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[RELEASE] Improved Mobile Presence (Android only)



Think you could probably accomplish this with webCoRE and the webCoRE Presence Sensor.

@RobinWinbourne - His daughter wouldn’t need the SmartThings app running on her phone would she?

Won’t post all of the webCoRE links as I don’t want to hijack their thread. But here’s one.


I don’t have a developer account with Apple. Last time I checked it was like $100 just to register. Besides that I don’t even have an iPhone to test on. So unless I get a developer account and an iPhone to work with, no iOS support.

(Robin) #123

You don’t need the ST app installed to use the iOS webCoRE presence app… however, the presence app gives direct access to the webCoRE dashboard so your step daughter will still have access to stuff you may not want her to access.


Hey Robin, wouldn’t they still need a password to get into the dashboard? Or does it have to have continued accessibility for the Presence to work? I’m asking for another person who has some of the same use case scenarios. Not installing ST app on person phone and then only giving them access to specific devices via ActionTiles.

So I have the app installed on my Android and I just attempted to open it up and it wants a code. My Presence functionality will still continue to run and be active even though I can’t open the dashboard right now because it wants a code. Is that a true statement?

(Robin) #125

To be honest I’m not sure… try logging out of the dashboard within the presence app and let us know what happens :smile:


Is it possible to get it to say ‘Present’ and not ‘Home’. It’s annoying that my iPhones say ‘Present’! haha

(Robin) #127

Just tweak the device handler code in the tiles section

(Steven Chadwick Smartt) #128

I get to the point where I’m putting my device ID into the ST device and when I hit Save, it just keeps saying “please fill out all required fields” but everything is filled out.


Sorry for the late reply. Didn’t see the notification. I had that issue a while ago but it’s an issue with SmartThings. Try and remove the device and add it back again.

(Dennis Reiter) #130

Removing it and adding it again didn’t fix it for me, but entering the ID in the Device on the IDE did the trick.


Ok let me know if you have any more issues

(Kyle Porter) #132

John - I appreciate your continued development on this app. I’m having the same issue reported by multiple folks (mark2k, DrChops) above, re: presence sensor app detects me leaving my home WiFi network, but isn’t automatically notifying the server. With status and error messages turned on in the app, I see no notifications when connecting and disconnecting from WiFi. The location icon in Presence Sensor turns from blue to gray, so it seems like the app knows that I’m coming and going, but it isn’t automatically posting the activity. Using the manual refresh button in the app, I get the expected “Update successfully posted to server” notification. After using the manual refresh button everything seems to work fine for a while, and then the app reverts to the aforementioned unexpected behavior. I’m experiencing this issue on 3 android phones all running version 1.5 of the app on two different SmartThings locations. Let me know if I can forward any data to assist in working this issue. Thanks again for your help!


Unfortunately this has stopped reporting correctly. It’s showing me at home when I am away. I removed and replaced added the ID.

Yet another stab at WiFi-centric presence on android

That is an issue with Android 8.1. Are you having that issue on anything other than 8.1? I’m working on it but I don’t have any devices with 8.1 to test on.

(Kyle Porter) #135

Yes, one of the devices is running Android 6.0.1 and the other two are on 6.0.


Ok I might have something with Android 6. Not sure. Just to be sure… You did allow all the permissions it asks for right?


I’m also looking for 6.0.1 help if you are able.

(Kyle Porter) #138

Yes, sure did. The only permission it asks the user for is “Location” but it’s getting all of these additional requirements as well:

  • view network connections
  • connect and disconnect from Wifi
  • change network connectivity
  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • full network access
  • run at startup
  • android.permission.REQUEST_I

Also of note - I’m running the app with error notifications enabled and I don’t get any errors during the periods of unexpected behavior. It seems as though the app is functioning normally as far as detecting if I’m home or away based on my WiFi connection. It just isn’t automatically posting the update to the server.

(Isolatedvirus) #139

if remote access to an 8.1.0 android device will help, let me know. I’m on a Pixel XL.

(Lance Campbell) #140

Thanks for working on the device handler for the community. It has been working great for me since you released it. Although, like others posting recently it’s been erratic lately. The gf has a Galaxy S6 with 7.0 (pretty sure). Looking at the logs whenever I try and manually update the device via the ST app tries to poll the device location status and there are many errors.

Response has error: Failed to complete. Message was: Connection refused: