[RELEASE] Improved Mobile Presence (Android only)



Everything is up and running.

The pairing screen works on my phone.

Edit: Which pairing button are you using. Are you using the option to pair current device or pair other device?

(Atn) #302

Hmm strange…

(Atn) #303

Current device


Make sure your presence sensor app it updated. That option sends a command directly to the app and requires it to be updated. Your version number is located in the settings screen in the presence sensor app. (Currently the latest version is 1.6.2)



I’ve got the latest apps (just downloaded today). I’ve setup the device handler and smart app. When adding the smart app in SmartThings and selecting ‘pair this device’, the android app has an error in the notification bar saying update error #3, error setting presence.

Any ideas what is going wrong? I can’t see any ‘Things’ which match the name I’ve just created for this presence sensor.


Checking the logs. Give me a minute.

My bad… i messed it up in the last update lol. Just updated the app again.


Thanks for that. I’m no longer getting an error in the presence app. I’ve got two different issues now (one just looks like a bug I can work around).

  1. On SmartThings when adding a presence sensor, I press new, enter a name for the device but the option to select this device or a different device doesn’t load until I put a name in and press save. This will give me an error then end up loading the boxes to select this device or a new device.

  2. After adding a device within SmartThings, it says invalid device Id. When putting the device id in from your app, it says ‘please fill out the required fields’ but all the fields are filled.

If I change the minutes from 0.0 to 1, it allows me to save but still says invalid device Id.


So you shouldn’t have to enter device IDs or anything. Once you pair the app, it should automatically create the device.

Where are you getting the error to fill out required fields? The timeout shouldn’t be required.


This is what it looks like for me:

It will always stay on invalid Id even after manually entering it.


Update your device handler. That’s an old version.


Weird, I grabbed it all from your github yesterday. I’ve just checked for updates and it said it was obsolete. I’ve updated it and it seems to be working now. I’ll try it out over the next few days.

One nice to have for a future release, the ability to set a device image for the presence sensor thing.

Thanks for the help!