front of it moving for an hour and it doesnt pick any of the movement up. Do you think the sensor is bad or something with the programming? I have 2 sensors and both seem to exhibit this


(Yves Racine) #85

Hello @Roach,

You may want to look into this thread first:

As specified earlier in the above thread: ecobee motion sensors don’t allow real-time events.

Also, on the ST side,there are some rate limiting and max execution time constraints to take into account which is why the polling interval cannot be lower than 10 minutes.

You can refer to ecobee API documentation:


Which states (about motion occupancy):

The remote sensor data will only show computed occupancy, as does the thermostat. Definition - For a given sensor, computed occupancy means a sensor is occupied if any motion was detected in the past 30 minutes.

So, I’m sorry but there are limitations in the way the remote sensors were designed, and they will never be like any ST motion sensors (unless ecobee makes some serious changes on their side).

But, you may want to contact ecobee support if your remote sensors are still reporting occupancy after more than 1/2 hour…Please check at your physical thermostat first.



Gotcha, thanks for the quick response. I am a bit at a crossroads in terms of either adding more remote sensors from Ecobee, or picking up Motion detectors or temp sensors and trying to figure out how to tie them in to the Ecobee. I just want the motion sensors to work faster, similar to what I get with a dedicated motion sensor. Likewise, if I use a dedicated motion sensor, I like some of the functionality such as the Follow feature.

Any thoughts on this?

(Yves Racine) #87

Hi @Roach, please look into the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp as described at the very beginning of this thread.

The smartapp allows a room by room configuration and reproduces the follow me feature with any ST connected motion sensors…


(Jack S) #88

Hi @yvesracine - thank you for your work on this. I just installed it and I’m running into one issue. I have two ecobee3 thermostats. When I go through the smartapp setup in the ios app I check off both. When I go to the list of “Things” I see them both. But only one of them ever connects. The other one is left with all blank parameters. Any idea what the issue is?

(Yves Racine) #89

@YEM, just try first to press the refresh button several times (as indicated in the readme file at my github).

You can also activate the live logging in the IDE to see if there are any errors or exceptions…


(Jack S) #90

I have hit the refresh button so many times. :(" Nothing happens.

I went to live logging and nothing posts from My ecobee. Is there something I have to do to get it to live log?

(Yves Racine) #91

You need to set the trace input parameters to true. There are some instructions in the readme file about it at the end (step 7 or 8).

You can try also to re-login to ecobee with live logging in myEcobee Init…

Bye for now