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[RELEASE] Improved Mobile Presence (Android only)

I get the exact same parameters error.I can go to the website link and get to the manual the enter ID , etc but where do I get the ID & Client secret . Is this from the IDE.I have 8.1 with patch installed .How would I manually cut & paste this info from IDE??. Sorry for the confusion



Select pair current device and then select the link to report a problem.

Note: This link is only visible on the “Pair current device” option because it does not work on the “pair other device” option due to the SmartThings app.

I have the link in the browser ( after pair current device and it looks like ID with current= true at the end. I can select this link, but how do I report a problem.


I need the entire link so I can recreate the issue on my computer (it seems to work when i try it)

Make sure you PM it to me.

I set this up a few days ago on my wife’s and my Oneplus 6Ts. I have the departure timeout set to 15 minutes, but I’m still getting false departures on both of our phones. Tonight, we both had false departures while we were both using our phones. Mine shows that I was gone for 12 minutes (plus the 15 minute timeout), her’s shows that she was gone for 2.

We were both on our phones browsing reddit while this was happening. If my wifi had disconnected for 27 minutes while I was using the phone, I would have noticed. Same with her’s disconnecting for 17. We were on our phones the entirety of these times. Could anything else be causing this?

Other than the periodic sync (for battery percent), it only syncs when the WiFi connects or disconnects. If you check the Presence Sensor app, the location you are currently at will be blue.

The WiFi events are triggered entirely by Android, and the periodic sync is every 30 minutes or hour (depending on if you are using the device or not).

I installed this on my wife’s phone because she’s having issues with the ST presence sensor being very slow to mark her home. It worked great for a while, but now Improved Presence is even slower to change when she gets home. She often has to unlock the door manually (gasp!).

We both have the Galaxy S9, but my ST presence works just fine. I’ve verified I’ve turned off battery optimizations on her phone, etc. She does turn off WiFi when she goes to work, but it turns back on automatically (Android setting) when she gets home. She also plays a lot of Candy Crush type games on her phone. My only thought is that maybe Android is killing off other processes when it needs to run her game, possibly killing Improved (and ST?) Presence. It will unlock the door and turn on lights long after she’s been in the house and connected to the WiFi.

Anything we should try to ensure Improved or ST presence work when they should?

Did you install the Oreo fix on her phone AND launch it?

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So the app does sync about every 30 minutes on its own so its possible that the WiFi events arent actually triggering. I would try closing all other apps (the games shouldn’t have any effect on it, but just to be sure) and test the WiFi events. Also make sure you have the patch installed and have opened both apps.

I know we installed the patch and opened it. The funny thing is that this used to work really well. She just walked in the door and her WiFi was turned off. :roll_eyes: I’m going to see if we can get her to keep her WiFi on and forget her work and the “public” Xfinity networks.

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How to use an existing Presence sensor with this instead of creating a new one? I am using the phone as a presence sensor in ST app, can that be used? I can select it in Presence Smartapp but when I go to pair it, it doesn’t redirect to Presence app, instead gives error in browser.

You have to use the device handler listed in the instructions. This is completely separate from the SmartThings arrival sensor and mobile presence.

If you installed the device handler and the SmartApp you should be able to create it within the SmartApp.

This project is NOT compatible with the SmartThings arrival sensor or the SmartThings mobile presence.


I just installed your app and everything is working great! But I forgot to install the OREO patch. I’m currently running PIE on my Galaxy S9+, so do I still have to technically install the OREO patch?

Yea, anything 8.1 or above needs the patch.

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If I may ask… out of curiosity, what’s the patch actually fix? More or less.

Android 8.1 and above disables apps from listening for wifi state changes if the app targets 8.1 or above. The patch targets Android 5 (to take advantage of the backwards compatibility) and just redirects the data to the actual app.

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Any way to add the “Set Device Image” feature in the settings?

Yea I’ll look into it. Should be simple enough.

Edit: Done, Should be there once you update your device handler :slight_smile:

Wow that was fast!. Thank you. :+1:

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Hi. I am trying to get this set up as we are having issues with stock mobile presence.
I’ve completed all steps, but cannot get the smartapp to pair. Pair this device loads a web page to scan a qr code. I obviously can’t scan it on the device it’s opened on! I’ve pushbulleted the qr to another machine so I could, but it does nothing.
Any help appreciated.