[RELEASE] Infrared IR Device Integration via ST Anything v1.0

It does! Works perfectly. I have my setup in the bedroom done but I’m still working on my living room one.

First of all thanks Kris for this, I managed to use it easily. I 'm using this on an ESP01 to control a signage TV in the waiting room. It’s an old Sony and requires about 10 IR commands with sufficient time inbetween.
It worked fine in initial tests (except for need to tune timing inbetween commands), but it seems webcore/ST is not trustworthy for timing and sending all commands. Therefore I would like to create the power on routine in code. I’m thinking of hardcoding the IRcodes and timing in a dedicated of EX_SwitchIR.cpp.
I’m open to suggestions if anyone thinks of another or better way to handle this

The other thing I noticed is that the buttons are not always updating well in ST, for example timedrelays staying in “turningOn” mode. Any pointers to troubleshoot this? I’m suspecting something in ST backend which is why I prefer to hardcode the routine and limit to one command sent to the device :wink: