[RELEASE] Improved Mobile Presence (Android only)

Just added it

Do you have github integration for this DTH?
If so what are the details.

Owner: johndc7
Name: Smartthings
Branch: master

Thankyou. All done. :slight_smile:

Wifi on phone not in your home network

Are you still having problems with it updating?

Connect to the network you want to set as your home network then hit add home network.

Everything is the same.

Can you tell me what device you have and what version of android you are running so I can try to fix it?

Huawei Nova 2 Plus.
Android Version 7.0

Connect to the network you set as your home network and hit refresh server. Let me know what it does.

When I hit refresh server nothing seems to happen.
I can see the device ID at the top which doesn’t change.
Sorry, I get a message, “Your presence has been set to false”.

Just making sure but you did add your home network right?

When I click on the ‘ADD HOME WIFI’ again, my home wifi SSID appears again and I can click on it and it disappears.

Does it let you add the same network more than once?

Yes it does.

Does the name of your network come up correctly in the list? And can you pm me the name of your network?

Yes it does.
Will do.

I just uninstalled and re-installed the presence app.
Now when I reconnect to wifi I get your presence has been set to true.
When I click on the add home wifi now the home wifi does not appear after the initial setup.
I also get an arrived message in the recently tab.
The presence always says presence though. I t does not go to AWAY when disconnected from wifi.
Oops just gone away.
Looks to be working OK.

Just to clarify this step. You want use to paste the generated number from the app into the Network ID of the DH?